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    I am an Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant and I also sell costume jewelry.I havebeen married for 10 years. I have 3 girls, ages 8, 4, and 14 months. I am also raising my 16 year old sister.


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  1. That was great Jennielynn....To the point and very accurate..
  2. Thank you ABC.... Nettie...I feel that God is going to do something absolutely incredible in this situation. Keep at the forefront of your mind that "by His stripes ye WERE healed"...notice that is past tense...its already done. You may ask "Then why do I have cancer?" To which I would answer this way...your salvation has been waiting for you since the day Jesus said "IT is finished"...but that is not the day you got saved. You had to accept it. I plead with you to allow the elders to annoint and pray for you...that is obedience to the Word...then, much in the same way you recieved salvation...tell Jesus that you know that by His stripes you were healed, and that you accept that healing for your body. Thank Him for it daily..as we (some of your sisters here on the board) have already begun doing. Remember...everything you see around you began in the spirit realm....its at this time in your life that you must act like your Daddy...Just like God looked at darkness and said "Light be!", you`ve got get your chest out, square your shoulders back and declare that by His blood you have been set free!!! I love you and we are praying for you. I hope this encourages you in this fight..and know that you are not alone. ABC,myself, and the other ladies here are praying prayers of faith and restoration over you and your family. God bless you Nettie.
  3. She`s already a believer, which was said in her post. Nettie, welcome to the site. The first thing I want to say is what an awesome display of courage,strength, and trust in God and His will. I would like to rephrase something that you wrote...you are only incurable as far as mans abilities goes...with God, there is no boundaries. I would suggest to do as the Scriptures has laid out for us...find some elders of the Church that are full of faith..not doubt and unbelief...and let them annoint you with oil and pray the prayer of faith over you. Let nobody who doubts God`s ability to restore and heal come near you. I was diagnosed with full blown TB....I wont get into the details, but it was horrible...BUT God restored and completely healed me. The second thing I want to say is that sickness is in the world as a result of the fall of man...Christ sacrifice brought restoration to a cursed earth...my point is that, in my humble opinion, I wouldnt tell the kids that God is calling mommy home, for I feel that God`s desire is for you to raise those kids...to tell them that, I feel, would cause some animosity toward God nomatter how you put it. If you feel you must explain it to them, then I would explain how Adam sinned and as a result,sickness came into the earth....and then I would go from there, careful not to lay any blame of your sickness or the end result of it on God. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. God bless...and if you would like, my email addy is jnkersey@bellsouth.net...feel free to email anytime...
  4. Hello all...this is Nicole`s Husband and I apologize to get in the middle of this wonderful discussion. I agree that the Word should be our standard in learning. I also believe, as many of you have said, that the Fruit and the Gifts go hand in hand. I DONT believe that one person has a gift...as in " I have the gift of prophesy" and so on. I believe the Gifts are given as the Spirit wills..and it is dependent upon the needs are of those you are ministering to, because the Gifts are never for us..we are to be vessels so that the Gift can minister and help others. For instance, if I say that I have the gift of tongues, and there is someone in front of me dying of cancer, wouldnt the appropriate gift needed be the gift of healing? I believe that to be what the Scriptures means when it says "as the Spirit wills". Also, I believe in more than one kind of tongues for the believer...there is the Gift of Tongues which not all believers will have access to, then there is the prayer language that Paul tells us to pray in..and its also a sign of a believer according to Christs words as he ascended into the heavens. My purpose is not to pick or prod...it is simply to add to the discussion. I hope you ladies didnt mind. Blessings on you all. Rev. Jeff
  5. I dont have time to post right now, but I will later! I at least wanted to respond, because it bugs me when I post something and people view it but noone ever responds!!! Will write more later!!
  6. Rhonda

    Safety Tips

    Thanks for the info. ABC. My sister (17) has migranes and I have been doing some study for her on them. I knew I had them too, but just have not gone to the dr about them. I was shocked to find out alot of different foods cause them too. My sister can drink a gatorade and immediately get a migrane and she could drink 6 glasses of milk a day, bc she loves it so much, but had to stop drinking it bc it caused migranes too. Now she drinks milk every now and then, but no gatorades at all. You can do a search on migranes and find out alot of info. She was also diagnosed with vascular sincape. Which causes her to have dizzy spells, black out, and headaches. Her migrane medicine actually helps with this. There is alot of info. about this as well, on the http://www.webmd.com website. There is a lot of info on everything there. God Bless!!!
  7. Hay ladies! I have a question for any one who has a dog. I have always had dogs in my life.....But now I have gotten a 4 yr.old pomeranium this past weekend from my sister. He has terrible breath!! It will just knock you out. He goes to the vet for his yearly shots in March, and I was going to talk with the vet then, but this is just terrible. He has always seen a vet by my sister and he has always had this problem. Any ideas on what to do. Is there some toothpaste for dogs? Any advice would be great!!! Rhonda
  8. Rhonda

    Safety Tips

    Well, I will share with you what happened to me when I went to the dr. last week. I went in b/c of my migrane headaches, and sinuses. I have skoliosis so my neck causes alot of my headaches as well. I have not been to a dr. on this issue in about 7 years. I had gotten to the point that the only thing that stopped my headaches was goody powders. I have thought that maybe I was addicted to them, like some one on a prescription drug, but since they are just headache powders I quickly put that out of my mind. Well.....long story short. My dr. told me more people die of goody powders than gun shot wonds. You just do not ever hear about them. He said I would be better off smoking pot, or cocaine than doing them!!!!! I was averaging about 4-6 a day. Well, I went through withdrawls from stopping them cold turkey. I had to wean myself off of them(which I am still doing) So my advice is this, if this if your problem too please see a dr. and find out what you can take to help whatever pain you have to get off the goodies, that is what my dr. did for me. Have a blessed day!!!
  9. I`m not trying to be rude..but I`m trying to figure out how you misunderstood my post. I never said to condemn anyone...I agree that any time we witness to someone it should be out of love. You asked if there are levels of sin...I believe there are. The Scriptures plainly tells us that sexual sin is the only sin that defiles and brings judgement on the body. My point was and still is that as believers, we have a responsibility and obligation to tell them its sin and the consequence of that sin is eternity in hell. Cant that be done in love? Sure it can! If your child who is of age, comes riding with friends in front of your house on the roof of the car ("car surfing" I believe its called)...I dont think you would walk up to him with a smile on your face and say "Now look little Johnny, this isnt a good thing you are doing. You can hurt yourself". NO! I think that because you love him you`re going to snatch his butt off the top of that car and break a limb and make sure he understands the consequences of doing that again. When Jesus turned tables over in the temple, did he do it out of love? Of course he did. Look, I`m not saying to come at them in anger. But their practices are detestable in the eyes of the Lord and once they are told the Scriptures and the end result of their sins, if they dont repent, then I follow the Scriptures and dont associate with them anymore. So in the end, I think we are on the same page. It just appears that your definition of love is all smiles and passive...mine isnt. God bless you and yours.
  10. To use a Scripture that you used..."Father forgive them for they know not what they do"...the end of that is important when looking at this situation. They say they know Christ. They KNOW what they are doing is wrong and damnable. You brought up some wonderful Scriptures on love. What is love? The Bible tells us that God is love. And yes, grace and mercy are 2 wonderful attributes of God or love...but 2 other attributes that arent talked about as much is judgement and wrath. The reason is because mercy and grace has been wrongly interpreted as accepting, "try to do better", and sometimes overlooking. You`re right...Jesus` sacrifice does offer us grace above the law...but not above righteous judgement...the judgement of God. According to 2 Corinthians, we are called into the ministry of reconciliation. That is not an option. To allow these homosexuals to continue in their sin without warning them of pending judgement upon their deaths if they dont repent is to fall short as a soldier of the Cross. Jesus called a brood of vipers a brood of vipers...he didnt mince his words at all....it didnt mean he didnt love them...quite the contrary. He loved them enough to lay it all out to them and let them choose. You also used Mary being brought to Jesus after being caught in adultery as an example...She was fixing to be judged according to the law and she knew what the verdict was. She believed in Jesus and was told to go and sin no more....she was given the grace and mercy that each of us have the opportunity to recieve. She didnt go out and repeat her sin...instead, she was extremely loyal to the One who forgave her. My point is this...grace and mercy has been preached so much that aunt Grace has married Uncle Sin and produced death in the Body of Christ. We have to preach judgement and wrath also. My Bible says that Jesus is coming for a church without spot or wrinkle. Those homosexuals need to know that hell is waiting on them without repentance. I`m not offended by your post....I thank you for your response and God bless you.
  11. There are also some other things you can do that will cut your cost. Most of your tech schools have photography. You could go to your local school and find a kid that is about to graduate and have them take pictures at your wedding. He could do this for the actually practice and could use your pics for his portfolio he needs to build. You could also do this with invitations and the decorating. Just find some one who needs the experience and the reference. Best wishes!!! Rhonda
  12. I guess you can say I am new as well. I joined a year ago, but have never posted anything. I have not even been on this site in over 10 months. I had a birthday in January, and guess who sent me Birthday wishes? Christian moms!!! It was a nice email to wake up to. I am 31, celebrating my 10 year wedding anniversary in MArch, 3 kids, 8,4,1 and raising my teenage sister. I welcome any emails, I am no msn and would love to chat with you ladies more. Welcome Audreysmom!!!!
  13. I totally disagree that a person can be a homosexual and make it to heaven. If you read the entire chapter or Romans 1 it will tell you this. Artmommy29 I believe that since you are her friend, it is your responsibility to give her these scriptures. Now, if she still chooses to believe this way then you have done your job. She needs wisdom on this subject. She is either too lazy to go to the scriptures herself, or she just wants to believe that God allows everyone in heaven. She needs to be given the truth. She cannot effectively witness withouth knowledge. If God has truly called her to the place she lives, then wouldnt it be wise to think that these people she is friends with need her wisdom. They need salvation, and she may be the only key for them. You should encourage her to study the Word, not her opinion. I know alot of good people, but if they are not born again, they will go to hell. It is real, and we should not be ashamed to tell them. Encourage her to look at the site given to you above. http://www.wayofthemaster.com I will be praying for you to have strength to confront this issue. The Bible tells us to always be ready to share our faith and know why we believe what we do. Share the Word with her, if she loves Jesus she will welcome the truth. The lives of these friends of hers could be on her hands. God puts us in peoples lives to make a difference. Noone else may ever be able to get as close to them as she has. "How should I witness to a homosexual?" Rather than offend homosexuals by directly confronting the issue of their sinful lifestyle, modern evangelism often tries to soften the approach by saying that "God hates the sin, but loves the sinner." This isn’t a new concept. Charles Finney stated, "God is not angry merely against the sin abstracted from the sinner, but against the sinner himself. Some persons have labored hard to set up this ridiculous and absurd abstraction, and would fain make it appear that God is angry at sin, yet not at the sinner. He hates the theft, but loves the thief. He abhors adultery, but is pleased with the adulterer. Now this is supreme nonsense. The sin has no moral character apart from the sinner. The act is nothing apart from the actor. The very thing that God hates and disapproves is not the mere event—the thing done in distinction from the doer; but it is the doer himself. It grieves and displeases Him that a rational moral agent, under His government, should array himself against his own God and Father, against all that is right and just in the universe. This is the thing that offends God. The sinner himself is the direct and the only object of his anger." So the Bible shows. God is angry with the wicked [Psalm 7:11], not with the abstract sin. If the wicked turn not, God will whet His sword—He has bent His bow and made it ready—not to shoot at the sin, but the sinner—the wicked man who has done the abominable thing. This is the only doctrine of either the Bible or of common sense on this subject" (The Guilt of Sin). The biblical way to witness to a homosexual is not to argue with him about his lifestyle but to use the Law to bring the knowledge of sin. This will show him that he is guilty of breaking God’s holy Law, and he is damned not because of, but despite his sexual preference. The Law was made for homosexuals, as well as other lawbreakers. See Psalm 5:5 and 2 Peter 2:6–8 footnotes
  14. I was wondering if anyone here knew anything about Bishop Ashe. I love his teaching and he has been to our church on several occasions. When I was looking for his preaching schedule today I saw that no one has seen him in a while. I read that he may have had a stroke. I pray that has not happened, but was just wondering if anyone here may know anything other than that.

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