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    I am most definitely pro-life. But I wanted to comment that it seems so odd to me that people who are pro-abortion refer to themselves as pro-choice, when truly they act as though if you choose life for your baby despite difficult circumstances you must not have really known that you had a choice. To them, it's only really a choice, if you exercise your right to murder a unborn child.
  2. I admire those who homeschool but I definitely don't have the patience to do it. I've decided instead to work part time so I can seng my only child, my 10 yo son, to private Christian school.
  3. I don't really have much planned for the summer. I do work outside the home 3 days a week. On those days my only child, my 10 yo son, will be attending day camp at his private Christian school. Last year we stayed home on Tuesdays and he played outside w/ the neighborhood kids while I cleaned and took care of household stuff. Then on Thursdays we made a point of doing something "fun". Most of the things we did were free or nearly free. It worked so well last year I think we'll just aim to do the same this year. We don't have any plans to go on vacation.

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