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  1. Does anyone have a left-handed child? Or is left-handed yourself? My 4 yr old ds is definately a leftie now (wasn't sure till he started preschool and writing). I've been told to show him things by sitting across from him, not next to him, but I wondered if anyone had any more ideas. He functions well, but I'm wondering if there's things we need to do now to make life easier in the future (like I've noticed lefties hold pencils to write in awkward positions--is there a right way to teach?). Any imput is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I'm right there with you! I've been struggling with this myself and have finally decided (after some teary conversations with my hubby) that I need to do something for myself. Nothing big or expensive, but things like spending 2 hours in the library or shopping alone or even taking a class at the local craft store. He's going to do everything in his power to give me that oppurtunity one night a week (or on a Sat) to redefine who I am. He thinks I should look into a Comm College course or two, but I' m not sure I'm ready for that kind of committment right now. I've been feeling better since I've been doing some me time, but still feel like I have a ways to go. My hubby's been great--though he can't understand how I can feel burnt out and still want to have another baby! Hope you get some relief!
  3. Laurie, I have to post an apology. I have never met anyone who has lost a child like you have. I delight in the joy I hear in your posts and the healing that must have occured to let you be happy. My last comment on the above posts sounds horrible to me as I read it again; please forgive me for using a pat phrase of mine without thinking. By the way, does this happen often? Do your friends catch themselves? Do you notice when they don't? I know the excitement of Henry can mask your pain and I'm sorry to bring all this up if it hurts, but I just couldn't leave that post without apologizing. Amity
  4. Hi to all you newbies! Glad to meet you! I'm Amity. Married 8 years to a military man, stay at home mom (who's not so often really at home) to a Kindergartener, Preschooler (starts on Mon) and a 2 yr old princess. The Air Force brought us back from Jolly wet England last year and dropped us in the desert of Arizona. God works in mysterious ways! Looking forward to getting to know you all.
  5. Laurie- I agree with the hindmilk idea (and since you're into reading up on things try The Baby Whisperer by Tracy Hogg) but I have always nursed both sides. My kids never seemed disrupted by it and it was an ideal time for a burp. I was also more comfortable with both breasts drained instead of one very full. Snuggle little Henry while you can!
  6. How about a gift certificate to the Christian Bookstore so she can get a new book--and then the time to read it? Or even a craft store. Why not concert tickets or reservations--even if it's just lunch out together at Denny's?
  7. Hello C2ingram! I grew up in Bitburg and Zweibrucken! My dad was AF and now my hubby is too. We've been in the states for a year now after 4 1/2 years in England. I had 2 babies over there. I know this sounds funny, but the best advice I could possibly give is to relax, enjoy your stay there and expore the culture. The more you do to make yourself "American" the more difficult life will be. And, keep logging on here for encouragement. This is a great group of moms.
  8. Wendy, Will be praying for your daughter. We just did a similar thing--high fever virus for 3 days followed by an ear infection. It's so tough to see a normally active child so debilitated by sickness. Hope your daughter bounces back soon like mine did!
  9. Lisa, I know the pain of having a family member not attend church. My Dad quit going when I was about 10 and still won't go with my Mom. I'll be praying for you to not have to say a word; that he will surprise the socks off you and go some Sunday soon.
  10. All I know is that the Bible says there is no sadness in heaven, nor pain. It would cause me pain to "lose" my husband and children, unless the presence of my Savior and Creator were all I could handle and consumed my every thought and feeling. When I think of spending eternity without a relationship with my kids or husband, the thoughts that come to mind are that I won't be able to be a part of their lives and that they would miss me. But, in heaven, with a Heavenly Father, they wouldn't need me. And in Revelations, the Christians are spoken of as a group of one mind and purpose, so I think we may be a part of everyone's lives forever. If there are no distinctions in heaven as to our earthly relationships, I know one thing for sure: it will be for our good and we will not be saddened by it. Just my 2 cents worth!
  11. Laurie! So exciting to think you're packing your bag already. Can't wait to hear from you that you're home with precious Henry. My hospitals have always provided T-shirts and hats. I put my newbie in a sleeper once or twice just to find it wadded up in the corner of the crib when he was returned after checks. So, for my 3rd I brought pink or flowered cute T-shirts--both front cross snap ones and pull over the head ones. She was always returned wearing them. I also brought soft cotton hats with feminine print to have for when visitors came. She was always bundled so it was only her little face peeking out, so the hats were cute. Don't forget to pack wipes if you use them! None of my hospitals supplied them because they don't believe in them. Just water and a stiff paper towel. Ouch! Hope all is well with you and the time passes soon.
  12. Sarah-- So glad your little man is doing so well. What a wonderful answer to prayer. Will continue to ask for God's intervention in his little life. Blessings! Amity
  13. Talk to someone! I was church-hopping without my husband while he was away at school and would go to church, be greeted by the usher, shake a few hands during the "turn and greet someone" time and leave without anyone else saying a word to me. It actually hurt by the 3rd and 4th Sundays. Was I that weird looking and repulsive? So, if we'd all make a point of leaving our circle of friends after the service and move to the back of the church (where the uncomfortable newcomers are) and taking 2 min to say hello and chat with a face you've never seen before...
  14. dnachase


    How did Josiah's cranial vault go? Did you get into the Ronald McDonald house? How did you pass the time in the hospital? I've prayed for him and will continue to; just wondered how he's doing.
  15. Will certainly pray for the little one's heart to heal--and for the prospective adoptive parents to respond appropriately--and for your friend's peace about her decisions.

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