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  1. I happened to be on here by chance and saw your post Heathbar, and I think most of us have questions just the same at some point in our lives. I read a good book that helped answer and put these things into perspective called How Could a Loving God? by Ken Ham. I believe that God was right there with you, feeling the pain that you feel and felt. I don't think anyone wishes pain on anyone, especially children. Many of the greatest witnesses I have seen have gone through terrible times of hardship and suffering. Perhaps none of what I am saying is helpful to you so I am going to stop now, but I hope you will sit down with that book and your bible and maybe be able to move forward in this area.
  2. Seriously lol - the saints , closer to God or not - and I'm personally not sure that they are, are not going to hear their prayers, or answer them. They are dead. lol. Sorry, I hope that is not offensive but I just don't get it at all. Especially since the bible says not to pray to anyone else.
  3. DiamondRing - I remember nothing of school, and very little of college. And I was not and still am not very intellectual lol. I just read a lot and try to make sure I know my sources and all that. I will be re-learning everything with my children. I never knew the history either. Most homeschooling moms I know are learning right along with their children. Thankfully like heathbar mentioned the resources are vast now - with online classes, and dvd lessons, so when we get t oalgebra you better believe I won't be the one teaching my children that lol. I will get a program that will be better at it so that I don't have to worry that I personally cannot cover that topic. We also are part of a homeschool co-op where different parents volunteer different areas. I volunteer for things like preschool, music, theater, crafts.... I know one of the moms who runs a chem lab, and someone does SAT prep for the older kids - not my strong point! The early years are fairly easy but it does get more difficult from what I have witnessed. BUt the goal is to teach them to learn independently as well, so really they start teaching themselves with the resources we provide. Heck, you know if we wanted public schools would let you use their text books. But to me that would sort of defeat the purpose since some of what is in the texts are not true to our history, etc. The only way I feel at all able to homeschool is by God's grace and strength alone. Because daily I feel inadequate in some way for my children. Becky84- it's hard to me to understand how everyone having different gifts relates to how everyone uses different types of schooling. Your gifting is given to you by God. The type of schooling you use for your children is completely by choice, even with your circumstances. There is nothing wrong with that persay, but it is not something handed to you that you have no choice in.
  4. diamondring - there are christian groups - cults that claim to be christian people who picket that God hates fags, that is what heathbar and I referred to in our posts. I don't think heathbar or I were talking in reference to the signs from the advertisements we had talked about prior. I love your striaghtforward manner, and i seek out friends of such kind that I know are not afraid to tell me the truth - whether I am right or wrong in any situation. I don't see any blurry or gray lines in the bible and I like it when I can trust my friends to home me accountable to what the bible says. But I am also very aware that not everyone will respond or can handle the truth in the same fashion, and that is ok. I have multiple friends whom I have confronted on very specific and purposeful sin in their lives that they are already aware of because I know that I need to, and have done so in a loving fashion. But I have also said, I am not going to look at them poorly if they continue the sin and I am not going to hammer on it over and over again. This is very difficult for me because I know the hurt that can be caused by premarital sex, etc. And I know that our sin does not just effect us even if we don't know it, and others will maybe evcen be more hurt in certain situations. I like fire and brimstone, black and white preachers, and I think they have their place and are totally necessary and are good and purposeful for many people - but not everyone. John the Baptist is the perfect example of that in my opinion. On the other hand Jesus' teaching style seemed to be way more gentle. Both have their place. It is easy for me to love those who I see as good Christian people, and very hard for me to love the unsaved that sometimes frustrate me to bits, and the Christians who don't practice what they say they believe. And I know on whatever influence leve I have in their lives it is my job to shine light and bring truth to them whenever possible. When I talk about sin to my relatives who are homosexual I let them know about the scriptures that talk about no sin being greater than another, no one else being able to condemn and decide whether they will go to heaven or hell, that God is the only one who knows the hearts of men - there will be so-called christians who won't be in heaven. Because by our conversation they already know that sin leads to death etc. All sin. Most people know that there is more to this life than just you live, you suffer, then you die - even if they don't accept God. Most people know that there is some truth out there about good and evil, and right and wrong... Even if they have not accepted what that truth is. It was built in to every person. Anyone, christian, who says that they are without sin is deceived, and is not of God. I don't think I know anyone that would be in that category to my knowing. Oh, and I wanted to touch on what heathbar brought up about things like obesity. Or in other words gluttony or the such - sins that are often overlooked. I thought that was a great point, one that we should all ponder because let's pinpoint our own personal sin, whteher it be angry outbursts, adultery, lust, apathy, pride, gluttony, immorality, coarse jesting or filthy talk....... Whatever it be it will lead to death, even if we have eternal life in Christ. You may not see the death it causes, because it might be something on the inside like bitterness, or something in one of our children that hardens their hearts and leads them astray, or a physical illness..... This is a broken and fallen world and until Christ comes back these things are not going to go away. We continually invite them in, instead of continually leaning on and focusing on Jesus. Heathbar - as far as that reaction you got from your friend about converting to catholicism I am not that surprised. Catholic doctrine has a lot of manmade rules that are not biblical. However I know some great christians who are catholic and have no doubt of where they truly stand. Your friend is probably concerned about you praying to saints, or Mary, and being taught doctrine that is false. Which of course could be in any church but is more well known to us in the Catholic church. That being said, I am sure there was a more graceful way she could have broached the subject with you by what was posted.
  5. I am not disagreeing with you - I just know that some people reading might think that homeschooling is something new even though it is not.
  6. People with those signs make me sick too - can you imagine?! Imagine if someone held up a sign: God hates murderers/adulterers/atheists or any of things you can think of? And the way they get off is getting the media's attention when they picket like that, it's disgusting and make the rest of us look bad. My husbands family and mine are both unsaved - and within that we have are around a homosexual couple at almost every family gathering. They are aware that we think it is wrong, but it is not something we really discuss at all. Is my current sin or previous sin better than theirs that I can call theirs out in hate? Absolutely not. Should their choices change the way marraige is defined - one man and one woman? I don't think God would say yes to that either. I personally was not brought up even close to christian and I was exposed to quite a few people who were professed to be homosexual, and others who weren't and then were, and then were bi-sexual. All that was in high school. And I was told by many of them that I was homosexual as well..... I've also see n many of our friends in that school become confused and not sure whether they were or not because of the exposure and because of what others say.... In recent months the APA (American Psychological Association has stated that homosexuality, and any other sexuality for that matter cannot be pinned to genetics. All that being said (which probably didn't even need to be said lol) we need to find a way to love everyone who is around us, regardless of the sin that is in their lives, and yet still hold firm to the truth of God's word.
  7. When used correctly and consistently, the NuvaRing is 98-99.9% effective - so that means you can still ovulate and not know it. Certain hormones as mentioned are to stop the ovulation from occuring but nothing is 100% effective (besides God - he eve novercame abstinence lol) The other types of hormones change the consitency of your uterus so you can still ovulate but implantation would not be able to occur because of the condition of your uterus.
  8. "Incidentally, home schooling was widespread in the United States until the 1870s, when compulsory school attendance laws and the development of professional educators created the institutionalized form of education we think of today as “school.” Among the historical figures who were home-schooled: Presidents George Washington, John Quincy Adams, Abraham Lincoln, and Franklin Roosevelt, plus Thomas Edison, General Robert E. Lee, Booker T. Washington, and Mark Twain."
  9. perhaps - but homeschooling also isn't what it was hundreds of years ago. In the grand scheme of things homeschooling is not new. Public school would be considered the newbie. http://www.hsc.org/prohistory.html http://parenting4dummies.com/home-schooling/a-brief-history-of-homeschooling.html
  10. abc, another note on the Barna Group. I wish I owned the book so I could reference it but it was borrowed from a pastor's wife, and also with the recommendation of my own pastor and his wife who are very bible based in everything they say and do. Anyhow, I emailed the barna group and got a personal response back "everyone who works at The Barna Group is a Christian. We pray corporately at our staff meetings on Monday morning. The Lord is in our daily language. Personally, much of my daily work is talking to pastors all over the country. " If you are wondering how they define christian that can be found among their many research projects because in order to get accurate data they get very specific with how it is defined.
  11. I lack the patience too heathbr lol. Tested daily, hopefully growing in that area. I'm sorry to hear about your own personal experience, that's a shame, and it makes you wonder, because it seems to me that someone would notice if a student was really struggling, in any situation. When I was pregnant with our oldest daughter I was already reading about homeschooling and seeing as I was very career minded and really never knew that homeschooling existed I know that the idea did not come from me. I have been blessed with a small group of insightful homeschooling families that I am very greatly for because without the support I probably would be more overwhelmed than need be.
  12. I actually have followed George Barna's research for a few years now and it is all solid as far as I can see, I started following the studies and researching them after IRead one of his books Transforming children into Spiritual Champions. I think it would be faulty to say that only writers in the 1800 or early 1900 hundreds have any validity outside of the bible. That would be like saying the only music that really matters in regards to Christianity are the old hymns (which I do not believe should buried at all because they are extremely important even today). My first point in creating this thread is for those who are not aware of what their worldview is in the first place. Once we are aware of what our worldview is we can start refiltering if need be through the word of God.
  13. Dimaondring I hear what you are saying and that is sad - I have experienced small groups of people that get defensive around people who make different choices then themselves in these areas but I have not experienced any such division in our church. If anything it our congregation is probably a little too diplomatic for my liking But that being said it is very clear that in our church we all love each other and value each other as family etc. so I think at times people say nothing just to keep the peace, which is not all bad depending on what the issue is. And as you mentioned before, these aren't exactly moral issues. I know for sure in our school district it has become less and less open to parents coming in, and certainly you are not "allowed" to drop in.
  14. Thank you ladies - I wonder if perhaps it is extremely different since I live in New York State, an extremely liberal state that is pushing many things on our children that perhaps is not happening in your state. As I have stated before I am truly not trying to condemn anyone's choices, and no matter where you go - homeschool, private, public - there are non-believers in every venue. No matter where our children go, we and they are called to be salt and light - set apart, distinct from the rest of the world. And please do not think for a minute that I think that is totally not possible and that no child will turn out ok if they are sent to public school - I know of children who are flourishing in college as christians who attended public school, private school, and homeschooled. I know that God can do anything. But I also know, given the options that I have where I am, homeschooling is our only real option. And given the limited access parents our given to our public schools in my area - if I had to go back to work I would make sure I made enough to send my children to a decent private school in the area. Anyhow, Diamondring, I totally agree - I personally just wanted to present the statistical info and the scriptures on this topic - so I will leave it at that because I wasn't truly aiming for dissension!
  15. abc, I just re-read the article and Jesus is mentioned several times, as well as plenty of scripture references. Additionally, I don't think I have ever disagreed with your scripture postings, and not in this thread as well. It seems as though there might be confusion simply over semantics.
  16. Yikes, I didn't know that - I have the ads blocked so I don't even see them!
  17. Ok, first benefit from the list i just looked at was that the children learn social skills. Someone mentioned earlier in the thread that children learn much of their social skills from their parents and this is mostly true. When we send our children to school though they often become more peer oriented and directed, especially as they get older. I personally want my children to be closer to their family than their peers. When was the last time you were in a room full of people the exact same age as you? For me it was public school. The classroom is not reflective of what you will experience when you get out in the "real world." My 5 year old did not need to be around other 5 year olds to know how to act like a 5 year old! I have some home-schooling friends, but I have more friends that have sent their children to public school, and all the accounts I have are that when their child came home from the first day of school they had to undo behavior and attitude that was learned by peers in the classroom. This paper fully addresses the issue - and I like it because it is unbiased - I can tell that it was not written by anyone advocating for homeschooling. http://murphylibrary.uwlax.edu/digital/jur/2002/koehler-langness-pietig-stoffel-wyttenbach.pdf
  18. Since we are all moms on this forum I thought it would be neat to do a study on what the bible says about children. I have been reading a great book called "Be Fruitful & Multiply" by Nancy Campbell, I would recommend to anyone. Here are some keywords we can look up - please feel free to share what you find and if you have other word suggestions that is great too Children/Child Little ones Baby Generations Seed Womb Offspring Descendants
  19. In short, a worldview is the filtering through which we interpret the world around us. Having a biblical worldview is like abc referenced - thinking like God. For us that means we use the bible to guide our lives, alongside our personal relationship with God. Every issue that comes up, every decisions we make, our task is to see what the bible says about it and obey. It's certainly a tall order as heathbar has already pointed out in her posts, since man's worldview really has very little to do with God. In this world we are certainly going against the grain and often can be seen as "radical." I came across a decent article http://allanturner.com/article06.html the secular humanist worldview is called the modernist in this article but it is the same.
  20. I actually thought I had already answered this much earlier in the thread. I have 3 children, ages 5, 3, and 1 and I often get interrupted while I am on the computer. I try to post early in the morning or at naptime but I still have limited time and sometimes (more often then not) don't get to post everything I planned on when I get on. Anyone is welcome to answer a question (if it is not a question that only I could answer) so it would have been perfectly fine for you to post what you found as a response as well. That is part of the purpose of a discussion forum. So while you believe that I am ignoring something, I am not. I spend very little time on the computer in my day so I may not live up to your standards in speedy answers and covering everything in a flash - I haven't even turned on the computer since friday. Sorry for the delay. You'll also notice that if I post a lot in one thread the other one will be slower....
  21. A Worldview Is Taught As Well As Caught Referring to the multi-year research project that formed the foundation of his recent book on the subject of worldview development (Think Like Jesus), Barna suggested that people do not get a biblical worldview simply by regularly attending church. "A biblical worldview must be both taught and caught - that is, it has to be explained and modeled. Clearly, there are huge segments of the Christian body that are missing the benefit of such a comprehensive and consistent expression of biblical truth. “The research also points out that even in churches where the pastor has a biblical worldview," he continued, "most of the congregants do not. More than six out of every seven congregants in the typical church do not share the biblical worldview of their pastor even when he or she has one. This intimates that merely preaching good sermons and offering helpful programs does not enable most believers to develop a practical and scriptural theological base to shape their life. Our research among people who have a biblical worldview shows that it is a long-term process that requires a lot of purposeful activity: teaching, prayer, conversation, accountability, and so forth. Based on our correlations of worldview and moral behavior, we can confidently argue that if the 51% of pastors who have a biblical worldview were to strategically and relentlessly assist their congregants in adopting such a way of interpreting and responding to life, the impact on our churches, families and society at-large would be enormous."
  22. Amen abc! The first most basic part of that is that there is only one God, Yahweh, which we are redeemed to through His only begotten son, Jesus or Yahshua. I can post scripture but I thought it would be more enjoyable if everyone posted a scripture of their choosing that brings this to light. __________________________________________________ I thought this was an interesting Q&A from George Barna's research website: Question: You list two tribes under the “Christian” umbrella. What are the primary differences between the Casual and Captive tribes? Barna: The lives of Captive Christians are defined by their faith; their worldview is built around their core spiritual beliefs and resultant values. Casual Christians are defined by the desire to please God, family, and other people while extracting as much enjoyment and comfort from the world as possible. The big difference between these two tribes is how they define a successful life. For Captives, success is obedience to God, as demonstrated by consistently serving Christ and carrying out His commands and principles. For Casuals, success is balancing everything just right so that they are able to maximize their opportunities and joys in life without undermining their perceived relationship with God and others. Stated differently, Casuals are about moderation in all things while Captives are about extreme devotion to their God regardless of the worldly consequences.
  23. If you could I would recommend talking to a a Doula (birth coach) because they usually have a lot of experience with women who have or attempt vbacs and they are very supportive. Even if you don't hire one, simply talking with one might help you determine what you want to do.
  24. Triads Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs...or Whatever Chuck Colson May 22, 2009 Earlier this month, Maine became the fifth state—and the fourth in New England—to legalize same-sex “marriage.” Five thousand miles away in Hawaii, Sasha and Janet Lessin are hoping to build on New England’s example. If they are successful, no one can seriously claim to be surprised. Writer Abby Ellin described how the Lessins gathered with friends and held what was dubbed a “commitment ceremony.” The “commitment” being celebrated wasn’t a renewal of their marriage vows—it was the incorporation of a third party, “Shivaya,” into their so-called “triad.” That’s the word the Lessins and other advocates of “polyamory” call a relationship between three people. Unlike bigamy and polygamy, in which one man has multiple wives, in a “triad,” each party is a “spouse” to each of the other parties. In the Lessins’ case, “Shivaya” is both Sasha’s and Janet’s “husband” and vice-versa. Or whatever. In a saner, more sensible time, antics like those of the Lessins would be shocking. But in case you haven’t noticed, we are not living in sensible times. The acceptance of same-sex “marriage” has been made possible by a profound shift in our understanding of marriage. We no longer see marriage as an institution defined by someone and something other than the couple, like tradition, religion and even biology. Instead, marriage is the product of the couple’s understanding of their relationship. It’s the product of certain feelings and willingness to make a public commitment to another person. If these are present, the reasoning goes, denying people the right to marry because they “happen” to be of the same sex is arbitrary and unjust. The problem, as the Lessins and others have noted, is that, given this reasoning, denying them the right to marry of the basis of the number of partners is also arbitrary and unjust. The only difference between them and similarly-situated same-sex couples is Americans’ discomfort with the idea. And as courts never fail to tell us, one man’s discomfort is another man’s irrational prejudice. Besides, in a culture like ours, attitudes can change quickly. If I had told you in 1984 that, by 2009, same-sex “marriage” would be legal, would you have believed me? That’s why advocates of polyamory emphasize their “commitment” to the other members of the “triads.” The more comfortable people become with these kinds of arrangements, the closer people like the Lessins come to their stated goal: that is, in their words, being able to “walk down the street hand in hand in hand in hand” and also enjoying “all those survivor and visitation rights and tax breaks and everything like that . . .” Of course, many advocates of same-sex “marriage” insist that this can’t happen. But if feelings and commitment define a marriage, what’s to stop “triads” from being the “next frontier of nuptials?” Certainly not logical consistency. As Sasha, Janet, and Shivaya remind us, the reasoning that made same-sex “marriage” possible goes hand in hand in hand with all sorts of arrangements.

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