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  1. My daughter has a friend - that everytime they spend anytime together - something mischievious happens. Today it was kissing under the porch. I know they say this is normal - but I really don't like it at all and don't want her to EVER do it again. My 9 year old daughter was informed by her that the middle finger meant you love Jesus. How do I get my message across without driving her away from me and without possibly having the opposite effect. Unfortunately their family and ours have bonds that just can't and won't be broken. So I can ground her from playing for a while, but their are always celebration going on between our side and theirs that they will be together often. They go to the same private school, which I work at. I am with both of them all day. Her childhood was really sad. No abuse or anything, just lots of Mommy Daddy problems. She is 2 years older than my daughter, so my daughter looks up to her in a way. Does anyone have any ideas or websites or books that they can suggest. I am very interested in biblical solutions, but yet I do not oppose reading a secular view on it. Thank you all for your time!

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