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  1. Halloween Someone said it was each persons individual opinion on if he or she celebrates Halloween, well for those who are still trick or treating or are "on the fence" so to speak about the subject, let me enlighten you on how I feel about the subject. Those who celebrate Halloween and say they are just doing it for fun and not to celebrate the enemy (if it's not God it's the enemy!!) or for the ones who say it has changed, Halloween is not about darkness anymore, or for those who celebrate it in a "christian way" and not the drued way, are watering down the word of God to fit human experiences (Worship no other Gods)! No matter what you change the name to (Harvest festival) or how "religous" the costume, the fact of the matter is your still making a big deal about the day of the dead! People say if we don't have an alternative to Halloween the kids will still participate, No! It is time for us as parents to step up and take responsibility. Don't compramise!

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