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  1. Kathryn

    Need advice

    Oh boy, do I remember being in your shoes! I started dating my future husband my second year (much too young by the way) and didn't get married until 5 years later, then didn't get to have my first child for another 3 years. The rest of the ladies here have given great advice (that you probably already know) bluntly stated, don't go off and have a baby without getting married first, and don't get married just to have the children...it will only lead to you being sad in the end. Now for something practical to do at this time in your life...something that worked for me until I knew that my timing was also God's timing...work with children as often as you can. Become a teacher! You can take classes to become a teacher, and meanwhile you can teach preschool even now, or at least work at a preschool until you get the number of credits needed in your state. Also, I used to babysit alot which when you get really intamate with a family, you can almost feel as though they are "your" family. When you teach, volunteer to tutor, or babysit, you can become as emotionally involved in that little person as you wish to be and at your age that's what you need to fulfill that "urge" until God decides the time is right for you. ~Blessings!
  2. Hi Robin, I know it can be so unnerving when we inadvertantly do or say something to upset other people. I so feel for you! I always try to figure out what I can learn from the experience of being embaressed by something I've accidently "done wrong". It seems to help knowing that God is using the experience to grow me. Good luck and God bless. On a totally different topic, I noticed that in one of your posts you mentioned you haven't been going to church in a while because you and your husband disagree on which day to go. Does that mean he is a 7th day Advantist, and you disagree with the doctrine, or something else? I came across a denomination while doing some studys not long ago that I think you could both compromise on. I was really impressed with the doctrine statements of the 7th day BAPTIST. It was VERY doctrinly sound, and other than believing a congregation should meet on Sat., everything was the same as my own Coservative Baptist doctrine statements. I noticed they have a few churches in Penn. You might want to look into it for the sake of a compromise so that you would have a church family to help you grow, and teach your children in the Word. Anyway, just thought I would pass it on to you. Prayers, ~Kathryn~
  3. Hey Starfire, This situation is not healthy for either you, or the rest of your congregation. You have a responsibility to tell the pastor what is going on...it's his job to know these things and he WANTS to hear your thoughts and feelings! All the churches I have been to have a set up where someone is in the nursery once a month (or every other week). This is also done alot of times for teaching Sunday School. If it is not being done this way in a church, then the church is not healthy because the people teaching the children are not getting any growth themselves. In the church I go to, the parents must sign up for 1 week a month to work in the nursery. Alot of times the Mom will do it one month and the Dad will do it the next month, spreading out the time away from hearing the Word taught even more. I truely believe you need to bring this first to the Lord of course, asking Him to give you the right words to say when you GO TO YOUR PASTOR. Explain that it's not healthy for the church that you never get a break and that it would be good for the parents of the church to step up to the plate of taking on the responsibility of a small amount of ministry to the children...once a month or once every other month should not be that hard! In fact, with a church that small, and with only one or 2 people needed in the nursery on a Sunday morning, it might not even need to be that often! The Lord has given you the responsiblilty to help this little church grow! Be excited about that and watch the great things that will happen. I would be willing to bet that the more the congregation ministers, the more it will grow spiritually, and therefore the less it will inadvertanty hurt feelings such as yours because there will be more sensitivity. If you do your best to change things and yet things still don't work out, (if I were you, I would set a specific date. Say, Jan. 1st or something) then it would be best to find another church that you and your family can grow in the Lord more. Prayers, Let us know how it turns out! Now go call that pastor!
  4. This sounds so wonderful! If we every get out that way I would certainly consider staying with you!
  5. Kathryn

    How Kerry won

    Thankyou for posting this. It's so true!
  6. Hi all, I would like to ask for prayer for my children. They are having a difficult time with school. And really, the prayer is for my state of mind as I'm just so frustrated. My daughter just started 4th grade. This is the time that she now needs to be reading to learn everything, but she has reading problems to begin with (dislexia) so as if we weren't overwhelmed before, we are moreso than ever now. I keep asking God for a miricale and that she would suddenly be able to read easily, retain everything that she has read, and apply that knowledge to the work that she is being assigned. My son, on the other hand is one of those "gifted" kids. However, he is in the 7th grade and is getting poor grades because he just keeps forgetting to do his work or then to turn it in! And no matter how much I think I'm on top of it as a parent, it just continues to happen. For all you Moms who have gone through these ages, how were you able to practicly give the situation over to the Lord and where do you find the balance between letting your kids make mistakes in order to learn responsibility and keeping them from getting bad grades? I'm just so frustrated with the situation. I'm sure "this too will pass", but for today I need prayers. THANKYOU CHRISTIAN MOMS!
  7. Welcome Jonita! Let a fellow San Jose resident be the first to welcome you! :-) CONGRATULATIONS on giving your life to the Lord! He will be doing many great and wonderful things with your life if you let him! You will find this web site to be a very nice place of strong (mostly) conservative christinan women that are redily available for insight and help. Some of my advice for you just starting out your walk with the Lord...be in the Bible and in prayer as much as you can. Then be involved in a small group, either through Calvary, or then someplace else where you can be encouraged and held accountable to other Christians. Finally, you might want to look into a Christian parents group such as MOPS. Bless you, and welcome to the family!
  8. Kathryn

    US Election 04

    Bush is the obvious choice here. He realizes we, his Christian bretheren, are out here praying for him, is humbled and encouraged by it, and asks directly that we continue to do so. Let's remember to keep praying that he would continue to let himself be in the will of God, that he would continue to make decisions based on his Biblical convictions, that he would speak with athority and grace at all times, and that he would be kept from harm.
  9. When we accept Christ as our personal Savior and ask him to be Lord of our lives, he at that moment fills our Spirits with his Holy Spirit. He lives within each and every Christain in this way, just as His Spirit was in the Ark of the Covenant in the Old testiment. We are the New Testiment Arks of the Covenant! Now what I think you were really asking about was Speaking in tounges which you might call "being filled with the Spirit". On that subject I believe exactly what the Bible says in the whole book of I Corinthians 14. Everyone who is reading this right now should pick up their Bibles and read it! I Cor. 14 is basicaly saying that there is really no reason for it, because, when we worship as a congregation we are doing it for God, yes, but also so that those around us will be beter able to uplift Him in prayer as well. (vs.16 & 17) Unless it is being interpreted so that the church (vs. 12) and the person praying (vs. 14) can have a reason to be built up, then there are more important gifts that should be used. (vs. 19) If it should be done at all, then rememer that God is a God of order (vs.33) and therefore, only a couple of people shoul do it during a service (vs. 27), and it should only ever be done if it is interpreted for the people listening (vs. 27 & 28). Hope that gives a clear picture of where I stand on the issue. :-) I have been in only a couple of services where there was speaking in tounges. The interesting thing for me was that I was just interested in what was going on around me and therefor distracted from praising God myself. My husband on the other hand for some strange reason known only to God fallen asleep (literally!) and missed it all, and my (teen-aged) sister who didn't know much about it at all got very scared. I don't think it was of any use, just as I Cor. warns about.---Anyway, my 2 cents.
  10. Kathryn

    The Four Seasons

    I live 400 miles North of Laurie, but still in CA so the weather chills a little earlier and we get the beautiful Fall leaves right around Thanksgiving. I have to say though that Spring is my favorite time of the year, I just love the colors of so many flowers everywhere, pluss the Calif. hillsides turn that beautiful green color after being brown for the other part of the year. My fav. Fall/ Thanksgiving dish is one I picked up from the California Culinary Accademy when I went to eat there a couple of years ago (oh, la, la, upscale!). It was brown rice with pomegranite seads. Since we have a pomegranite bush that rippens in the Fall, I feel like a real chef when I prepair that dish!
  11. Yes, I (and my family) attend church every week, are very involved, and have a wonderful closeness with other families in the church. I believe the Bible teaches we must have intimate relationships with other believers in order to keep each other accountable and growing in our walks with Him. We believe the Bible clearly teaches that we need to be a part of the body of Christ in a physical way as well as Spiritual way. The Bible says that the congregation is like a physical body, and that each part of a physical body needs every part of it's body in order to work the most effectivly, so it is the same with the body of Christ. If you have accepted the Lord as your personal savior, then you are part of the body weather you like it or not, so you may as well let yourself be used! If you are not part of a congregation, then you are not being as effective as you could be for Christ, and you are not letting Christ bring you as close to him as you could be. I belong to a Conservative Baptist church and I most appreciate that the teachings are always based directly on the Bible with the Bible being used in all meetings. I believe any congregation that is Biblically sound is a wonderful church. Go be a part of one if you are not already!!
  12. I like to watch alot of news, and anything historical on TV I'm afraid. Anything that has to do with current events or history. I also like reading non-fiction adventure books. One of my all time favorites was "We Die Alone" about a man in WWII who went through all sorts of incredible things while being persude by the Germans. I also liked "Gander" about the town in New Foundland where all the planes had to land during 9/11 and how this small town took care of 100's of people for a week. Inspiring!
  13. My thoughts when I got my kids vacinated were that the risks of exposure to the diseasses far outweighed the risks of the vaccines. I especially feel this way living in an area of the country where there is such a large population of people from around the world that my children would be exposed to every day of thier lives in the stores, schools and neighborhoods that have not neccisaryily been vacanated or could be carriers. For instance, Hep. B. In fact, here in CA, kids must be tested for TB in order to enter 7th grade, it's become such a problem. The other thing I thougth about was how much easier it would be to travel outside of the country should God ever call us to if we already had their shots taken care of and up to date ahead of time. :-) I even had my kids get the chickenpox shot after watching my friends kids go through the worst case of chickenpox I had ever heard of...in was in their throats even! They were on the verge of hospitalization. I just figured I didn't want to take the chance of having my kids go through what could possibly be something that bad when there was an option for them not to have to. Anyway...can you tell I'm pro-shots? :-) Pray about it then follow what you feel is best for your family...if you are in the will of God, then what ever decission you make, God will bless and you won't have to worry at all about what the pro-shot :-) or anti-shot people might think of your decision. You will know that God thinks your decision is the right one for you.
  14. Praying for you Laurie. It truely must be so hard for you right now. I know when my girlfriend lost her first baby, she thought she could handel it with God alone. She had #2 and #3 without any problems (other than being stressed during the pregnancy that something migh go wrong...just like you) But during that time she said that she would tell herself "what's the worst that can happen?" She figured she had already been through it and would be able to find strenght in the Lord again if it happened again. That seemed to work for her, but when she would tell me to think the same way when I started having some major anxiety problems, (partially due to her losing her baby by the way! I was pregnant at the same time she lost her 1st.) it just didn't seem to work the same for me that it seemed to be working for her! :-) I eneded up getting some Christian counceling and the counscelor really showed me just how much we train our brains. He had me do the excersise where everytime I started to think of something negitive, I would as quick as I could think of something possitive instead. Easier said than done, but it got me though the toughest parts. 11 years later (WOW!) I can look back as see how much God has worked in me with regards to the worry issue. Meanwhile, after my friend lost another baby (child #4 born preme) she finaly realized how much she really did need a professional to talk to about dealing with her worries in a possitive way instead of just pushing them deep inside of her or going crazy with anxiety. By telling you all of this, I'm just wanting to encourage you to talk with a pastor or a counselor if you can aford it. That's what they feel God is wanting them to do, and has trained them to do, so let them counsel you! Meanwhile, my practical suggestion is whenever you start to realize you are about to think something negitive, quickly think of something positive or even something neutral. Also, try asking yourself lots of silly questions that have NOTHING to do with the pregnancy...how do those Olympians train their horses to dance that way? Who gets paid to make up those cute little smiley faces? Were there mosquitoes on the ark? Why? I don't know, silly stuff. The point is, keep your mind thinking of anything other that neg. stuff. And especially have one very possitive, happy thought to train your mind to think about whenever you start to realize you are about to think about something neg...mine is a memory of a trip to Disney. Anyway, I'm sure praying for you Laurie. By the way, did you ever find someone for your pregnant frined to talk to?
  15. Crisis Pregnancy Centers might be a good place for her to call. They will councel her from a christian perspective. I did a little Google search for your general area and found one in Santa Monica. http://www.w-cpc.org This website has phone numbers she can call. You might be able to call and ask them for one closer to you as well if that's needed. The Crisis Pregnancy Centers have a wonderful reputation for helping people who find themselves with unplanned pregnancies to make decisions to keep the babies or give them up for adoption and really are wonderful at giving support and help with both those desisions. Here in the Sillicon Valley they use the name Community Pregnancy Centers. My prayers are with you as you go through this struggle with your friend. I pray you will be able to find the help she needs.

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