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  1. Thankyou wonka that was really helpfull adviice. My husband wants us to go and visit today so ill have my oppotunity to put it into practice. Im gonna commit all my feelings to God and just try not to let her get to me. thankyou.
  2. Laurie thats actually my all time favourite scripture, thankyou. All the best with your second pregnancy God is trully in control.
  3. one of my biggest questions is when do you pick up your baby when there crying and when not to, im constantly being told by the mother in law that im spoiling her and that shell turn into a clingy baby!!! how do you know?? All i know is that ive fallen head over heals with this little person who depends on me for everything and as she cant speak when she cries my natural feeling is t comfort her to figure out the problem. And also how do you deal with overpowering motherinlaws from a christian perspective. I do love my mother in law but since my daughter came along i find her overpowering and domenering always repremanding me for the way i look after my baby, as if the baby was her own. To the point where i dont even want to go and visit, i feel awful for feeling this way but i cant help it ive being praying about this situation and still not sure how it can get better. Any advice?
  4. Hi Ive just recently become a mum I gave birth to a baby girl on the 17th of march . I came across this website and thought it would be nice to meet other mums especially those of the christian faith. Ive been a born again christian for 5 years now although i grew up in a methodist church with my mum. I must admit i have found it hard as a first time mum to adjust ( especially in the sleep department ) But With Gods help im managing , My husband has also been extremely supportive as well my mum and sis. Ive got so many questions about parenting and motherhood im looking forward to speaking to women who have been in the same experience as me.

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