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  1. Hi everyone There are three teachers at my son's school that help children in and out of their vehicles everyday in the school's car line....two teachers at drop off and one teacher at pick up....these ladies stand out there everyday...rain....snow....sleet...shine....they are always there...they are always nice...and they are always smiling...very devoted...anyway, I would like to do something nice for them...anyone have any suggestions? ... thanks
  2. I did the counting points program...I think they have something different now...worked for me...stick to it!!...GOOD LUCK!...
  3. I have found that my children are a better witnesses to my in-laws(who were not raised as Christians)than my husband or I are. My husband is a new Christian and I think his family is just waiting for him to "be himself" again. I tried to tell them that he will never be himself again because Jesus is in his heart now but they just roll their eyes. But, my children are quick to tell them what's up...My oldest son(6) wanted to go to their house to see the new puppy but my mom in law told him that she was just too tired from working to have company...that she wanted to nap...and he said "You know what you need to do?...You just need to take it to Jesus!...He will give you rest."...I just thanked God then and there for that blessing...my little preacher man! And my youngest(3) tells everyone who will stand still long enough that "Jesus loves them"...I am so blessed
  4. Dear Heavenly Father I just lift jend up to you now and I pray that You will give her comfort and peace from her fears. I pray that she will be able to turn the safety of her children over to You and to be able to trust You for their protection. Help her Lord to feel secure in Your love and to know You are ever watchful of her children. Help her husband to understand her fears and to be a comfort for her instead of angry. Father, whether there is a different home there for them or not, I pray that Your guidance would be upon them. Thank you Father for Your love and mercy....in Jesus' name I pray. AMEN
  5. Just wanted to say hello to everyone...I am a stay at home mom with two children of my own and two children that I babysit...needed some grown up time so I thought I would make some "Chat Friends"...boy, you really have to be careful on some other sites...even some that say they are Christian...But, I have been reading some of the threads here and so far so good ...anyway, HELLO!

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