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  1. Private School... Hi , My girls are working with The Alpha Omega at this time. It may change next school year depending on the needs of the students. I homeschooled my oldest daughter in K. It was okay but the workbooks went to quickly and I had so much time. I had to search for unit studies and make sure she got her physical education. There is so much to choose from. I would like it if there was just the basics straight across the board and then build on that. There is too many publishers and competition. I have to settle within me that my girls are learning what they need to know. It still bothers me at times. Lord help me.
  2. My girls are in a private school but it is just like homeschooling. I pay for someone else to do it. My husband and I do a lot with our girls to keep them thinking and implement anything that will help them in learning.
  3. Work, camping, keeping busy but know when to relax, biking, swimming, playing with my girls, walking and travel some.
  4. I remember those days while my husband went to College. What I have learned was to do everything as a sacrifice onto the Lord and give all the Glory to Him and then things got much easier. I had both babies in diapers taking naps at the same time and I got my break. They did not get into things and I made their day active or mind concentrating so they would get tired and wanted to take a nap regardless. The supper was on the table when my husband came home from school. The Lord became my real strength then and always. I was out of the work environment for eight years and when I did go back and my husband was working, God planned things out for me. My husband gets my girls ready for in the morning and they are going to be 11 and 12. When he gets out of work early he will fix supper and already have the laundry done and folded when I get home at times. Other than that, I work 4 - 6 hours a day unless they want me for a full day. I do not have to work long hours during the summer. I will be home for my girls. I'm saying this b/c it all payed off, or I should say the harvest came in. I planted my time, my energy was the Lords and He made me strong when I was weak spiritually and physically and now I appreciate my husband even more. I always wondered what it would be like if I were to live by my parents and could just drop my children off for a break or have them come over and I can go out once in a while. I believe it was a learning experience for me. I actually help others that cannot help themselves at work. I love the unloved and help them without complaining. Jesus in me makes it easier for me to love unconditionally and it is worth it.

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