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  1. Thanks to you all for sharing your experiences and advice. We have been enjoying a few sewing lessons together and I could not be more at peace with the decision to pursue this type of training with my daughters. They may have many opportunities at college, but who better to learn how to care for their own families(Lord willing) than their mother? One of the benefits of following this particular books structure is that it's so much more than housekeeping. As the girls get older we will study finances and home business as well as the traditional home management. My prayer is that by college age they will be well equipped to make the decisions necessary at that time and above all, I pray they will love the Lord and desire HIS will. Thank you again!!
  2. Just wanted to update about the question of online cost. I see nothing other than this is totally free.
  3. I purchased the book (about $20) and am doing the study with a small group of ladies rather than online. From the website, it looks like there is no cost if you choose to do it online. I can't say for sure though. Since this is not a diet, there are no special foods or fitness equipment to purchase. I'll check to be sure about any additional online costs.
  4. abc, I'm only a week into into the study, but it's proving to be very good. I like very much that my focus is on Christ and not on me. I still have a way to go as far my motivation to lose weight. It's harder than I thought to let go of my selfish desires, but the scriptures have been a great encouragement. Thanks so much for asking! It helps to be accountable. Blessings, Tracey P.S. I love the monkey, it's one of my favorites!
  5. I wanted to bump this up and share the website for the Lord's Table info... http://www.settingcaptivesfree.com/lords_table/ I have just begun this study myself, although not online, but with a small group. What I love most is that it is not focusing on ME, but on CHRIST. While there is a suggested eating schedule for the 60 day duration of the study, this is not a diet plan. This is about freedom from addiction/bad habits and replacing hunger for food with a hunger for the Lord. I would love to hear from you if you decide to give it a try. Blessings, Tracey
  6. We have been considering a rec center membership for the winter months. Our health insurance offers discounts towards this so it would be something like $20/month for our family. The one we're considering has everything from swimming & fitness to ice skating. It's a very nice facility, very family friendly...hard to believe we can get in for so little. With our mild weather here in MN we haven't felt that need to hibernate quite yet, but it's sure to come! Blessings, Tracey
  7. ABC, I was going to make the same suggestion as Dawn. I would try the melaleuca oil and see if that helps. It's a great item for your medicine cabinet even if turns out that it doesn't solve this particular problem. We have two dogs and so far have been so blessed to have no out of the ordinary vet bills. Praying for a quick and inexpensive resolution for you.
  8. Dawn, I was with Melaleuca and loved the products very much. I got as far as director and I was always fine with the purchase commitment because I was actually using the products and earning at least enough to cover a portion, although sometimes only enough to cover shipping and tax. I did make some of the same mistakes(I was with both SHALI & The MOM Team). Buying leads and spending $$$ on advertising. Unfortunately, I simply was not any good at closing and keeping my enrollees...I'm simply too honest and refused to sugar coat the business. It takes a HUGE investment of time and money to become successful and that is so often ignored. You did the right thing by listening to your heart(guided by the Holy Spirit I'm sure). I've found people are far more receptive to purchasing products directly from a rep than the whole "setting up an account" thing. I hope you find Tupperware to be a much more rewarding opportunity! And to current Mela reps...I was not trying to offend, so please forgive me if I did. I was there for 3 years and if I could have afforded to remain a customer I would have. The business just wasn't for me.
  9. Thanks, Dawn! I'm so glad your girls are having fun with the coloring pages! I honestly don't do very much with the business being so busy, but I do like the company very much. I may someday get into doing more birthday parties with SAF. Thing is, I'd want everything to be just so and perfect (I have to pray about this issue in many areas of my life;) ). Not always so with little ones! I need to update my about me section, too. We recently stopped homeschooling and sent our girls to the Christian School at our home church. Now I'm working to pay that!! The Lord is GOOD! Blessings, Tracey
  10. Parents, here's a little something fun for your kids. Come visit me at... http://www.stuffafriend.biz/members/luv2bhom/fun_stuff.html Choose a coloring page and print it out. Kids color and name the animal and mail them in to SAF(the address is on the coloring page). We will choose one name for each animal and the child that chose that name gets that animal. Rules - Contest ends 12/31/06. In the event more than one person chooses the winning name, up to 5 random people will be chosen. You may only enter once per friend. Thanks and have fun!!
  11. traceyg


    Oooh...I really do! And if it's a Mocha all the better! The person below me leads a ladies Bible Study.
  12. Kim H, I, too was a Melaleuca customer for approx. 3 years and did for a time work with both The MOM Team and SHALI teams. I still love the Melaleuca products and would have continued to be a member, but simply wasn't able to afford the monthly commitment any longer. The 35 point monthly purchase minimum always added up to about $65 for me once tax and shipping were added. I want to stress I always felt it was well worth the cost and love the products(I may someday go back if finances allow). We just could not afford one more monthly requirement. I did "set up many customer accounts" (signed up customers and then I earn commission off their monthly purchases)but regardless of how great I was or hard I worked I just wasn't able to maintain them. Most were not willing to put in effort to build a business and truly didn't care about the products. In order to earn a nice monthly amount you need to enroll new customers and then help them to do the same if they desire a business as well. You can earn a very nice amount, but NOT without a great deal of work. Like any legit business you will have to make an investment, both financial and time wise for starters. To get started you need to spend the $29 membership fee(unless you wait for a free or $1 special) and then make that commitment to purchase each month. If you are a serious business builder and make director(8 people enrolled by you) you will need to increase your monthly point purchase to 75 points. Your income will also go from 7% commission to 14% and can increase as your business grows. If you're still curious I would not hesitate to contact one of these team members and have them show an online presentation or listen to a presentation call. You can then see a better breakdown of some of these numbers and learn more about Melaleuca as a company. I hope that I helped to answer some of these Melaleuca questions. The products are great and well worth the membership without a business if you can afford the commitment. I always viewed the possibility to earn a little $$ as a bonus! Blessings to all! Tracey
  13. Hi Dana! Welcome! I have two daughters and also homeschool. We are learning together how to sew and will begin our gardening next spring. I'm very naive about these kinds of things! One of the tools I am using to help me is "Training Our Daughters to be Keepers at Home" by Ann Ward. It's great to have you here! BTW, what is english smocking? Blessings, Tracey
  14. traceyg


    I sure do! Guess I should have saved my stuff from Jr High to pass on to my daughters! The person below me is considering a new hairstyle.
  15. Hi Ginger! Welcome, it's great to have you join us! Tracey

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