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    Hi, I'm Robin and am married to a great guy Gerald. We have 7 children between us five being mine by birth. They range from 2-24. Two are on their own. I have 3 at home and 3 Grandsons. My husband works out and from home. I work at home.


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  1. Hi Everyone, I just wanted to say God Bless you all during this time of year. Please try to remember someone less fortunant than you, hug a neighbor, teach your children the real meaning of the Holidays, pet your animals, smile at your loved ones..God Bless HAPPY HOLIDAYS MAY GOD BRING YOU PEACE AND JOY!
  2. I agree This is such a nice place to be. Welcome to everyone!
  3. K, ah a tiny prayer are you kidding! You have a whole lot of prayer coming to you. God Bless you all tonight and may he be with you and open your and your bio fathers heart to his love and the love of one another. How wonderful!
  4. I like getting personal care stuff to like lotions and potions, magazines, socks all kids, even like a nice sweatshirt or something. I'm sure however I'll get an appliance LOL
  5. I think you all gave great answers. Its a hard thing to think about but by giving it all up to the Lord their is "no thought" really on our part.It isn't up to us..
  6. That is really a tough spot for all of you Wow, I'm a bit confused as I'm sure you are! How come the teacher in his classroom didn't contact you the minute these "issues" supposedly started! I think their is something really wrong. Also I don't think people are talking to each other nor are they communitcating with one another. Terrorism he is in the 5th grade! Oh my Columbine was horrible but I think the this "no tolerance" issues has been taken way to far. Really I think the gov't is into to much control. I wish you the best, I pray for you and yoru family as so many changes have occured due to this circumstance. God Bless
  7. HI and Welcome! Nice to meet when I think of your home I think of cheese. I too am thankful for the Lord, my husband, children, family and a great life! No matter how bad I tend to think it is sometimes. I really am lucky!
  8. Hugs So sorry your feeling blue about this, pray that God's will be done and that you know what is the right thing to do. I faced that dilemma numerous times and found that staying home when they are young is the best thing to do . But you need to have spousal support. That is a hard decision for you. I'll pray for you.
  9. HI Ladies, I've belonged to a board (another one not this) for over 3 yrs. I've been posting and have always enjoyed giving advice, my strong point and helping the younger gals out. Not often do I post of myself or my family. Im more of the helpful person on this board. Which is my choice. Last night I posted about my friend who has helped me in my home business tons! She is a great pal. She lives in Cananda and has no one in her downline because well I think because she just hasn't the skills I guess to recruit but she is a great great person in the business the way she chooses to work it. BUT SHE HAS the LEADERSHIP skills as she has helped me tons. Such a great attitude and so fun to talk to. She is a single Mom and lives in rural Canada. So far from people and town I often feel for her. But she likes it. She just wants a downline so she can slow down her pace of work you know. So anyway I posted a letter cause I often get tons of hits on my website from that particular group and lots of interest come from that group. I was strictly doing this to help her, so please please don't take this a scam thing or whatever. It is not. I asked that if anyone did join this month I would reward them if they joined under her and not me. My team is good and strong 23 and I am blessed I wanted to help her. I WOULD NOT BENEFIT from this at all. Just to see her smile. Well these women slammed me accused me of spamming, really hurt my feelings told me to quit begging for their hard earned dollars like the rest of world etc..I was so upset I cried. That was not my intention. Maybe I'm not good with my words and so I tried to retell my resons and they got me again then got rid of my post. These women constantly talk of their home business and the women who started the bashing on me left the group because her mom and grandmother lost thousands in their MLM experience. I'm sorry for that but my experience was great and the only thing I'd be doing was helping a friend as they showed interest and putting out about $30 in products as a reward. I don't see how they misunderstood. I've decided to keep talking on this group and continue on. I will hold my head high and prayer that others don't think this. How could of made such a huge mistake or think they would take it so wrong. I did nothing in my eyes but care for another individual. I hurt today.
  10. HI Ladies HI this is a great thing to do BIBLE STUDY! I've read the verses and they are beautiful. I have recently accepted God into my life its been about two years now. I have one problem that still exsist and I pray daily that my husband believes in heaven. You see he believes no one goes to heaven when they die. Meaning immediately if they are believers he feels we all go to a sleep state and wait for Jesus. I'd like to find a way to help him through this without seeming to push my views and beliefs on him. But I did tell my son that our doggy went to heaven to be with Jesus and his Grandpa. My husband went to speak up and I cut him the eye. I just won't have my son believing we have to wait. Thank you for this study.
  11. Hi there! Wow, I'm totally different. I figure I pay for all that stay and everything else why not use it. I only take two outfits for the baby one for picture day and another to go home in. Just in case they spit up. I take two diapers and wipes because they send you home with anything that is opened. That means the diapers your using there. I use all their soap, shampoo and hair stuff, dental care stuff etc..Its in each room and your charged for it. I take a robe and an outfit to come home in and I wear their underpants. Why ruin mine. After child birth it isn't always pleasant! I also bring the diaper bag that most hospitals supply and put the goodies I've accumulated in it to take home. My spouse brings the diaper bag and it stays in the care. I've had five children I love traveling lite and the least amount to lug back home. I'm there to give birth, not live permanently and my only concern for those few days are to learn to know my baby..I've never had a problem with clothing etc. there. I always enjoy the rest and I actually like it. LOL God Bless
  12. I know I know HUGS I totally understand. Our dilemma isn't just the same yet a dilemma is a dilemma. We deal with the Saturday Sunday thing here. I'm apparently disobeying God by going to church on Sunday so now we've not gone in awhile and I feel I'm letting my kids down..
  13. Dobson is so Good I totally agree the 2nd New Strong Willed Child is out and it is getting promoted already! Do you listen to a Christian Radio Station?? http://www.fln.org may have the book for sale..
  14. RobinSJ

    US Election 04

    Son is a Veteran I too after long prayer and thought have decided on Bush......I don't think we need change at all right now. We know what he is and isn't capable of he is familiar. As for all his politics I think we need big time work on the "defecit" but all in all his view are the same as mine. God knows who is going to be in office and we'll have to accept his decision.
  15. I believe You recieve good words from your fellow lady friends here on the board. I agree, you must speak up and you too have a right to seek the word. A sign up sheet is most common in all churches to cover the nursery. God Bless, I know how you feel really I do. I feel like I don't belong too..I just wonder if its me or the people..

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