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  1. Hi abc! I just decided to pop in here first time in years, our youngest is now almost 20, this site helped me so much back when the kids were young and I was struggling in my faith and the daily ups and downs with young children.
  2. 1. Where are you from? (You can be vague if you want!) ohio 2. Do you work or are you a SAHM or WAHM? sahm 3. If you're married how did you meet your husband? county fair 4. If you could go vacation anywhere where would it be? mountains 5, How old are you? 36 today
  3. Just a thought, I remember when my brother and sister and I were little ,any toys that said made in China we always knew would break real quick! I say yes!
  4. Just an easy crockpot recipe, a pound of browned ground beef , diced onions & diced green peppers, a pound of bacon drained and cut into chunks, 3cans pork & beans , catsup, brown sugar, mustard & vinegar, real easy! You can add a can of kidney beans and a can of pinto beans, if you like. Brandy
  5. My husband and I too have been married 13 years, ever year since we have dated, for Valentines Day I make him a Duncan Hines strawberry cake with cherry icing, it is now a traditon with our kids. For the potlucks, I make Hillbilly beans evryone loves. And ice tea for some reason my sweet tea is always a hit, so for any get togethor I always bring the tea. And at Christmas I have a really old recipe of my grandmas for a butter cookie that just melts in your mouth, they are the most fattening cookie ever, lots of real butter and whipping cream, but everyone loves them. ~Brandy
  6. Please pray for ashlea. she is 11 and has been battling cancer since 2002, here is a site where you can read her story and also send messages to her for encouragment http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/ashleanewburn
  7. Yep I sure have noticed,I get up not quite soearly,but about 6:00 and we have been noticing different birds returning, and I think the air smells like spring! It wont be long!!
  8. Happy!!! The sun is shining and the snow/ice is all melted!!!
  9. It is only to get to about 33 today but..... lots of sunshine!!
  10. Hugs from my kids and hubby A pitcher of ice tea on a hot summer evening A good book Working in my flower beds in the cool of summer mornings
  11. Well, it was supposed to be warmer today in the high 40's but it hasnt made it, now it is 37 with real high winds and cloudy.. I have been seeing robins this week, so that is a good sign I think.
  12. We watched it last week, it was great! My boys esp. they love football, and ithad such a great message. Even my 7 year old understood. That is one we will buy definitly!!
  13. I have talked to my daughter (11 1/2) somewhat , last year in fifth grade their teacher talked with them also. She is in such denial though about the whole thing, and I tell her I want her to know and be prepared, I was never told anything at all. As far as sex and all that I dont even know where I would start. But I do know that I dont want her to be embarrased and to feel as she can talk to me . Which is the exact opposite of me.

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