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    I am Mommy to 2 beautiful girls and 1 darling boy. Happily married for 10 years! My, how time flies when you're having fun.


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    Finding a beach. Hanging out with the family...on the beach. Eating anything with cheese...on the beach.
  1. Marla, The road to salvation is different for all of us. I often look at it as a mountain climb rather than a road :-) My thoughts on this have changed throughout my life. As a school aged newly saved girl it was easy to for me to pray simple prayers and know that God loved me still. But then during my prodigal years it was the occasional visit to Catholic mass that remided me that God was still out there and somewhere inside of me. Even though I always have been Baptist, I needed a sign and the reverence of the mass comforted me in a time when I wasn't done being 'prodigal'. Now, in my thirties, I have come to realize what Gods grace is. It is when you know you're saved, but you're not looking at Gods' face. For whatever reason you cannot spend time in prayer and devotion and you feel like your light isn't shining that brightly. But I know that God is still holding me. I'm not holding very tightly to Him, but he has me right in the middle of His hand and I'm not going anywhere. And that is what He has done my entire life. But now I know what it is, I've always known - now I can put it into words. And no matter what people tell you Marla, it's your road to salvation. Find promises in the Bible that you can cling to. And it may take a decade or two or three for it to sink in, but as long as you are saved and you believe with your heart then God is still working in you. Have faith sweet child of God, the fact that you are seeking is so so good.
  2. When I was prompted by the Spirit to pray from the Bible it was out of deep concern for my husband. He is so easily stressed - I worry on so many levels about him and the condition of the relationship with his friends and family. My jumping off point was Psalms 1 - I began praying this and inserting my husbands name for the pronoun he (the lower cased he's). As I read more, I added more to my prayer. I now have an ever changing prayer (based on the same desires for peace and wisdom) for my husband and it is based totaly in scripture. I was prompted to pray out of the Bible, because I found myself speaking to the Holy Spirit, at a loss for words I would ask for Him to intercede for me and make known my woes to God. I just didn't have the words. I am so happy to report that my husband rededicated himself to the Lord this last summer - this was not even something that I knew was on his heart or that he needed. Praise God!! Thank you Jesus for sending the Holy Spirit to us and thank you for giving us your living word.
  3. Watch out! You have to give your email address
  4. Cool!! It's the space between the daily life, like these little moments that should define our lives and relationship. Danielle, I like the way yours is looking!!! Congrats!!
  5. Hang in there! Everything works for the good of God. Stay focused and pray often.
  6. You know, it's just the way of the online world. People can sign up and send out a message and then dissapear. Someone sent me a message a few weeks ago about how I should convert to Budhism (sp?). I politely wrote back to this person and explained why salvation through Jesus Christ ROCKS!!! But of course I never heard from them again. I see it a lot on the working moms board too. People will sign up and then advertise their work scam and then dissapear. Try not to let it bother you too much. Show the love Have a GREAT weekend!!
  7. Regarding the Golden Compass: I just had my 9 year old sit down and watch the trailer with me and I read her your review. I also went out to Wikepedia and read the controversy part and paraphrased it for her. Before she saw it on TV and was intrigued by it, I wanted her to know what it was about. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the heads up!!!! We love fantasy and this review has been a great warning.
  8. beachballad


    I've had the same thought. Everything just goes to the Salvation Army pile, but it would be nice to make a few bucks. I guess we would just need to watch the price of shipping so we don't lose money on the packaging and such. Great topic! Love in Christ Eileen
  9. Update I have to update you on what happened when Claire brought this little boy the Bible. I picked her up in carpool that day and she was still holding onto the Bible. I cringed and cautiously asked if he didn't want it. She said 'no' in fact the previous night his Mom took him out and they bought a Bible. IS THAT AWESOME???? This family, I think, will be on my prayer list until the day I die. Cool eh? Love in Christ, Eileen
  10. beachballad


    Hi Sherry, I don't sell, but as a buyer I can offer a gripe about a practice that some sellers do. They buy these lists. And these lists have products that are at a warehouse in somewhere like California. The seller pushes the product with confidence in its quality and in reality they don't know what they're selling. Urg. I've bought a couple of items that I have had to return because they are literally junk. One seller wouldn't offer a refund, but suggested that I resell the product on Ebay. Just hit the estate sales around town and resell what you have in your hand. I appreciate a refund policy, nice pictures, and quick communication. Hope this helps. Good luck!! Love in Christ, Eileen
  11. I have to agree with both of you. The thing that has really bothered me lately is pants falling down. Urg!! Love in Christ, Eileen
  12. I have to share what my daughter told me last night. She is eight years old and in the third grade. She came in the kitchen while I was making dinner and said that she had told this kid about God and the Bible and that he had never heard of either one. That got my attention! The whole story is that he is from Vietnam and nobody has really befriended him, so if he wanted to talk – it was going to be her. She told him everything that she could about God, the Bible, and how we need to be baptized. PRAISE GOD!! ((She then asked if she could have a cookie, because she didn't get to each lunch because they were talking so much. Sacrifice and evangelizing. ))) This morning we were talking about how many crowns (in Heaven) she thought she would get for such an obedient act. She then thought that this guy needed his own Bible. We ended up giving him one of MY old Bibles. It was my first Bible, but no one uses it. We signed his name in the front and dated it (over the 1981 date) and off she went to school. In our morning prayer she prayed that God would put a hedge around her and Tyler because she knew that "Those" demons would be after her now. She gets it. She really gets it. I give her up to God; I place her at the foot of his throne. And I thank God that he has allowed me to witness such a miracle in spiritual growth. Amen. Amen. Amen Love in Christ, Eileen
  13. Welcome! I hope that you find this place as much of a blessing as I have. Love in Christ -Eileen

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