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  1. Thank you for sharing:) !! It sounds like your church is growing, Praise God:) !!!! God bless as you go through the new programs:) !
  2. Thank you Laurie!!! I think that sharing more was great!!Being new and wanting to get to know who the people are on this site.I enjoyed reading your whole reply:) ,Thank you!!! God bless!!!!
  3. Hi Khodge, Thanks for taking the time to share!I as well hope that we can all respect others choices to attend the church they do!!It's not important about the church, but that the person has accepted Jesus as their peraonal Lord and Savior!!I hope that we all see that.When i wroth this question I never saw the chance of trouble!!And do not want trouble!!!I hope that every one will answer, because I want to know were every one is. I hope!!I hope!!I hope!!!But Thank you for bringing it to my attention:) !! God Bless!!
  4. Hi Kathryn, Thank you for writing, and sharing with me:). I agree with you we all need to be connected to the body of God!!!I have attended my church 17 years.My church see the big importance as a body to serve to help the body of God function.Being well taught and having the pastor's vision for the church.I and my hubby have served the body 8 years, in the youth department(Thursday nights).And also volunteer in our children's class once a month(Sunday).It's so rewarding and trying when you change the life of child or teenager,for me!!! And God rewards you for serving in the areas He has lead you to!!God is so good:) !!! God bless!!!
  5. Hi Theresa, Thank you for sharing with me:) !!! It's so great that no matter what church we all attend that we all love and serve the same mighty God!!It was neat to hear that you and your family have a church that you are deeply commited to.I have personaly attended my church for 17years,I grew up in my church(thank you God , mom and dad).I have been to a few others as a child but we always came back to my church. Not to boast to much!!!But I Love every thing about my church, if I had to pick one thing I would have to pick my churches pastor's.I know that all our pastors are true men and women of God, full of His knowledge ,wisdome.Over flowing in God's Love, peace, grace. I could go on ,and on, and on!!!I love and support the goals visions,dreams of my pastor's.My hubby and I met at this church, married, and serve in the youth ministry.So we are deeply commited to one church as you are:) . God Bless!!!!!
  6. I was wondering if you attend a church every week? Are you connected to one church every week? What type of church is it ? Thanks!!! God bless!!!
  7. What about a forum for those who join!! Like a new member forum were the new member can say Hi , and if they choose to they can tell us about themselves!!That way the old members see that there is someone new , we can learn something about them, and we can all say hi to the new member!! Just sugesting(((smile)))God Bless!!!
  8. I'm sorry but if I may !!!!!! I think your experiance is sad!!!!!That woman was not right!!! First of all she should have made sure that you were saved which is the most important thing! It is experances like that that turn people away from one of Gods greatest gifts.God does not force any thing on you and neather should any human in any position!!!Tongues is just the evidence of the infilling of the Holy Spirit.Having Tongues does not make you a better christian than one who does. The Holy Spirit was sent from Jesus as a hellper to His believers,When He left this earth .The Holy spirit is in you, but we being human need to see the tangeable evidence and when you speek in tongues it is just the evidence of the Spirit in you!!!((smile)) God bless !!!
  9. Hi Wonka2, I want to say that I fixed my question on("Do you speak tongues")? I think you answered it to what the Spirit led you too, thank you for sharing with me how you see the Holy Spirit((smile))!!God Bless !!! :)
  10. I'm new!!So I am sorry if this has been talked about before! Were do you stand on the subject of the Holy Spirit ? Do you think that it is for us today? Does your church flow in the Spirit ? Do you speak in tongues(the evidence of the baptism in or infilling of the Holy Spirit) ? If you don't why? I know that this can be a hary subject , but I am just wondering who thinks what,so I will know were some of you stand on the Holy Spirit! I have been on this site two days and not found this answer on my own. I am not looking to start a debate, or make people mad!! Just wondering!!!!!! God Bless , I cant wate to read your answers(smile)!!
  11. Wow Kristy !! I want to say what a testamony to the Lord!! Praise you father for the lives you have changed((smile)!!!!!! For me I was saved as a small child(4 OR 5 YEARS OLD).My parents settled into a church in Temecula CA, and we all accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior,and were filled with the Holy Spirit.I am now 24 and am still connected to the same church.I was a good girl till my sophmore year in high school , like most of you!!! I had a worldly relationship with a guy , I had goten him to come to church with me a few times!!But I got tired of trying to get him to love me , and tired of going to parties. Luckly I did not put up with this for to long .God opened my eyes to who I was and found the self confidence I had not known! I got rid of the boyfriend , but He kept prusuing when he no longer had me.So that was hard to let go after 2 years, but I held to God .The prayers of my mother were answered when I steped back onto the right track.Train your child in the way he/she should go and they will not depart from it.My senior year I steped into the track and began to run with God!!!Hurdles came in the form of my ex-boyfriend but I jumped over them! And I met the man of my prayers, He was all that I had ever asked God for as a child. He and his mom came to our church,and he played the guitar in our youth worship band.I knew from the first time I met him that he was who God had for me.We married 2 years later , and have been married 5 years.We still volunteer at our youth church, he still plays the guitar.God has been so good to me!!! Sorry for the extra info,I'm new and wanted to shair quickly!!! God bless!! I really enjoyed reading everyones answers(smile)!
  12. I know that this is an old thread but I want to put in my two cents (((smile)))!!!! I am 24,well almose 25. And my hubbie and I volunteer at out youth church.So we hear all the teenager stuff(smile).I personaly like Jars of clay,Sonic Flood, Seven day Jesus, Switchfoot, Earthsuit, And big favorite Piller, Elevate,Hillsong,Five iron frenzy,Mary Mary, The Family band.I could go on and on!!!! The majority of this music is more radical teenager music, or worship music.My hubby is an musician, so I also am exposed to a big range of music!!!!MY hubbies band is also our youth praise and worship band (ELEVATE)you can check them out on http://www.elevate.com .
  13. Hi, This is just an attack of the devil,it's oneof his lies. Dont give him the room to win! Thank God for your marriage and to give you two the peace , patience , grace , love, to walk through it all.Talk to each other and make an agreement together to walk through it all no matter what.You two made a commitment to God and stick to it!God will give you the grace!! If you cant talk to your hubby then just interceed for him and your marriage with God. You should interceed for him eather way! God Bless I will be PRAYING !
  14. Get in to your bible now and pull up scriptures on authority,peace, joy, faith. Because even though your stressing in the flesh (who would not!!!)It's our first reaction to naturally take things into our own hands and we forget God and how it's all in His Hands.Thank God starting now for the doctors ,that God will give them perfect wisdom in your sons surgery.Thank God now for the safety, protection of your son in his surgery,for a complication free surgery, for the quick and easy recovery that your son will have!!!!!!! Rejoice now because it is already done!!!!Stand in Faith!!!!!Give God thanks in your prayers!!You know that God is with you were ever you are and that no matter were you are that you can spend time in Him(prayer).And it is still spending time with Him(smile).Going to God in prayer you can cover all your needs ,you can ask Him for strenght,peace,patience,To keep you together even though you feel like you will fall apart!!Pray with your hubby , and dont forget each other.Ask God for the peace that you cant understand, for you and your family, including your little son . I hpoe this will encourage you, God Bless!!!
  15. Hope this helps........ Hi Laurie, I dont mean this to be mean , so PLEASE do not take it that way(smile)!! I am sure that you have herd the scripture(Life and death are in the power of the tongue).In other words your framing your world with the words that you speak.You know that with out faith it is impossible to please God! You know that fear is not of God!I can not immagine the fear you have because of the past.But you have to cast ALL your cares on the Lord.Do not continue to frame your new sons life with,things of the past.Put your trust in the Lord COMPLEATLY, and find peace in Him. God see you every moment and God has called your son to be a mighty servent for Him.Your sons life is not in your hands but in are mighty God's.So rejoice , be glad , Thank Him for your healthy son .Because your son is as good as already in your hands. As christians we have the authority, over the devil and all his twisted lies.The devil knows how to get to you Laurie and he will slip in were ever he can.When you feel those feelinge of defeat you need to imediately cast them down tell the devil he is a lier.Tell him that in Jesus name he has to leave, him and all his helpers,and the bible says that he has to go! And turn around and start praising God .Turn on some powerfull worship music and just give God praise that He is in controll thank God for what He has ALREADY DONE!!!!!Your son is already healthy!!!God has already done that before you consieved your son!!!!! Laurie I want to encourage you to get a hold of a book by Kenneth E. Haggen "The Belivers Authority". It will show you the authority we have been given over the devil.It will set your walk in gOd on fire, you will have the power and authority you need to walk in this life.Sorry for my spelling job!!! I hope that this sets you free and gives you more peace.Keep those prayers going , God hears them and answers them!!!! I will be praying as well(smile)!! God bless!!!

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