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  1. I don't see the point, because kids only get offended and make it worse. Talking is the best way. Perhaps we are too used to violence solving problems.
  2. It's great that we're bringing up topics like this to talk about. There are too many worries, and it's not always possible to deal with bad thoughts. Thanks for the link!
  3. Hi! I finally got to my Christmas gift list, and I noticed that many of the children's wishes are residually expensive, such as a game console. Do you buy your kids gifts like this, or is it too much?
  4. Hi. I know what you mean. Everyone wants his own place not at home. I have been working remotely for 6 months now, and sometimes I miss working in the office and the conversations, but otherwise I like everything. Working from home is better because you don't have to spend extra money on the bus and lunch.
  5. Hello. I was relieved when I started wirking at home. So, I cook for the kids since they are at home, I can do homework with them, we can play and watch cartoons. But the balance is still difficult. I am trying to do my best.
  6. Hello! I am happy that we have such a thread about work-life balance and tiring, I am happy that we can talk about it. It's unusual to talk about your feelings and adopting that you need some rest. Thank you for your post!
  7. Hello! I am so sorry that you have to cope with it. It's good that we have this forum to talk and share our experience. How are you doing these days? Is everything OK?
  8. RenataL


    Hello! Are you sure you should do it? I think your children will only be afraid of you. There is no point in spanking at my children, as they are only angrier and behave worse. I agree that we were spanked but i see no point to do it if you love your children and have time to explain that their behavior is wrong. Whe were we spanked? - because my mom was always too busy to talk to me and she just spanked me believing that I will understand my mistake. Well, I am still not understanding.
  9. Hello! I am also new here. I was looking for the forum to share our experience and support each other in this difficult time. I am a wife, I have two boys and want them to live happily!

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