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  1. I realize this is an old thread but since I just read it it's new to me. I've given birth to 10 full term babies and have never had an epidural. I just figured that if babies have been born throughout the ages then we must be able to this without medical intervention. I would have had them all at home but hubby was not willing. I was ussually able to push the baby out in two to three pushes. My babies weighed between 9lbs 2oz and twins were 7lbs 6oz & 5lbs 4oz. The size did not seem to have much to do with the labor for me. I also gave birth to Nathan who was stillborn but he was still beautiful and he weighed 7lbs 9oz. LOL Dottie
  2. Hi Tara Welcome. I'm new here too and I homeschool my kids also. I've been married 30 years in June and we've had 10 children 8 are still living and 6 are still at home. My husband is an art teacher. I've been reading the Bible through this year using my New Living translation and am finding it quite interesting and only a few places where it seems a little off. I'd advise anyone who wants to get closer to the Lord to read and pray his Word. Beth Moore wrote this book called Praying God's Word and it is a GREAT BOOK. I read this book after losing my 20 year old son in Nov 2001. I am feeling so depressed lately because my son, Jeromy, who died would be turning 24 on Mar 26 and his twin Stephen is coming home but Jeromy won't be joining us. Dottie
  3. Welcome Michelle Sounds like a really lively church. Our church is beginning some of the small group stuff and newcomers welcoming committees and the like. I had a son named Nathan in 1994. My daughter-in-law's name is Danielle she is married to my soon to be 24year old son Stephen. Dottie
  4. I've been doing a lot of thinking on this recently since I too am a first generation Christian and I've come to think that life is just hard in different ways for us. I've been a believer for 23 years this May and my mom and brothers gave me a hard time at first and still call me a fanatic every so often but they have come to church, my mom even belongs to Sunday School class but she still refuses to sit through church. My children on the other hand are second generation christians and they struggle with having their own faith and not depending on their parents faith since God has no grandchildren and we all have to come to Jesus the same way through faith. My older children have all gone away from church and made bad decisions and are now reaping what they have sown. My three older sons all have children with unbelievers and one son died and we hardly ever see his daughter and the other has lost his parental rights because he is bi-polar and an alcholic and we seldom see his son and then my third son married a girl into (wicca) some sort of witch cult. It seems like they're marriage is over. Back to the subject of first generation christians, it is I believe a little harder for us to get into consistently reading our Bibles and praying and discipling our children in the Lord. Since many of us will not have others like parents or relatives praying for us it will be a battle fought and won in the spiritual realm on our own behalf. That is why God says He is the Father to the fatherless. We only have to remember that we are truely powerless without Jesus and we need to be on our own knees more than others. We need only completely surrender to Our Lord and trust Him completely in case you haven't noticed I am preaching to myself I am like the the father who says "I believe" " Jesus Help me with my unbelief."
  5. I learned to read very late 11 years old. All my children were also late readers and yet they have all learned to read. It is hard because most people believe that intelligience is the ability to regurgitate information that they have read. Which is the basis for so much of what goes on in school which is one reason I opted to homeschool. Dottie
  6. I prefer the switch and it is quite effective. A few swats with a switch is easy on the hand and safe for the child. The expert on this is Mike and Debi Pearl they have a site called Nogreaterjoy.com and they have written some great articles on child training. Dottie
  7. We have been homeschooling off and on since 1985. I started when my oldest son was in the third grade and the teacher informed me that she didn't have time to teach him to read so I thought well I have time but I wasn't too sure I had the ability but after teaching 9 children to read, write and figure I guess I have the ability. Actually I'm still in the process of teaching my 7 year old daughter to read but she is coming along. Curriculum is so unimportant it is more the one on one attention and time spent with your children that is really the important thing. To relax and be a joyful mother are much more important than homeschooling curriculum and I have a shed full of curriculum. Dottie
  8. Hello I'm new too, I too am married to my highschool sweetheart and we will celebrate our 30th anniversary this year. I'm an older mom soon to be 48 and I'm homeschooling my 2nd set of children. My older three are adults Jason 27, Jeromy & Stephen were twins and Stephen is 23 and his twin died at 20 years old. I now have Michael 16, Matthew 15, Ben 13, David 12, Nathan(Stillborn), Emily 9 and Sarah is 7 soon to be 8. I'm interested in alternative health care since I cannot afford insurance I just have to stay healthy. I use to be on the hallelujah diet and felt so much better and had lost all my excess weight but when my son died 3 years ago my life left me for a while and I couldn't even think straight for quite some time. I'm going to try the hallelujah diet once again since it worked before but I need lots of courage since this diet is against everything we know and understand about diet. My children are doing their multiplication rap and it is very hard for me to think and write so I need to go now LOL Dottie

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