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  1. This has been a very popular question on other online forums for the past year. I found my answer. What do you mommas think?
  2. Hi Karen, unfortunately our kids are being exposed to pornography at earlier ages. I have a bible based article on how to deal with this before it becomes an addiction. Pornography is a means Satan uses to turn our youth away from God. Let me know if you would like the article. Sorry
  3. Hi Patty20, so sorry to hear you are going thru this. The Bible is clear about how God feels about homosexual despite what man, clergy or not says. Your son would not be the first young man to have these feelings. You do not have to pay anyone to help your son. If you have already instilled the values in the scriptures you can use those to help him. Focus not on stopping him from being gay, but on him having a good relationship with God. There are many sins that can separate us from Gods favor. Fornication between same sex unmarried couples cannot be tolerated. This often is a double standard among Christians. If we are going to follow scripture it cannot be just the ones we like. I have an free bible based book they help Christian youths deal with homosexuality and other tests of the faith that will come up. I can email to you if you’d like.
  4. My children are 6 and 9. The depression really set in because I felt isolated with my second child and stopped working outside the home. I missed being outside the home. Once I was able to change my attitude towards motherhood everything got better.
  5. JanellG

    Feeling Burnt Out

    A six month can lay in the crib while you rest they do not have to be sleeping to be in the crib,. They may cry but as long as you know they are feed, not wet, and do not have a fever they will be fine. You have to make time for yourself.
  6. Hi Adale, I can relate. It took me years to find true joy in my motherhood. For many years I was overwhelmed, exhausted, and overwhelmed. A lot of it has to due with how we are taught by society norms to value motherhood. Once I started focusing on what I can do now, and not how my life was before children it helped a lot. When I had my second child I became a SAHM and got very depressed. Are you are SAHM?
  7. How to Deal With Burnout 1. EVALUATE YOUR PRIORITIES. What is most important to you? Many people would likely put family relationships and good health near the top of their list. These are things that are likely to suffer if you are burned out. By clarifying your priorities, you prepare yourself to make difficult decisions and accept trade-offs. For example, you may see that your work is leading to burnout. Yet you may reason, ‘I cannot change jobs or work less; I need the income!’ True, everyone needs income, but how much and at what cost to the things you value most? Beware of pressure to adopt the priorities of others around you as your own. Your employer’s priorities and yours are likely different. Others may choose to put work first in their life, but this does not mean that you must do the same. BIBLE PRINCIPLE: “EVEN WHEN A PERSON HAS AN ABUNDANCE, HIS LIFE DOES NOT RESULT FROM THE THINGS HE POSSESSES.”—LUKE 12:15 2. SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE. To reduce stress and gain time for what you truly value, you may consider working fewer hours, you may be able to persuade your employer to reduce your current job demands, or you may determine that you need to change jobs. Whatever you decide to do, you will likely need to adjust your financial situation and make changes in your lifestyle. But this is not impossible and may not be as hard as you might think. In many lands, a consumer-oriented society sends the message that happiness is linked to income level and possessions. But in reality it is not. A simpler lifestyle can bring greater freedom and satisfaction. To prepare for such a change, reduce expenses and save money. Try to lower or eliminate debt. Discuss the need for change with your family members, and seek their support. BIBLE PRINCIPLE: “HAVING FOOD AND CLOTHING, WE WILL BE CONTENT WITH THESE THINGS.”—1 TIMOTHY 6:8 3. LEARN WHEN TO SAY NO TO WORK. If you face an unrealistic workload or some other persistent problem in your workplace, discuss your situation with your employer. Whenever possible, offer solutions that meet both your needs and those of your employer. Reassure your employer of your commitment to your work, and explain what you are willing to do; but be clear and firm about what you are not able to do. Use foresight and be realistic. If you want to work less, your employer may expect you to accept less compensation. Anticipate risks such as the threat of job loss, and be prepared to respond. Remember that your prospects for finding a different job are better while you are still employed. Even when you have reached a mutually agreeable work arrangement with your employer, you can expect to be pressured again to take on more work. What can help you to remain firm? Keeping to the commitments that you have made. Doing so might give you leverage to ask your employer to do the same in return, including keeping your workload within the agreed limits. BIBLE PRINCIPLE: “LET YOUR WORD ‘YES’ MEAN YES, YOUR ‘NO,’ NO.”—MATTHEW 5:37 4. RENEW YOURSELF. Even when your work is free of major problems, you may still have your share of stresses, difficult people, and unpleasant situations. So make time for sufficient rest and balanced recreation. Remember that recreation does not have to be expensive to be refreshing to you and your family. Cultivate interests and friendships apart from your work, and avoid defining yourself by the type and amount of work that you do. Why? The book Your Money or Your Life observes: “Who you are is far greater than what you do for money.” If your identity and self-worth come primarily from your work, then you will find it difficult to minimize the role that work plays in your life. BIBLE PRINCIPLE: “BETTER IS A HANDFUL OF REST THAN TWO HANDFULS OF HARD WORK AND CHASING AFTER THE WIND.”—ECCLESIASTES 4:6 Can you really make the changes needed to deal successfully with burnout? Yes, you can. Anil, mentioned at the beginning of this article, did so. He says: “I contacted my former employer and asked if he would take me back, and he did. I was embarrassed to face my former coworkers after I had talked about moving on to ‘greener pastures.’ And I took a significant cut in pay. But I gained peace of mind, and I had more time for my family and other things that I truly value.”

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