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  1. I know what you mean...it's so hard finding time to be alone with God when we are so busy with our house, kids, etc. Jesus should be our #1 priority! (I'm talking to myself here, too!!!) I like The Daily Bread idea. I also have the women's devotional Bible. I try to read it while my little one and I are eating breakfast.
  2. We try to stay busy. Here are some of the things I do with my 2 year old. At home: playdough play outside go for wagon rides color DVD fingerpaint put on a cd and dance! (mine loves this!) play with toys (i like the rotation idea) make cookies (get the break apart and let them sprinkle) invite a friend over Away from home: park walk the mall go to a friend's house church activities (ladies Bible study, etc) library MOPS *we have a hands on children's museum thta my littel guy loves. It has tons of stuff for them to do. A family membership costs $48. We've already made that back because mine wants to go there all the time! LOL
  3. We go to a United Methodist Church. I am still going every week although DH and I are separated. He is going elsewhere. I am very involved in different ministries like the nursery and baby ministry (providing prayer partners and organizing meals for expectant families). I go to a ladies Bible study once a week. We love our church's style of worship and our wonderful pastor.
  4. Our son has received all of his shots. I know my Ped really well (taught his kids) and trust him completely with Austin.
  5. thank you all for your encouraging words! ((hugs)) i will keep you posted...
  6. I joined here a few weeks ago and since then, my marriage has fallen apart. :( It's a long story and I don't want to get into it, but please pray for healing, comfort and restoration for my marriage. We just had our 6th anniversary. I know God can work miracles. Please, please say a prayer...
  7. We read teh book a while ago and it is great! DOn't be worried about the translations!
  8. Just try to stick with it. I am used to only girls, too, so having a boy has been a learning experience. Boys are so different from girls even at a young age. They are a lot more rough and "bully-ish"...they don't mean to be that way...that's just how they are wired. If you haven't read "Bringing Up Boys" by James Dobson, you need to asap! It is a great book!!! Like the others said, try to get out for some alone time, even if it's for a couple hours a week. It really helps to have your house completely free of anything you don't want wrecked! LOL Keep him busy-busy! Go swimming, to the park, play with friends, etc. Just get him really worn out so he'll sleep good at night for you. Hope things get easier for you!
  9. I use an NIV Bible. The school where I taught used it and I've just stuck with it.
  10. Although no one wants to go to war, I support our President 100%.
  11. My DH comes from a huge family (11 kids!!!) and they get comments all the time. I personally don't want more than three, but if you and your husband want more, then go for it! Just take your time and wait a little longer if you're not ready right now.
  12. try to get on a routine so you don't feel overwhelmed. i do basic straightening right after breakfast, laundry twice a week, major cleaning on fridays (so it's clean for the weekend!), etc. check out flylady.com for more great ideas. i will warn you, though, if you sign up with flylady, you will get a bunch of e-mails...like 6-7 a day.
  13. I do laundry twice a week, but I do about 3 loads on each of those days. I use All/Surf and love my Stain Stick. I also like the bleach pen, too.

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