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    I am a mother of 3 wonderful children, a wife for 3 yrs to an awsome husband and i have asked the Lord back into my heart and for Jesus to lead me down the path.


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    Tehachapi, Ca


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    Learning more about our father and Jesus, sewing, knitting, crocheting,Gardening, baking, cooking, camping, hiking, fishing, spending time with my children


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    Homemaker and caretaker
  1. As long as its Gods will, we are open to anything. i know he has a plan and i take it one day at a time. thankyou ladies.
  2. I myself am in the ministery at the church we attend. i work in the nursery everyother sunday and every wednesday. i thought that would help what i feel too. but so far it hasn't. i have been in the nursery for a few month, and this feeling has been going on allot longer. thankyou ladies for your input. I'll keep praying on this subject. thankyou and God Bless
  3. i am a mother of 3 beautiful kids:D . they are 8,7, and 6 years old. the youngest is my son. I also work about 6 hrs a day and have everyother week off. i have been going to church for 1 year and 1 month. my 2 daughters and i got baptized on 7/15/07 and my husband and son got baptized 11/14/07:D . We are very active in church. all of us are. Now, after i had my sonwas born, my husband and i decided to get my tubes tied. Now i am at a point where i regret it. so I feel i am broken. there are time i feel this desire to have another child. to bare another. it keeps running in my mind and in my heart. I just keep praying to God that if I'm not to have one to take the desire out of my head and heart. I told my husband what i was feeling and praying last sunday when i was taking a shower because he saw me and asked. he had nothing to say but when we got to church i went to the nursery (i was working in there that morning) and my husband took the kids to bible study. i expected my husband to hang out with some of our friends or even sit in the bible study we normally attend . But he didnt. He came into the nursey with me. was holding one of the babies. he enjoyed it. i made a comment (while the baby was screaming)" dont you miss this.? i know i do." he said your suppose to say that when the baby is quite. I said yah and i m saying it while he is sceaming. I could not believe his reaction. he said i was right.. what does that mean? Now am i wrong for wanting another child? am i wrong for praying to bare another? am I wrong for asking God to take the desires and longing away if im not to have another. what to do, think, etc. i keep praying and i still have baby on the brain.
  4. i am a mother of 3 kids, they are 8,7 and 6 years old. I havent been on her in this site in a few years. my hole family was baptized last year. I am also working full time and so is my husband. we are very active in church. i am hopeing to meet other moms, swap stories, chat and become friends. here. thankyou.
  5. I had thesame trouble one time. so i found our that praying before the day, during the time of the day ur getting ready to go and on the walk. PRAY for courage, the Holy Spirit, and Gods help. I pray everyday, through the day. and it helps. Ill pray for u. God Bless
  6. RE: about christian music Thankyou all for your help. I am greatful for all names of artists and any help Thankyou very much , Actually im downloading alot of them and going to put on cd so thyankyou all. I dont know what else to say.
  7. christian music Thankyou so very much. I really appreciate the help with artist. Thankyou. All i know is i enjoy christian music of all kinds just didnt know groups, artists or songs. So thanku. Take care and God Bless
  8. I am looking for Christain c.d.'s or names of songs and artists. Can anyone help me. I like all kinds of music and want to get more christian music in my home. Can anyone help me?? Take care and God Bless. Lots of love to all.
  9. this is not what ur looking for but... hello, my name is Vanessa and i know this is probably not what ur looking 4 but i thought i'd share it with u. I love it. http://wilstar.com/christjuke.htm Hope you enjoy.. Take care and God bless. Lots of love to all.
  10. Hello my name is vanessa and wife of a Loving Husband named James for almost 4 yrs. We have 3 children 5 and under. I have asked the lord into m y heart just reciently and came across this that i relly want to share with all of u. I just feel i need to share this with all of you. http://www.http://wilstar.com/christjuke.htm I hope you enjoy it. Take care and god Bless

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