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  1. I will pray for you Dear Laurie, You can be assured of our continued prayers for you and your family. I can't imagine what this must feel like for you and I'm sorry you have had to go through this. Your strength and faith is an inspiration. It's really touching to read of how you can see God's hand at work through-out this entire situation. I'm sure you are an encouragement to many who have been through similar struggles. Your little one looks absolutely sweet in that picture. Thank-you for sharing it with us. I pray that you will continue to feel God's strength carrying you, but will also allow yourself to grieve and feel whatever emotions that requires of you. God bless you with peace and strength. Christie
  2. I'm looking for a specific kind of parenting book and wondering if someone might be able to help me. I know there are lots of Christian parenting books out there but I'm looking for something kind of specific. I'd like a book that would look at God as a parent and then take those attributes and apply them to parenting our children. Another thing I thought would be interesting is a book about what kind of parent Jesus would have been, basically a character study of Jesus, but applied to parenthood specifically. Does any of that make sense? I'm just tired of reading "Christian" parenting books which are not really all that Bible-based and not really any different from any other parenting book in the library. Has anyone come across anything that fits this criteria? (and please don't suggest anything by Ezzo - been there, done that!) Thanks so much! Christie
  3. You're so right! Part of the reason may be that it just makes a good jumping-off point for a story. Instant conflict and tension. It also allows the "child" character more independence to have whatever adventure they're meant to have. This is similar to children's stories that take place in a summer camp or boarding school setting (Harry Potter etc - but let's not open THAT can of worms again!). In the absence of adult characters (or where the children vastly out-number the adults), the child characters are forced to take on an independent adult role, which makes for a more interesting story apparently. Am I making sense? However, with that said, I'm sure there may be other ways to set up conflict for a child character and to tell an interesting story! Great observation though!
  4. thank-you naejeirual Thank-you for saying so well, what I failed to articulate! I think you nailed it - God has spoken to each of us about different things in life and it is each individual's job to listen and live accordingly, without condemning others. Thanks for your post.
  5. Hi tdbearcollector, We don't have any children with ADD but I'm almost sure that, had that diagnosis been more pervasive at the time, my husband would have been on medication when he was younger. I've heard stories aplenty about his antics, and I've read his elementary report cards that all talk about how he has trouble staying on task. But you know what? He is brilliant (I would say genius even!) and successful in a very demanding career as a computer engineer now. I get frustrated sometimes with him because he is either totally focussed on one task (can't get his attention to tell him anything!) or he is totally unfocussed if he is bored. I tell you this just as an encouragement. A child who has trouble focussing and staying on task may be bored and need more of a challenge. On another note, I've read of many cases where "ADD" was "cured" by a significant change in diet - cut back on sugar, processed foods etc, and emphasize healthy, natural foods. I don't have any experience with that, but it could be something to look into. Don't know if any of that is helpful, but just wanted you to know that we all understand here how hard it is to want what's best for our children and yet not know what to do. Blessings to you. Christie
  6. Thanks! I love that article that Twincrier posted. Thanks for sharing that with everyone. I think he makes some very good points.
  7. What I found Hi all! I did some reading about the ear piercing issue as well. What I found was that ear piercing (as well as tatooing) did have roots in witchcraft - at least according to the article I read. Something about that the holes were places for evil spirits to enter the body. However, I think God looks at our motives. I had no idea that there might be evil origins to this when I had my ears pierced, and I don't think the holes in my earlobes are entrance points for evil because that was not my intention and I have never welcomed or sought out evil spirits in that way. I wear earings because I like them, not to be prideful and vain, but just as an expression of who I am. It is a part of our culture the same way people wear rings/necklaces etc. God knows my motives and has never convicted me in any way about this. If I wore earings out of rebellion or to attract undue attention, then that would be different. Just thought I'd share what I found out. Wow, has this thread ever gone on a tangent! To answer the original question, I think I would wait to put little hoops in your daughter's ears until she is older (maybe 4-5). If you put them in now, she might really hurt herself by pulling on them out of curiosity. I wear tiny little hoops most of the time and it really hurts when my daughter (11 mos) gets her little fingers in them!!! Hope that helps! Christie
  8. Re: Incomplete Poll You so nailed it!!!! Too funny!
  9. My experience Hi there! I think you're so right to be cautious about deciding anything for sure at this point. But I think you're also very smart to do the research and be aware of your options so you can make an informed decision when the time comes. Like you, while I was pregnant I wasn't too thrilled looking ahead to any of the different options for pain. I was willing to try to do it medication free and just see what would happen. I was really uncomfortable with the idea of an epideural so wanted to save that as a last resort. I had a relatively easy and short labour - only a few hours. But the pain was a surprise of sorts. I've never had major injuries or surgery so I had no idea what this kind of pain was like. It was pretty intense. When I was five cm. I got two shots of Demerol (a fast acting one in my arm and a slow acting one in my hip). There was Gravol mixed with the Demerol so I actually felt really good after that. I got really sleepy and very relaxed and within an hour I was at 10 cm. I could still feel the contractions and there was pain but it was totally manageable. I even slept in between contractions, during the pushing stage as well. Mentally I was a little fuzzy and my husband had to piece together the order of events for me later but I couldn't be happier! My daughter was totally healthy, no ill effects from the drugs. I would totally have Demerol again and was really glad I didn't have the epideural. With that said, my best friend recently had a baby and when she called me from the hospital her first words were "an epideural is a girl's best friend!" She hadn't been planning on one but found it to be necessary. I also know several women who have given birth with no medication whatsoever and were totally happy with the experience. Everyone is so different. There's no one right choice. So, my best advice is to realize that it's a decision that you can't really make until you're in the thick of things. But whatever you decide, giving birth is an amazing experience! All the best! Christie
  10. Absolutely Yeah, it will definitely make things easier. We don't need to take the play pen or stroller either. And I think my parents even bought a highchair for when any grandkids are over. All I need to pack is clothes etc.! But I think I'd like to take our carseat along if there's a chance we can use it on the plane. Would just make for such a nicer flight!
  11. Hmmmm...rethinking Well, we weren't planning to take our carseat at all. My brother's daughter is a bit older than Emma so we were going to borrow their carseat and all their other baby gear while we're there. My parents would have that carseat in their car when they come to pick us up at the airport. But.... it would be really great if there was any chance we could take her carseat on with us. She would be much happier I think. I don't know! If you check the carseat as luggage I think you can just have it wrapped in plastic with tags on it. I'd call whatever airline you're going with and see what they say. They may have a preference for how it's done or may package it for you when you check-in. Not sure...
  12. Agree to disagree I think I'll just have to agree to disagree with some folks in this thread and leave it at that. I don't think I have any more to say on the subject and some of the posts are starting to go around in circles. So... discuss away but for now I'm going to jump ship on this one. Thanks for the chance to share my views. Let's all keep on thinking and praying!
  13. Flying We're flying from the west coast where we live to Toronto in a couple of weeks for my sister's wedding. Emma is 10 months old. We did the trip at Christmas but she was only 6 weeks old at the time and quite happy to sleep the whole way However, now she is a bundle of energy and does NOT sit still EVER! I do not know what we're going to do. We have not purchased her own seat for her (way too much $$$) so I'll be holding my little wiggle-worm. We plan to put her in the backpack for in the airport. She's happiest up high and then it leaves both of our hands free to carry luggage, tickets, etc. I had horrible visions of one of us taking our hands off the stroller for 2 seconds in a busy airport and losing her! So that's what we plan to do. It will be about a 6-7 hour trip in total - plus a two hour car ride after we arrive in Toronto. Has anyone tried giving a child this young Gravol to make them sleep? I can't imagine Emma just drifting off to sleep in my arms and I don't know if I'm comfortable with the idea of "drugging" her just to make the trip more bearable. But if anyone has gone the Gravol route successfully, let me know and I will think further about it. Travelling used to be so easy - and fun. Not anymore!
  14. It's been awhile It's been awhile since I taught pre-school Sunday school so maybe I don't remember it all quite as it happened but here are a couple of suggestions. 1) Are there enough teachers that someone could spend some one-on-one time with him if he's getting into trouble? Not really as discipline but more to make him feel special. Maybe sit with him quietly and read a book, or go for a little walk if that's more his style. 2) Make him a special helper with a job that no one else has - helping to hand out crayons or snack maybe. 3)Get him started on an activity of his own and then invite others to join - "Come join my friend (whoever) at the (whatever) station". It may be that he is having trouble initiating appropriate interactions with the other kids and this may help him feel more confident and comfortable with the idea. 4) Pray! (sure you thought of that already!) Hope something there might work:) .
  15. more about harry You're right, it is a children's book, but it falls under the category of something that can be enjoyed by all ages. Anne of Green Gables has always been, and still is, my favourite book in the world. And how many of us crack up over Veggie Tales? Does that make them inappropriate for children? I think not. In my opinion, appealing to a broad audience range is a sign of art/literature that has been well-thought out and done well. As a writer I can say that this is NOT something that is easy to do. I maintain that J.K. Rowling is a brilliant writer, and that is why children and adults alike are drawn to her books, not because they have any kind of spiritual power over people. With that said, I couldn't agree more that the hype over the books is absolutely ridiculous. They may be great books and movies, but that is all they are: books and movies. And I can totally admit that there are children who are allowed to develop an unhealthy interest in Harry Potter. But is that a problem with the writing itself, or the marketing, or even a problem with parenting???? Anyone remember the mania over Cabbage Patch Kids? I hate to sound so argumentative over this one but I feel I must defend the artistic merits of Harry Potter. Never before has a children's author been so popular. Why? Because she has such great insight into what it's like to be eleven. She writes FOR children, not AT them. Man, it's too early to think anymore (only 6:00 out here! )

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