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  1. You know, my sister was a bed wetter for a long time and they found a system that seemed to work and you may want to ask your doctor. They had an alarm rigged up in her underwear and her ear. Somehow, when she started to go, the alarm would sense it and go off. I'll have to ask my mom what that was. At any rate, it helped her to stop. She would get up and use the restroom. I'll ask my mom and then post again, ok? Blessings!
  2. I have absolutely dealt with this very recently on a message board I've been posting on for a number of years. There is a debate board and, like the other girl, I HAD to post out of a love for Christ and not wanting to commit the sin of ommission. Basically, I have been ostrasized, even among those on the board who say they are Christians, except for one. This has been veryhurtful. People have said that I'm hateful and think those who are not Christians are worthless and that I'm better than everyone else. This is simply because I said that as a Christian, I wouldn't do such and such. So, thus here am I , trying desperately to find a new internet "home" among Christians while praying consistantly for the women on the other board to see the truth. I'm sorry you're going through this right now.......
  3. Ok, I do admit it was pretty hard not to laugh but he was really hurt and not to mentian irritated! So, it probably would NOT have been a good idea! lol It's been days now and he's still all black and blue! However, the cat has been better. The girls, on the other hand, are a completely different story! WILL I EVER GET TO SLEEP AGAIN?!?!?!
  4. Great post! There are currently 10 from my husband's unit over there right now. Please be in prayer for them! Blessings to all!
  5. I think the ladies have offered some great insights and wisdom so I really don't have anything to add but wanted to let you know I was praying. I have a friend in your situation and I know how hard it is for her. May God Richly bless
  6. Why do people ask where you stand on an issue and when you answer as a Christian, they get offended. This is through answering the most loving way possible. Do you think this is due to personal conviction? How can we help people to understand that we feel the way we feel out of love for the Lord and that we don't look down on people who don't feel the same way???
  7. Gosh, I would just use this totally as a way to share the gospel (again) with them and to talk about how wonderful of a place it is because Jesus is there!! I'msorry about the loss of your FIL. That must be very hard.
  8. our silly cat won't leave us alone! We aren't allowed to put him outside either since we live in base housing! Well, my husband has been shooting him with the water gun at night when he makes noise and tonight Albert (the cat) didn't respond well so Carl jumped up out of bed and went into the hallway------only to completely wipe out on the standing water on the floor from spraying the cat earlier. He's ok and the cat is traumatized.....but I do think we're going to have to come up with a better method. any ideas? I think maybe we're due for a bed in the cat's room, eh? lol
  9. Hiya, Holli! So glad you're here! I was hoping you'd be on right now as I am up in the middle of the night! See you around, ok?
  10. So many people think this is silly but neither Carl nor I will go anywhere or do anything alone with a member of the opposite sex. It's not really that anything is going to happen, we just have strong convictions about how it looks to others as well as just not letting Satan get a foot-hold. Reason I'm wondering. Some friends are coming to dinner tonight. He needs to go on base to use the ATM. I need to go get groceries. Carl is wiped out and doesn't feel like going and Anna, this other guy's wife, wants to stay at home with the kids. This puts me and Jeff in the car together and Carl and Anna at home together. Neither Carl nor I feel comfortable about the situation so I think we're going to try to tactfully find a way out--like Anna ride along or something like that. Am I making sense here? Am I too uptight about this? BTW--Jeff and Anna aren't Christians (that we know of) and this would make NO sense to them at all!
  11. That is a good site. I'm a member there now although it took a few days to get approved. It is very monitored and that's a good thing
  12. All I can offer is an "I totally can relate and a big hug!" It sounds like the other girls have good suggestions so I don't really have anything to add, just take care of yourself. Remember too, that God NEVER gives us more than we can handle! Praise the Lord!!
  13. I have found that pumpkin break, Apple bread, or any kind of "breakfast" bread or baked good always goes over well. Also, if I'm just stopping by a bake sale, I am always scoping for Chocolate chip cookies!! Especially if they are packages for like 3 for $.50. I am sucker for those!! Good luck and let us know how it goes!!
  14. Absolutely true!~ I have a great deal of respect for our president!
  15. Thanks so much I guess I'm just used to other boards that are really hopping! This is a nice change of pace, I'm sure, not to mentian the fact that you are all beleivers! Helps a ton!

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