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  1. Anyone know how to delete your account?

  2. Decorations up and gifts ordered. ✔️🎄Have a fake tree this year...never thought I would end up buying one of my own. Kinda loving it, no lies. 🙊

  3. RachelRay

    Feeling Burnt Out

    My 6 month old has never taken long naps...they're usually about 20-30 mins a few times a day 2-3 hours by the end of the day. As if late she stopped letting me put her down for her nap all together. I try multiple times to lay her down, but it never sticks. I love being a SAHM and I know that this is just sometimes how it is...but man it's discouraging. Having her from 4:30am-5 pm with not even 30 mins to myself is taxing. I would appreciate prayers and any ideas you might have. 💜
  4. At one point, when my husband and I were desperate for my BG to gain weight we used a plastic seringe to suck up pumped breast milk and then inject that directly into her mouth going from the corners on the mouth. This was when she had issues latching or sucking enough before getting tired out. You can use the kind of plastic seringes that come with baby tylenol for example. I would only do this with breast milk and never other food types. Just another idea!
  5. Any luck with her gaining weight since you posted this? I had a lot of trouble breastfeeding my BG and she had weight gain, but it was slow. Question, are you breastfeeding? If so, have you tried adding your own milk to foods instead of formula. My BG hated formula, so I used water when things asked for liquid instead or my own milk. You could also try letting her play with some food on the tray before using a spoon. Or heating the food up can help...my daughter hates it if it was right from the fridge. It atleast had to be room temp or warmed slightly. Definitely not an expert, just some ideas!
  6. Please pray for my family. My husband has been waiting for a few months now to hear the result of his job clearance. No need to pray that he passes, that's up to God. Would I would appreciate are prayers for peace while we wait and trust if he does not pass. It's this little cloud hanging over us that's hard to ignore. I very much hope we find out soon, so we can move forward...no matter the results. Thank you, and let me know if there are any prayers I can send up for you!
  7. Currently standing in my kitchen praying for you and your family!! I'll keep you in my prayers this week.
  8. Hello all! Wanted to pop in and introduce myself:-)I'm a first time mom to a beautiful 6 month old girl! I'm currently in my second year of marriage and am trying to grow my relationship with the Lord. I've had a bumpy relationship with Jesus for most of my young life. Now that I am a bit more settled in life, I've come to realize just how vital my christianity is. My hope is to both give and receive some encouragement and connection from other Christian moms like me. ~Rachel
  9. Hi Sunshyne, I'm Rachel! First time mom to a 6 month old girl and been married for almost two years now. I have always battled with my anxiety. I struggle to push myself to meet new people and let myself be know. It's hard. I'm getting better in small ways...but I don't think I'll ever be a social butterfly. With the pandemic and a 6 month year old...I'm not going anywhere either. You've definitely been through a lot these past few years. I hope we can find some love and support here. I think it's what we're all looking for. Thinking of you, Rachel
  10. Hi Anna! Writing to you from Maryland, US:) I'm a first time mama to a 6 month old. She's far from being a teenager, but in preparation for the challenging days I know are ahead I've been reading a really great christian parenting book! It's written by Paul David Tripp and called, "Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family." I really recommend it...it doesn't focus on giving quick fixes but rather gives you insight into the mindset of your children of all ages and what's truly going on in their hearts. Easy read but so, so insightful! -Rachel:)
  11. Hello! New to this community, but excited to chat with other mamas:) 

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