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  1. Malachi, what a wonderful name. I am from Ca. and am 23 have been married for almost 3 years. mommy to Graceen 4 mo. looks like we have a lot in common. if you would like to e-mail me I'd love to hear from you. I've been looking for a "friend" somone who is a young mommy like me, married and so on. none of my freinds have kids, let a lone married ya know. and i love this site because everyone here shares the best and most important commonality our love of the Lord. anyway. my email address is kcboysmom@thesmokinokie.com. I am going on a mini vacation for the weekend so if you do email me and I dont respond thats why. we get to go to the inlaws so they can see the baby. hope to talk to you soon. Take care and welcome
  2. hey there and welcome. I too am a new mommy, mine is 4 mo... aaahhh more shots!!! Dont worry about the way you feel, I feel it too somtimes. I went and got a job working in the nursury at the church one day a week so that gives me an excuse to get out of the house. I can go walk around the mall after go to luch or whatever. its great. anyway. hope you like it here
  3. Its a great thing to deliver. I HATED pregnancy, but I loved delivery. my daughter is now 3 1/2 mo, and I didn't come to know Christ until she was 4 wks old. So I'm new in all aspects. I live in San Jose so we are kinda close to each other. Anyway, welcome to the site I hope you enjoy all the wonderful friendly mothers here. God bless, Jonita
  4. my church My family and I go to Calvary chapel San jose, I absolutly love it. I'm kinda discouraged because it seems that I am the only young mom (I'm 23) of a baby (3mo) it seems like all the other moms have other older siblings along with thier babies. I dont feel I have much in common with these other moms. I am teaching the bible study on Tues morning while mommies are in thier bible studies to the 0-2/3 year olds. Calvary chapel is a non denominational. which I love. If anyone is from san jose I am desperatly trying to find other young moms with babies to posibly start up a play group. Anyway I love my church everyone is so friendly.
  5. its actually pronounce just how it looks Grace-een. it took us a long time to aggree on a name and I am so happy we chose this one.thanks so much
  6. I totally feel the same way. I have been continuously looking some sort of Christian play group that I can attend. so that my daughter can learn more and I'm not just sitting around doing nothing but watch her. If I can get into somthing where she can play with other babies and I can talk with other christian mommies that would be wonderful. There is somthing called the moms club which has age group play groups which is absolutly great but I am a new chirstian and I want to surround myself with moms who believe the same. if anyone has any ideas please let me know. God bless
  7. Hello all, My name is Jonita, I'm 23, I live in San Jose, CA. I have a 3mo old daughter named Graceen Rebekah. We go to Calvary chapel San Jose. and when we visit my inlaws we go to Calvary chapel Costa Mesa. I have just recently become a christian and am looking to surround myself and my daughter with the like. If anyone would like to email me I would be happy to hear from you. maybe start up a conversation. Thanks to all and God bless

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