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  1. I am going to have to respectfully disagree with all of you. CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien may have been believers, but that doesn't make what they wrote Christian material. How could it? Let's take a closer look here. I heard One of those Narnia series on Focus on the Family Radio Theater. Within 15 minutes, I heard something about elves, witches, fairies, and magic. Hello? As for any of the Lord of the Rings stuff....along the same lines.... And Harry Potter....nothing but filth....(kimbee, Focus on the Family actually supported this movie????) Say we had a man that professed to be a Christian.....yet he made a pornographic movie. Would that make the said porn movie ok to watch, just because he said he was a Believer? Of course not. We are to take everything, including the content of movies, and line it up with Scripture. If the Scriptures speak against it, then we are not to partake of it. Don't matter what kind of spin is put on it. Don't matter if it's good vs evil and good wins in the end. And as for boycotting network TV stations....it's not as hard as you make it sound. And about 80%, if not more, of what's shown on TV IS trash according to the Word of God....so we shouldn't be laying eyes on it to begin with. .....but, this is just my opinion and it may mean absolutely nothing to most of you.... _________________________ In non-related conversation.....I will no longer be coming to this site. Has nothing to do with this particular thread. Just talked with my husband about the stuff I been seeing posted on here....and just don't feel this site is edifying to me as a member of the Body of Christ. Need to surround myself with more of Christ and Him alone....and spend more time with the blessings He has given me: my husband and daughter......and surround myself more with people of the same convictions the He has placed in my heart....those who walk a more simular walk for His glory. Nothing against any of you.....we will meet in Heaven one day and rejoice in the Lord together. __________________________
  2. Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior! Welcome to the boards, SCivfMommy! I am a SAHM and have one daughter right now....Gabriella, who's 6 months old. She's real active too. You'll find a lot of great Christians here who give great, Godly advice. Hope you'll stick around and get to know everyone! May the blessings of the Lord be upon you...
  3. With Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings all in the hotseats in Hollywood....I was wondering what you all thought of a simular storyline....The Chronicles of Narnia. I will state my thoughts after I have read some of yours..... Blessings
  4. I had forgotten about this thread. lol. My husband and I got our washer working....come to find out, the water wasn't turned on going to the washer. oh well. We still don't have our dryer....it's still at our friend's house....no big deal....getting a washer was the big thing. We're leaning towards using SUN more....just cuz it's cheap and does the job nicely. I do about a load or two a day right now....but that's just because we got behind when we were doing it in the tub. I do enough to have them hanging in one room....two rooms tops....and that's it for a day. Don't want my laundry hanging all over the house for everyone to see, if anyone was to drop by.
  5. There's a thread over in the "Helpful Hints for Mom" (or at least I think that's what it's called) forum.....it's something about great birthday party ideas..... I think that may be helpful for ya....it's got some good ideas in there for kids...
  6. Your post sounds so very familiar to me. Let me tell you how I came about being a full-time wife and mother....you will see some very striking simularities between our stories....and maybe it will help you out in some way. We found out I was pregnant in April...I believe...sorry, not too good with dates. We don't own a car, so my job had to be somewhere within safe and decent walking distance of our house. We lived on one of the major roads in our town....not right in town, but about a 5 minute drive outside of it. My husband walked a good mile or two to his job. I couldn't walk that far. That was not because I couldn't or that I wasn't willing to....I was and I could (did many times with the husband to get to town). But to do so would be to walk past a liquor store that has no less than 15 drunk men sitting outside there daily. Not a good place for a woman to be walking by alone, that's for sure. So, I was limited in where I could work. But I did get a job.....at a Dollar General, which was 2 doors down from our house. We didn't need that income, but it was nice to able to bring in a paycheck to help out. When we found out I was pregnant, I told my job. They were happy for us and put me on permanant register, so I didn't have to unload trucks when they came in. Then they began telling me that at 3 months along, I'll be able to begin lifting the heavy stuff again. And they began to complain if I needed to go get something to eat. This caused a lot of stress and weariness in my life and my husband noticed it before I was even in the door for 5 minutes. We talked about it all one day...and we prayed about it. We already knew that come 7...8 months tops...I would no longer be working and from that point on, I would be a stay at home mom. That's something the Lord has always placed in my heart...even before I knew Him. And he affirmed it by speaking as much to my husband. So, after prayer....we felt comfortable and positive that the Lord was wanting me to be home full-time early. So I quit my job before I was 3 months along and have been home every since (our daughter was born in November). By most peoples standards....we are poor. I don't really care what they think. My husband and I live a simple life. Our bills are paid in full each month....we have a roof over our heads....we have clothes that we didn't pay for (they were given to us by our Lord)....we have food in our pantry and fridge.....our daughter lacks for absolutely nothing at all. What more do we need? No, we don't have a car yet....but that's coming in due time. The only money we have in our bank account is what's leftover from our taxes (after new glasses for the both of us, a 2 week vacation to Vermont to see hubby's parents, an extra week in Vermont cuz his grandma died while we were there, and a new computer). You take our bills each month and add them up.....and take my husbands pay....they don't add up. Seriously. First thing we do out of every paycheck is set aside out tithe. Take the rest of the paycheck and you don't have enough to pay our bills every month....but they are paid....in full....every month....and we don't borrow from anyone. A famous saying: If it's God's Will....it's God's bill. If you feel led to be a stay at home mother and wife (and I'm of the belief that it's where He wants us all....but that's just me).....then talk it over with your husband and pray together about it. If He can take care of us.....and my husband earns just above minimum wage....then He can take care of your growing family. All you have to do is believe that He is able....and keep it in His Hands. You will face stressful times during bill time, yes.....but just remember that He is in control and He is more than able to provide for you and your family. It'll happen. Oh yeah....by the time our daughter was born, she had everything she needed. She lacked nothing. We had enough clothes for her first like 9 months. Didn't have to buy diapers until she ran out of her size 2's....then it was only a few pkgs of them before she was in a size 3, which she had 3pgk's of those in her closet. We had enough baby wipes that she is currently 6 months old and I still haven't bought any for her (though I cut them in 1/2 so they last longer). When she was 3 months old, we heard of a woman that was due to give birth in 4 weeks and had NOTHING for her baby yet. We filled up the back of a SUV with stuff that we had leftover that we no longer needed and gave it all to her. .....clothes, diapers our baby didn't need anymore, a thing of wipes, a couple towels and washclothes, tons of clothes, a bassenet. Lots of people told us we shouldn't have done that because we're young enough to have more children (he's 27, I'm 22 [23 in Sept]). But if He blesses us with another child, He will bless us with whatever that child needs. We believe that firmly. May the Lord lead you in the direction He wants you and your family to be. Blessings.
  7. My husband and I both recently read a good Christian fiction book. It's called The Fisherman and it's by Larry Huntsperger. Here is what the back of the book says: Here, in a spellbinding first-person account of the life of Simon Peter, Larry Huntsperger shows the gritty spiritual journey of one of Christianity's greatest men. When Peter met Jesus, his life turned upside down as he left everything to follow the Savior. Through Peter's eyes, you'll experience the miracles Jesus preformed. You'll laugh as Peter contemplates launching a thriving business with Jesus' ability to turn water into wine. You'll agonize with Peter as he stands on Golgotha and witnesses the crucifixion of the one he loves the most. Watch the events of the Gospels unfold as Peter makes choices that will change the world for all time. We don't usually go for Christian fiction books....but this one really caught our attention....and it turned out really good. We're going to be receiving a free copy of Tortured for Christ by the guy that started Voice of the Martyrs (http://www.persecution.com)....least that's what I think the name of it was. My husband has read that and told me I'd better have a box of tissues ready. Can't wait till that one comes in so I can read it.
  8. Could we just skip over today....ya know, like it never happened? LOL. Today was the day to get our bedroom cleaned......some of you may remember me saying in previous posts that I am not a schedule kind of person...hehe....well, we've got a schedule now for household chores. One room a day. To my surprise, it's working out well....I get something done every day and still have some time on my hands. First week of that, and my house is actually clean! Anyway....so I was working on that....look at the clock and it's 5pm....and I hadn't eaten at all yet. Ooops. First thing I saw was 1/4 bag of Green Onion chips....that's what I saw, that's what I ate. *shrugs* oh well. Gotta kind of settle for what we got in the house right now.....won't have any money to go shopping until the 6th....but will have to wait until the 7th to get shopping done (6th is Sunday...the Lord's Day).
  9. I agree....it is not the television itself that is bad....it's the things on the television. There are good programs, yes. Question though: what do you do when you've got a good program on, but then a bad commercial comes on? Have you taken a look at Sesame Street lately? I have not too long ago...it was my first time since I was a kid. That show is supposed to be a good, wholesome children show, correct? Have you seen the way some of the ladies dress on that show? Before I got saved, I watched a ton of television. I didn't think it'd be easy giving it up once I got saved....but it was a breeze. Seriously. If we're over at a friend's house and they've got a TV on, we'll sit and watch a bit of it....but if it's something we don't like (and you know what stuff is because it completely grieves your Spirit, if you pay attention)....we get up and quit watching it. Wonka, I would like to thank you for that link. My husband and I have been talking about finding a site we can check the reviews for movies out with. At his work, they've got Shrek playing on one of the TV's at all times (discount store....and I think it's one of the newer DVD's they got in). He was really digging the movie.....we knew a few Christian families that had seen it, one of which owns it. He was even thinking of buying it.....just based on what he's been seeing when he walks by. A movie that is targeted to kids, mind you. When it first came out, it was known as an adult cartoon.....but it is now being targeted towards kids. Anyway, then my husband caught two bad scenes (one of which has a reference to a character enjoying knocking down margaritas...the other a sly reference to a male organ).....not to mention the secular music he heard. Made him sick. And, no we will not be owning that movie. It's not as hard as you all believe to live for the Lord in as many ways as you can. It's not as hard as you think to give things up for Him. Want more of Him? Well, there are things that have to go in your lives to make room for Him. Simple stuff.....but again, a lot of Christians want to have their cake and eat it too. As for the 2 hours in the Word.....take it slow.....start off at 15 minutes.....next time, add in an extra 5 minutes......etc. I find myself craving more and more of the Word....and prayer....and Worship. Do I always give in when I feel Him tugging my heart to spend more time in His presence? Sadly, no. But I should....and I desire to. Blessings...
  10. naejeirual....as usual, Sister....JAM UP post !! Great day.....That first point you made was enough to go clean out the entire kitchen and grow me a veggie garden.....well, not to that extent, but you get the jist. Blessings...
  11. Hey now....lol....I'm not exercise expert....I just know what works for me. My problem is just getting off my butt and getting it done. I just do the exercises I used to do when I was in varsity soccer.....of course, I start out slow and work my way up to this.....but here's what I used to do: about 200 various stomach repititions about 400 various leg repititions jog/walk 2 miles Doing this stuff took me from a 42" waist down to a 29 1/2" waist in less than a year.....that's in combo with soccer practice twice a week and soccer games 3 times a week.....plus some ball practicing/exercises for about an hour or so three times a week. Now, I'm not in soccer anymore....haven't been in 5 years now.....and I have a child now....so this isn't exactly what I've gotten into while exercising now. I'm gonna be working back up to 200 stomach reptitions and 400 leg repititions.....but for now I probably do about 50 stomach ones and about 100 leg ones. Water is a BIG thing. If you drop soda and cut way back on tea and cut out kool-aid....and even cut back on juices a bit....and drink mostly water, that helps out BIG time. The big thing with exercising to remember.....especially with stomach exercises....it's not the number you do....it's the quality.....go slow and keep your muscles tightened to work them thoroughly. You get better results that way. I gotta get now.....rough day for baby today....she's been crying off and on just about all day......ever since her daddy left for work.....he should be home soon.....and for that I am extremely thankful. Blessings...
  12. My husband has been saved for 3 years....and has been living the way the Lord has lead him (which is in my above post...except he wasn't married then, so he spent ALL of his free time with the Lord) since then......we have been married for 2 years in August.....I have been saved for 2 years next month.....I have been living this life ever since I got saved. Our daughter is only 6 months old (she's our only child right now)....and yes, she has been brought up this way since her birth. Dear Sister, don't misunderstand our lives.....it is indeed blessed, yes....we do spend as much time with our Lord as we can, yes.....but the enemy still attacks....he still tries to come between us..... When we notice it, we come together and pray....or try to, at least.... To be honest, when I first got saved I was so very surprised to find out that not all Christians were living the way He has lead us to live. A previous poster had mentioned something about there being little to no difference in Christians and the unsaved. That's true, in most cases. It's something I've never, honestly and in no disrespect to anyone here....but it's something I've never ever understood. Still don't. We are a peculiar and Holy people....set apart.....salt and Light....at least we're supposed to be. Guess I better keep quiet on this one....not too many would agree....and it is not my aim to make any angry or upset.....I was just stating my thoughts to this post and that is how my family is seperated from the world.
  13. My husband and I each have our alone time with the Lord.....we each try to do at least 2 hours a day (whether in prayer, worship, Bible Study, or any combo of the 3).....then we also do family Bible study and prayer nightly, along with worship. How are we seperated from the world? Well.....we don't own a TV or VCR....we don't listen to any secular music at all.....we don't watch secular movies at all....we don't read secular books or magazines.....our spiritual diet is of things of Christ and Christ alone..... That, even to a lot of Christians, is radical and extreme....but that is how He has lead our family to live, and so we do. We do have a DVD drive in our computer....and a 17" comp screen, which is like a mini-television.....we are slowly buying good, clean DVD's for our daughter to watch.....and some for us too....during our family time. But even the ones that seem innocent and clean often have something that goes against the Word, so we have to trash it. Oh yeah, and my husband (since he's the only one working) absolutely does not work on Sundays....and he doesn't work after 5pm on Wednesdays. We go to Church then. A lot of people don't really understand it when he's willing to put his job on the line to go to the Lord's House to Worship.....and I'm not talking just the unsaved either..... Broad is the gate that leads to destruction.....but narrow is the gate that leads to everlasting life....
  14. Looks good to me too.....I'm 5'6"....and currently 205lbs.... Losing 45 would put me down to 160....if I get below 150, I start to look way too thin cuz of my body build.....that would put me down to a size 12-14, depending on the make....I am currently a size 18. Also....I should add....I have a real bad sweet tooth....example (and I know this is bad), my husband brought home a treat for me....2lbs of chocolate....with his help, we ate those 2lbs and had them gone the next evening......so, this is something I'm trying hard to break.... the motivation part is a big thing....I tend to give up too easily and if no one else is going to do it with me, to help push me....then I'm more likely to give it up before the second week is through...
  15. dot and kimbee, you are both most welcome....as I said before, freely I was given, so freely I give.... My daughter's only 6 months old....so I've got plenty of time to do the research....but we already know that she will be homeschooled....along with any other children we have. I, too, like this site.....all these ladies have wonderful advice and are all very helpful.....I don't get out much either (no car just yet)....so it's nice to be able to pop on here a few times a week and talk to some fellow Christian moms.

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