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  1. I have a friend that's been on my mind lately. I grew up with her and in the past 5 years she's been living with a man that doesn't love or appreciate her, won't marry her, and even cheated on her during her most recent pregnancy. She has a 3 month old and a 4 year old with him. I feel so deeply that this friend has potential. She isn't a Christian but has the most giving and loving heart and she could be such an amazing witness for Christ. I'm planning to mail her a letter with an NIV Bible in the next few days, but wanted to get some advice on what scripture would be good to mail her. Any ideas are greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  2. Joyce Meyer has a REALLY good new book out on Hearing God. It tells of the different ways God speaks to us. She also uses personal examples in her life. I highly recommend it! When God is speaking to you, many times he will repeat it over and over. For my personal experience, I come across a verse that speaks to me, then hear a sermon on the issue, etc., etc. I never really heard God speak to me until about a year ago when I became more involved in the Bible studies at church, was FINALLY baptised and really started to seek his will for my life. Then it's not audible. But you know it's from him.
  3. My daughter (20 mos) LOVES the movie, Finding Nemo, and wants to watch it over and over again. But since she has been watching it I've noticed that she wakes up twice during the night and I have a difficult time getting her back down. It took 2 hours tonight. This is the first real movie that has captured her attention through the whole movie. Could she be waking up from bad dreams or is it something else???
  4. We have a MOPS group at our church and they have a clothing swap for the kids. We bring in used clothes, shoes, etc. It's very helpful to mothers in our church and after the clothes start to pile up, they take them to Goodwill or whereever. What you're doing is great!
  5. amypk


    Earrings Thank you, Hannah's mom! I must admit, I did not expect this kind of response. I didn't intend to start a huge debate and I apologize if my question was confusing. I wasn't asking if earrings are sinful. My daughter's ears are already pierced and although that may look bad in others' eyes, Jesus loves her just as much as anyone else. If this is wrong, I don't claim to be a perfect mother. Who is? I also see nothing wrong with wearing makeup, having my hair colored, or anything like that. I want to look good for my husband, and I don't think God has a problem with that. If you take a look at all the people Jesus reached, he did not avoid or reject them because of their sin, instead he said "It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick." This is why so many are turned off by the church today. Instead of loving as Jesus commanded, we judge others based on their imperfections. Jesus sees our inside, not our outside. Thanks for your responses. I will save the hoops for a later time.
  6. amypk


    Just curious......does anyone have a baby wearing baby hoop earrings, and if so, at what age is this safe? My daughter is 19 mos. old and has had her ears pierced for a year now. Is it too soon??? Thanks!
  7. amypk


    Someone please help!! My 18 month old is driving me crazy!! This week she has been whining and hanging on my leg constantly. Maybe it's more teeth coming in. I don't know. I cannot get anything done around the house because of her hanging on my leg crying and whining. Should I stop what I'm doing and hold her all day or let her fuss?? She was sick Saturday with a stomach bug, but has been fine since then. Thanks for your advice!!
  8. Husbands Oh I certainly know how you feel. My husband works an hour away and every 3 weeks has to work a late shift, then wants to work on his car on the weekend (cosmetic stuff). He also comes home exhausted and I'm tired from my full time 24/7 job (my 17 mo. old), and that causes arguments. I started reading this book called the Power of Praying Wife and I realized that I should be praying for me, as well as my husband. If we weren't so tired to begin with, it would help. Also pray for energy and take your vitamins. Have you talked with him about finding a job closer to home? Most men are too lazy or in their comfort zone to look for themselves so you may have to do the searching and find a job that would sound wonderful to him and you. Next year I plan to do some searching too. I'd like mine closer to home too. Hang in there!!!
  9. amypk

    Bad Temper

    I haven't heard of that one before. My only fear is her learning to pinch me back. Ha ha. Thanks for the advice. Today I took her out and she wasn't that bad....just didn't want to sit in the cart and wanted to be carried. Maybe I should try one of those carts with the cars in front when I'm shopping. She loves to drive already!
  10. My 17 month old has a TERRIBLE temper. If she does something that she shouldn't be doing and I tell her "no", she gets really angry and screams and tries to slap me in the face, or just lays down on the floor and cries. She hates the "N" word as we call it (the word "no"). If we're in the store and she can't get down and run around she does this and it's really embarrassing. If anyone has any advice, I would greatly appreciate it.
  11. amypk

    Baby Waking

    We live behind a Publix and there are trucks going and coming all night. And I figured out that sometimes the trucks wake her up at night because she's a very light sleeper (unlike me). Do you have any big trucks around your house? Sometimes the garbage trucks pick up in the middle of the night too. It's very frustrating when that happens.
  12. amypk

    Baby Waking

    Waking Thanks so much for your advice! I will definitely try the "bottle is gone" with her tomorrow. I don't think it should be too hard because she is on the sippy cup all day and only has the bottle at night for comfort but it doesn't put her to sleep anymore. I do have a praise report that she is sleeping through the night again. My mom remembered that she had the same problem with my brother and that I should give her a snack before bed, so I started giving her yogurt before bed and it works. She's been sleeping all night. Thanks again for your advice.
  13. I'm hoping someone will have some encouraging words for me. My husband was transferred to Miami from Tallahassee and we have lived here for almost a year now. Although I love it here, I don't have many friends here except those in my church Bible study and my husband works long hours (he works in Miami and we live in Ft. Lauderdale...an hour away) and feels that he can stay out all day Saturday working on a hobby of his. I realize that maybe it's selfish of me, but I need a break from my 1 1/2 year old sometimes too and during the week I get lonely. I've tried to tell him that if we moved back to Tallahassee I'd have friends and family to keep me occupied when he works long hours or wants to do something on the weekend, or to babysit once in a while, but he hates Tallahassee and the job market there is dry anyway....(No jobs). I hate having this resentment toward him. Any advice?
  14. I have been a stay at home mom for 16 mos. and am considering going back to work part time. Not because I want to but because I really need the money. I have an interview tomorrow and even though it's with a Christian organization I still hate the thought of leaving my baby for half a day. I, too, have become used to staying home with her. Anyway, I will pray for you, your husband, and family. God uses all of the circumstances we go through for his good. He may have put you in this situation to touch the lives of your co-workers and shine for him.
  15. Hi! I'm new to this. I came across this site by accident and thought I'd see if anyone could help me. I have a 16 month old daughter who we've spoiled by giving a bottle and rocking to sleep. Now she still needs this to get to sleep and it still takes at least an hour to get her down. After we finally get her down, a few hours later she wakes up and it takes a couple hours to get her back to sleep. We've tried letting her cry it out, but she just gets upset and vomits. Does anyone have any advice on this? In the afternoons I can just stick her in her bed and she plays with her bear and falls asleep. Thanks for your help! It's so wonderful to find a support group for Christian moms.

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