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  1. Hello and welcome! I am also fairly new to this site. I stay home right now with my two boys. I am also feeling the same as you are. I am not complaining. I have a wonderful husband and children, but I need christian friends that are mommies too. Keep your chin up. I have been trying to start/join a play group, but they are hard to come by where I live. Maybe this is something you could try to do. God has a plan for us that is beyond our comprehension. Love, Renia
  2. Thanks for the welcome It is so good to talk to young moms! Thank you. Most moms that I run into our age are non christian and not family oriented. So, to hear that there are couples out there is refreshing. I am trying to find christian moms to start a play group with in my area, but I am having a hard time. Laurie, I am sorry to hear about your lose. I will be praying for you both. Danielle thanks for the reply. I hope to make some new friends on this site. Talk to you soon. Renia
  3. I am excited to be here. I'm looking forward to getting to know this site. I am 27 years old. I live with my husband and two children in a town called Lemoore. I began looking online for christian web sites and I came across this one. I am having a difficult time finding friends that are christian. I do have my church but most of the members are not my age. I would take anyone as a friend though. I had plenty of friends before I became christian. I am not "cool" anymore in their eyes.

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