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    Married 15 yrs have to great son 15 and 12,almost thirteen. I am just renewing my journey with Jesus and boy what a blessing it is to be back in his saving arms again.


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    workin construction drywall texture with hubby, part time and homemake the other half
  1. I just said a pray for them all. Yes it still bad out here. We where out of school for a week and this was our first day back. Some people still dont have power. And the trucks with debre are everywhere trying to clean up the mess.
  2. Again I thank you and we need them. I went to check out the trailer she was going to switch us in Monday after the storm she said it was bigger and better and half the roof was gone. And it was the only one on that side with damage. I dont know about you but I say that means we need to stay in the one we are in. And I also heard a couple inside a trailer scream and cutting up and I said yes confirmation the one we are in we dont here a peep. Boy God is watching out for us May God get the Glory.
  3. I just got back we finally left the next day at 11 am it started hiting as we where leaving we passed 1 1/2 hrs of travling on the way to Ft. Lauderdale and the sky was geting black around 2 pm in the afternoon. Thanks for your prayers. We got nothing else but a few winds we got to Ft.Lauderdale and it didnt even rain there. Orlando and Daytona and Deltonya all in my area did get hit hard. It was still storming today radio said twister had just left. It looks bad but thank God my trailer was not touched and neither was our truck that we didnt take not a scratch. Isnt God good. He new the right time for us to leave so we would not even feel a strong wind. I just have to begin to trust in him more. Once I posted this I prayed and made peace about it and guess what thats when he said we would be leaving. The schools will stay closed in some areas for a week but in mine we where out Friday and will be out Monday and Tuesday. Two trailers down half the roof was ripped back and I havent even seen the rest of the park because it was getting dark and we are under crufew. Thanks again ladies for you prayers . I and my family where truly blessed. Not even a branch on my trailer. GOD IS GOOD>
  4. I live in Deland Florida its in between Daytona and Orlando. Any way the Hurrican is do to hit here tommorow and we just moved into a Mobil home. I have never had to go threw a storm like this in a Mobil home. I know God is watching out for us but that doesnt seem to be taking away that little bit of fear that is down deep. I have off of school and so do the kids and I am trying to get my husband to have us go to my mom's house in Ft. Lauderdale that house has been threw at least 4 hurricans. Any way my husband is not from here and doesnt no what a hurrican can do. I have asked him at least 6 times to make a choice on where we are going and he just tells me its not going to be a big deal and stop bugging him. Not only did that hurt it makes me angry. So please pray that we will make it threw this okay and that I wont harbor ill will do to my husband behavior. Thanks
  5. My earliest memory of Our Heavenly Father was when I was 4 years old. I was raised Catholic but my father didnt go so I we didnt talk about church to much at home. How do I say this with out sounding strange. Oh well I just say it. I have always just known there was a God I used to pray by myself and talk to Him just as if he where siting beside me in my bed. I remember one night before going to sleep having a talk with him and saying ( please dont get offened I was 4) okay God I know you can do anything so if you dont mind when I wake up I want a bathing suite you can put it right on the dresser. Talk about child like faith I totaly expected it to fall from the sky. I didnt discuss this with anyone but each night I would repeat this. Any way a few weeks later I said the same about a lunch boxes with stripes. Did they fall from the sky no but guess what years later the Holy Spirit called me back to that time in my life and showed me that my child like faith got both of those items just not the way I expected and not in my time frame. What a great lesson to learn as a child. When I was 16 I told my mom that the Catholic church just wasnt enough I didnt want to stand up and sit down and repeat after the priest any more. It just wasnt deep enough. Again please dont be offended. My mother looked at me and said okay and we change churches. My mothers walk, became closer to the Lord my father started going to. Isnt God good he used a mere young women to bring my parents closer to him. As I got older I always had the word and new the word and prayed but I didnt have that personal relationship like I had when I was 4 until I turned 25. I feel on my face before the lord and didnt get up until the weight of the world was lifted from me. I have not turned back and I am back to my child like faith with our Lord once again. What a blessing this was to go back to the start of it all thank you!!!!!!!
  6. 1. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Your children are spounges and they will call you on it . 2. Use the word, If my kids are doing something wrong talking back, body language, acting up in school. I look it up in the word and read it out loud to them before I discipline so they no that I am not making it up. 3. You must yourself be disciplined. Meaning it takes alot of work to keep up with kids once they get to school age. Each day you must have a routine. For home work and so forth the day you forget or get side tracked I am sure they wont remind you. Hope this helps
  7. I agree it is a catch 22, But to say pray and dont say I dont agree on. Example, I had a friend and she knew I some timed watched the show were the guy so called spoke to the dead. On regular tv well I thought it was just entertaining. I didnt take it to heart I wasnt a convert or anything. Anyway i mention watching it and the crazyness of it and she said you arent supposed to do that. So I was like Its not like I am asking him questions I am just watching. Well she pulled out the bible and showed me where it was. Well before she showed it I had a like who are you to tell me but as soon as she showed it to me and I read it in three different bibles guess what I thanked her and never watched it again. We have a right to teach the people who dont know better. Yes tacked is a must and maybe for me a beginner a friend ship would have to be there for me to have the nerve but we must teach the gospel to others. True friends dont let friends do wrong because we dont know how to word it. The WORD OF GOD is not judging it just is. Again i dont mean you shouldnt wear pants or shorts and stuff of that matter I feel that is between you and God. Some folks use that as there testioment. Like my grand mother only wears dress and they are all white she wears no other color as a testioment and because the spirit asked her to. I mean shorts so short you see you know what. Tops so low you can see there you know and so forth. Again this is just my opinion and to be honest I can honestly say if and when I was on the other side maybe not to the point that i just mentioned but I did dress a bit revealingly. I wish some one told me. When I go a personal relationship with the master. My dressing did change I found out that I just didnt purchase the same clothes I used to wear before. But I still need some work and the link that showed the dresses helped me make that choice that post showed me how far off I still was. Does that mean I will wear those clothes no. But I can tell you this I will not buy another tight top or pants that fit a snug since reading the scriptures on it. When watching passion I realized that Jesus didnt sugar coat anyting he just stated the word of God. Maybe is we left opinion out and just stated the scriptures we wouldnt feel like we were judging. Again I am not saying go up to every person in church out and hand them a list of what Gods says about dressing and walk away. I mean if and when the holy spirit stirs you to act by just showing the word and not giving opinion you can help someone. How many times has the Holy Spirit given you a word or wanted you to talke to someone about something and you felt they are going to get mad at me Lord an you held back or only said a bit instead of what you felt in your heart you where to say. This is what I mean by talking to others
  8. So we are saying that either the elder mothers of the church who have walked the walk should handle this issue or we should wait for The Holy Spirits stiring to do this. I WASNT TRYING TO DEBATE. I was serious i didnt know how others found out about this. I have young women 2 to tell the truth that look up to me more than there own mothers. Thats another discussion but they both dress the wrong way I MEAN DRESSES UP TO THERE BOTTOMS. I was wondering how to approach this topic. But fear of causing more harm then good since they arent going to church yet has stopped me. Now I feel confident that I should just pray for them and keep being a good example. I am sure they will notice the change in my dressing and ask soon enough. Thank you.
  9. My problem is I can always find a great deal. Once I went to a clothing store and got 15 dress outfits for 120. My mom was so impressed she bought it for me. For me its just dont go! You cant shop if you dont walk out the house or jumb on line. I have clothes for each season in at least 3 different sizes. So now its time to just diet and get back into them. I do shop at Godwill and thrifko and get great deal there to. BUt how much is enough. You can only wear one out fit at a time and I have at least 10 bins of clothes not to mention the 5 bens I just gave my mother. Like I told my father today my current money problem is do to my I see it I want it I get it attitude. And that has to stop pray that I get better at just saying no. Thanks Michelle
  10. I work construction with my husband. There is no way I could wear a skirt to do that. I climb ladders ledges, flights of stairs. I bind and strectch all the time. Even in pants that fit big they look. So there is no way I would wear a dress for that. And I agree I wouldnt mow the lawn in a dress either. Or wash the car and things of that nature. I have stopped wearing shorts if they arent to the knee for the simple reason that i dont look good in them. Capris look better. I threw out my tight jeans also because I felt I didnt look good in them at my size. Truth be told even in big clothes men look. But yes I do believe if your clothes are to much men do feel that you are lose or easy. I do wish someone would have told me about it though. Or at least referred me to the bible scriptures about it. Like at women bible studies make sure that its one sermon so we all would know. How do you think other women who didnt grow up in church find out about this. I have been in the bible for 10 yrs and never saw this. Why are we so senstive that we cant discuss this with other women. Do we feel that helping a fellow christian or friend is judgeing. Why is this such a scarey area for us. Why do other women call us holy rollers because we choose to follow the bible. Would any of us if we had a friend who dressed to lossly and you watched her getting approached and she said she hates when that happens tell her why she was getting approached. Would we open are bible in our purse and read her what it say about how a woman dresses. Is it our responsiblity to teach other sister and if not whose is it.!
  12. Thanks so much ladies. I am back working with hubby for 3 weeks before I start school to help him catch up. Construction. GRRRRRRRRRR. Hard work but I know it will be worth it. If we are out and starving I eat a grilled chicken sandwich and a diet coke I give the fries to the kids. ANd I will start doing like your mother if i always dress nice and smell wonderful maybe they will just remember that on the way down. Thanks again.
  13. This week is going better. I have lost 2 lbs so down to 224 so its on its way down. But you wont believe this. I was in a corner store buying soda for my family. We were looking around for houses and we got thirsty. Any way. I got a diet coke and the kids and hubby regular stuff. How about the man behind the counter from India any says in his accent. THis diet cokes for you. I go yeah, he says yeah i know cause your really fat. I knew it was for you. Can you believe it. But i just said yeah I know and walked out. I got in the car and decided I would never let that happen again it was time to get serious.
  14. Thanks to you I have decided bladder infection or not to keep going with atkins. I just skipped the first two weeks because my body cant take that but am doing the rest. I just tried Rocky Road ice cream by carb smart it was the best and help me all week get threw the cravings. Nowing I could have a bowl each night. And I just finished the new atkins pizza it was pretty good to!!!! SO I will not get on the scale and just keep going for a few weeks so I wont be upset if , it doesnt come off as fast as it should. ANd also thanks for say I helped. I just know the devil fights us all the same so we should be talking more about weight!
  15. Well I guess that is wear you guys live cause in florida. Is the first thing all the women do is look at what you have on when you walk in the church. And then coment. It is about choice and you guys are right we all tend to be harder on or selves then we should be. Especially if we have body parts we dont like. Again I say I am just starting to dress like a Christian should not in tight clothes and short shorts and stuff. And I know it is a better for my children both boys because they are old enough to tell me to take that off or its to tight mom. I do wish there where Modest clothing stores that you could go to not just on line. That dont look like your 85 yrs old. Most modest clothes are beige , black or white and look like sacks.

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