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  1. We also home school. We have a 8 year old boy and a 6 year old girl. She is not reading yet and my Husband is conserned. Do any of you seasoned moms think that this should be something to be worried about? She is doing first grade math and I wonder if we should slow down with that and focus on reading... Any helpful hints would be appreciated! katies3bugs
  2. Hello. I am also new to this. And think it' great. I love the idea that moms can get togather and get incouragement . I am a sahm to 3 kids and we homeschool. I also have a home based job over the internet that is fun and helps bring in extra money. If any of you moms are interested you can look at my website for more info. http://www.IBOPlus.com/CWatson123 or emal me at watson4665@msn.com I live in Lafayette, In and would be glad to recieve emails from any one in need of a penpal. katies3babes

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