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  1. I have a son his name is Stephen Wayne Prock, he has be having alot of problems these past 3 months, It started off with an ear infection and then got a head cold and it made his ear dumbs repture they have been puting him on all kind of different medications, we had to take him to the emergency room on halloween his temp 102.4 and he was very sick they had to put an IV in him, now he is on a nebulizer has been for about a month for breathing and asthma, My mom is a very christan lady and she called yesterday crying, she told me that I need to take my son to the ear doctor because something was telling her that something is really wrong with that baby. He is 7 months old and i am just really worried about him. I also have a Daughter her name is Taylor Rose Prock and she has recently has ear infection and now she is on a nebulizer also with asthma and she just turned 2 november 1, 2004 I am just really worried about my babys and I would die if something happend to them now, so will you please pray for my babys. Thanks Christi I am still young and dont know how to deal with stuff like this I just turned 21 october 8,2004, God Bless all of you, Christi

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