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  1. Heya We all know that spanking is a hotly debated subject and i dont intend to shed another debate on whether it is permissible as a good method of punishment because I firmly believe that IT IS!!! Just 2 nights ago at a frinds house, with around 9 others mothers there, spanking came up and when some described taking down their kids pants to spank, 1 mother said that it was sexual abuse! I prefer to actually be able to see the child's bottom when you are spanking it ie to be able to see when the butt has gone pink = enough spanking (if I spanked over lothes, sometimes I might go overboard!) I dont think the other mommys there agreed with it being abuse, though what they described as spanking was a few swats on the clothes with paddle, spoon, brush or hand. When I was little I was spanked with 'implements' on my seat (clothed) and I hated it. I didnt want to spank with an implement, but wanted the spankings to be equally firm, so I decided to use my hand on my childrens bare bottom. With dd or ds, I warn them and if the warning is not taken on board, then i explain why I am about to spank them, take down their underwear, prop them over my knee and then its 5 spanks to their bums with my 'bare hand.' Is spanking on the bare OK if done in private? Have others spanked on the bare bottom and how many swats? thanks please reply lizzy

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