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    I am a mother of 5 children. 4 boys and the youngest, a girl. I became a Christian at age 7 during Vacation Bible School, and have been in and out of my faith, ever since. Lately I have been trying to get closer to the Lord.


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  1. Take a deep breath! I have 5 children, ranging from 10, down to 3 years old. My life has been spinning out of control for 10 years...lol. If it means anything to you, it DOES get better! The trick is NOT to worry. Prioritize!! Children first...everything else will wait. No family ever died from lack of home cooked meals. ( we eat a LOT of mac and cheese in this house) Chores can wait. Pace yourself, and do what you can. You can't expect to be Super Mom, and no one expects it. Enjoy your kids, and try not to look at it like a job. Look at it as a privelege to be able to stay home with them. (a lot of moms don't have that, and wish they did) I consider myself extremely blessed to have been able to be home with my children their whole lives! With our generation, there aren't many kids who will be able to say "my mom stayed home with me, and raised me". Most kids will be saying "my mom worked and I was in daycare from age 6 months on"...so sad! So, think of that when it starts getting to you. It WILL get easier. They won't be "little" forever! God Bless you!!
  2. My Son is ADHD Are there any other moms with ADHD children? My son is very severe, to the point where he has been hospitalized 7 times in one year for suicidal ideations. (he is only 9) He is presently in a special school and it has been a long road. He is doing much better now, thanks to Ritalin. Without it, he wouldn't be here!
  3. Idea! At our last banquet, we had an "appreciation banquet". The idea was for the moms and daughters to do something special for the other. It was so heartwarming. Children presented hand made gifts, poems, letters, etc. Some moms sang to their daughters, wrote letters, gave gifts, etc. It was very tearful, in a nice way! Everyone felt special!! It was a fantastic night!
  4. Creation I know that sometimes it is so hard to believe that the Bible is all truth, and I can especially see why a non-believer finds it almost impossible to believe. I am far from a bible scholar...as a matter of fact, if you quizzed me on bible trivia, I would fail, but I believe based on my life! FAITH is the most wonderful gift from God we could have ever been given. (ok...ranks up there with forgiveness of sins) I believe what the bible says because of my blind faith. God has never let me down. He has always been by my side. There have been times that He didn't necessarily come through the way I would have liked, but in the end, He is always right...closes one door...but always opens another. For these reasons, I know the Bible is truth. With God's hand, the bible was written, and I hold onto that! I feel for the non-believers who have never allowed themselves to rely on faith and sit back and allow God to work in their lives. It is just the most amazing feeling in the world!!!
  5. Newbie here too I am so happy I found this site!! I needed something like this in my life so badly! Thank you for making this available, and I really can't wait to make new friends!! God Bless you all!
  6. Chat I personally LOVE to chat, and to be able to do it with other christian moms would be awesome! I have visited some christian chat rooms in other places and they are awful. Either most people are against christians, and there to just make fun, or they are looking for a date. I think having one here would be wonderful!!
  7. I agree! There are other ways to advertise what we do other than posting about them! For instance, I have just included my web site into my signature. If anyone wants to see what I do, they can go to my web site and see. But, if not, they don't have to hear a sales pitch in every post. I don't think anyone comes here looking for a new job...DUH! I came here looking for a good christian place to visit and make friends who share my love for the Lord. If advertising is what you want to do...find a classified!!!

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