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  1. Sunshyne

    Feeling Burnt Out

    Praying for you. That IS rough. Is there anyone who couls watch the kids for a day to give you a break for a day? I homeschool, so I cant do that but I've heard of others who can.
  2. She FINALLY made it to the growth curve! Last week she weighed in at 11 lbs 4 oz!!! I doubled her formula to be thicker and started her on baby food and rice cereal. It's hard because she's so active but we're making progress! She's in like the 15th percentile? I think?
  3. Hey RenataL. I'm doing a little better. Still struggling a bit. We lost another dear friend a couple weeks ago. He was going to see his daughter and was trying to pass and went into oncoming traffic. The driver of that car also died. So we are mourning him. Thanks for checking up.
  4. We found out this morning that we lost a very dear, close, personal brother. We've been ministering together every week for 3 years. It's quite a shock. He loved me and my girls like his own daughters. You never saw this man angry. He was truly a light for Jesus. And now, he is with Him.
  5. My name is also Rachel. It's nice to meet you. Today is a really horrible day. We found out this morning we lost a dear brother we loved hard. He was on his way to see his daughter last night and wrecked. Today is also another brothers death anniversary of 1 year. We could really use some prayers.
  6. Sunshyne

    Stay at Home Mom

    I know how you feel. I have 3 girls (one is an infant) and she demands all my time. The older two are jealous, so they want my time too. Plus, we homeschool now. So my time is non-existent. I'm always exhausted. and I feel horrible because my husband suffers from my exhaustion as well. I wish I could just take a day and go get pampered. I haven't had a hair cut since before covid started. (sigh)
  7. I am a SAHM and I could really use some fellowship from others doing the same thing. Hope this works out!
  8. Sunshyne

    New Forum

    How about an advice forum?
  9. My stress is from now having to homeschool two elementary age girls, and having a 4 month old new baby. Hubby works an hour away. We lost his mother this year to covid so I wasn't taking any chances. Last year the day after Thanksgiving, we lost our best friend. The year before that, we lost my mother on Thanksgiving Day. We haven't have time to grieve yet alone get some sense of normalcy. We instead have dove into our works. His computers, mine the kids.
  10. My response is that you should honor her, and honor God with the way you dress and act. Not follow the crowd just to be "cool" or "relavent". Die to yourself and die to your flesh.
  11. I do. For when they disrespect me. That isn't tolerated.
  12. She is just now learning right from wrong. All you can do is be consistent right now. Explain to her that exploring her body is okay (its natural at that age), but we never do it in front of people. I don't think she is at the age of understanding yet to understand the bible and verses. JMO.
  13. I am Sunshyne. Happily married for 10 years, mother of 3, ages 9,8 and 4 months. I really need some christian mommy friends and encouragement. I have severe anxiety and agoraphobia so I don't leave my house except to go to church. I'm also suffering with depression. 2 years ago, my mother died on Thanksgiving Day. Last year, the day after Thanksgiving, I lost my best friend . This year, we lost my mothers husband to covid. I am worn out. I'm exhausted. And I hate the holiday season. Anyone else?
  14. I tried to be gentle with my DD (7 and 8). Now they don't respect me. I didn't want to spank because I grew up being physically abused. i never wanted to do that to my kids. But I have to spank them now for the same reason: they DONT respect me. They tell me to my face that I won't do anything if they get in trouble, so they do what they want. My advice is to start spanking them. Everytime disrespect or disobedience is shown, spank them. They'll get it eventually. People think they will be afraid of you if you spank them. That's simply not true. They will respect you for enforcing your word. Now if you slap them across the face or upside the head, then they will be afraid of you. But if you keep it on the butt, no problem

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