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  1. Mumsy I sent a private message to you...I wasn't aware I could do that until I looked at the bottom of the forum...
  2. Will be keeping whole family in prayer...and that you all be settled fast with no problems popping up
  3. Welcome everyone, it is a blessing to find a site where you can meet many new friends who can be an encouragement to each. I am so glad to see this forum just for working moms, because I know that we all are going through the same struggles of having to work and taking care of our family. My most heartfelt wish is to beable to become a SAHM again, and trying not to bear bitter feelings of the fact that I have to work. Am looking forward to seeing all the encouragement we can give each other...God's blessigns to all.
  4. Well, I thought that I would add today how I am doing. I finally weighed myself(after a long, very down month of April) and was not surprised that I have gained at least half of what I have already lost. I am not happy about it but know that it won't make me feel better if I down myself so I am just going to start over and determine to put all in God's hands and give me the motivation to do this. I am praying for that same encouragement and motivation for those others that want the same thing...
  5. Thank you Mumsy for your response. I guess right now I am more worried about making sure that she gets the help that I want her to have. When school starts up again in Sept we along with the school will be keeping an eye on her for a learning disability if she has one. Right now she is in PPI with speech 1-2 times a week about a half hour each time. I guess I am more worried if there is a learning disability and my husband and I want more done but then are told that this is all they have available will we have a struggle? Even now I feel that what speech she is getting is not enough, not necesarily in speaking at all but understanding and comprehending language and direction following. One of my girlfriends just went through this type of situation and is what is bringing up my worries. I guess right now I don't even know what questions I want to ask, she is our oldest-5yrs old-and she has been in school since she was 31/2. She has done remarkably well and has improved so much from where she was but my husband and I still see her below her age level and I think it is I that worries more-maybe too much. Both my husband and I also had learning disabilities and it was hard for us growing up and neither of us want her to go through all the struggles we went through. One thing I keep trying to tell myself is that much has changed with what is availalbe than when we were kids. Sorry so long I guess I am venting more than I am asking questions. Again I am not even sure what I want to ask or what I should be asking. We have our meeting with the school next week to determine what schedule she will be put through so we could use prayer on this. To make sure whe will get the most of what she needs...
  6. Hello, this is great to start this thread and am looking forward to meeting new friends who are going through the same struggle of dieting and excercise. I started making much needed changes in my diet and excercise about 2m ago and was doing really well for the first month but I have to confess that the last month has gone downhill. I am scared that I may have gained half if not all of what I have lost(haven't weighed myself in a few weeks). I am one where stress is food is the comfort. Plus I found being without a computer(just got it fixed a few days ago) was a major downfall for me. I had no contact with anyone let alone my diet buddy for the encouragement and prayer I really needed. Just a note, I have found that a thread is really nice because you are in contact with many going through the same struggles, but having a diet buddy also is a major plus that has really helped me the most. A special bond with one-on-one relationship and encouragement.
  7. Mom of three I am on another moms site, I like to make friends, and it's called justmoms.com....It pretty much is similiar to this site and I am glad I have found both. The only advice that I have been following is don't set to high goals because it will be very frustrating if you don't make the goal. I pretty much started dieting(about 2m ago) not only for my health but for myself. I not only set a weght goal but smaller goals like cutting the sweets to a few times a week and cutting pop out. I haven't exactly had an easy time with the sweets but I am now only drinking pop maybe 1-3times a month where I was drinkng 1-2 a day. Another advice that I try to follow is when you do fall don't keep kicking yourself, giving in to a sweet/hands off item will not necessarily hurt your dieting. Just pray and tell yourself you will do better the next day. That is where I find having a diet buddy really helps, and a thread where there are many more who is going through the same feelings of dieting and excercise. It's a great idea that Shawna has started a thread, I will check it out...
  8. I can't tell you enough about the positive support of encouragement from others that are trying to change their eating/excercise habits for losing weight or for their health. I am right now on another site where they have a thread for just that. We weigh in every week(Wednsedays) and either root for them if they had a good week or support them with encouragement and prayer if it was a bad week. I have also met my diet buddy on that thread and that is one that I thank the Lord for. It makes me and her accountable to each other. We email each other every day or when we can and tell each other what we have eaten and how much excercise we have done. We don't down each other if we have a day that we give in to temptation we just encourage each other to try better the next day... And just a note we give the highest weight we are at/or have been, then we give present weight that we give on Wednsedays then we put down a goal weight. Example: 199-Highest weight 182-Present weight(On Wed.) 155-Goal weight Some put their goal weight at smaller goals, just an idea...but the idea of having a thread related to this is great I find it very encouraging especially on my down days/weeks...
  9. How about the ideal of having a thread for special needs or handicap in the family. I have a special needs 5yr old and am just starting to get more involved with her schooling and at times there are moments that I worry that not enough is being done for her. We are told so much of what rights we have and don't have when it does come to her schooling that it can be very frustrating. And my husband and I want to make sure we are doing things that will help her even at home. Suggestions from other moms in this kind of situation might help for many others.
  10. Thank you First off, welcom to christianmom. I still am quite new myself and am looking forward to making some new friends. And I wanted to thank you for your prayers. It has gotten better and partly because I have decided to make a few changes in my life that has brought more of a positive attitude, and more peace in my family. I still have some really bad "down" days but I continue to pray that the Lord works within me. Lori
  11. I am requesting prayer for me..I am in a slump that I can't seem to get out. Everything, right now, is overwhelming me with taking care of my family, our house and working and certain stressful situations. I have to confess that at times that I feel like running away(I wouldn't really do it, but I don't like this feeling). My house is a major mess because I can't get myself to do anything and my bad attitude is rubbing off on my husband and children...I know I am being selfish but at times my attitude is "I don't care anymore." I need the Lord to work in my heart...
  12. What about a seperate forum for prayers and praise? There are times that I don't have the time to read through all the forums but I try to at least check for prayer requests and pray for them(even though I don't post a reply, please remember)
  13. f Am looking forward to getting to meet some new friends!! Wishing you His love on this Christmas and the new year.

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