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  1. Christianmom, is this where I send the pm?

    1. christianmom
    2. abc



      OK Great.

      What's new with me.

      I am now a licensed Evangelist. It is interesting. Some of my responsibilities are  speaking every other month at my church, pastor's aide president, performing my brother's wedding, mentoring, resource for placement for homeless individuals and families, as well as maintenance and repairs for the church.

      My daughter attended Northwest University in Kirkland, Washington one year. She is now attending the local community college; we were not able to afford Northwest for 5 years. While attending college the first year she loss her dog, and two months later she loss her dad (cancer).

      The last two year we had a flood in the house and was living at the Hilton Homestead Suites and attending College. Exciting, I have a master’s in biblical foundation and my daughter is finishing up with a AA in Art. So, we are in our home now and just last month we were able to get back into our rooms and bathrooms. To God be the glory in all of it.

      I am taking a break from school and learning to play the cello. I am getting through the stay at home by playing the cello and practicing daily.

      Please pray for my sister in the process of healing from (cancer). My mother (90 years old and live alone) She is good and healthy.

      Through it all I have learn to trust God no matter what.

    3. christianmom


      It sounds like you are doing wonderful things! Glad to hear you are back in your home and things are getting better.

      That's awesome you are playing cello. "Music soothes the soul!" I played violin for several years. I still have it but don't play it. My husband and all 3 children play trumpet, and my daughter is engaged to a trumpet player. We are all here together during the stay at home quarantine. It can get rather loud here some afternoons and evenings, mainly just my husband and future son in law playing, but I wouldn't have it any other way! If we can't go to church on Easter Sunday and play, we plan to play from our deck, and hopefully some of the neighbors will enjoy it!

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