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  1. Reply to Loving Tucker My husband claims he's a christian, but thinks i'm getting carried away in my beliefs.We stayed home from church today because he wanted to bring my daughters swimming. I'm so scared, i feel like i'm choosing between my husband &god. Thanks so much for the reply Loving Tucker
  2. I've been married 5 years. From the begining my husband would make comments on how i could better myself. The same things i did wrong 5 years ago i still do wrong. I feel i have made a good effort in trying to change bad habits, running the water too much, taking to hot of a shower, using the dryer to much,not cleaning up after supper soon enough, on and on and. The weird thing is that i thouhgt i was wasteful and everthing was my fault. I would tell him i was sorry and that i would work on it. There would always be something new i would be doing wrong. Until i become a christian and started realizing that marriage isn't suppose to be so hurtful. Thats it's suppose to more like friends. He keeps telling me he needs to be in charege of all things and i have to submit. I feel things aren't going to get better, i have been praying and have reached out for help. We will be starting couseling with our pastor, but I'm worried that my husband won't be honest. I'm so sad that our marriage has come to this. If i didn't have god with me, i would lose my mind. Please Pray for me,i want to move past this difficult time in my life. We have three beautiful children.
  3. I was'nt brought up christian but, my mom always said god is watching you so be good. That didn't do the trick. I'm so glad that I accepted the lord. Although my husband was raised catholic i do have faith that god can work miracles. He says he's a born again believer but i can tell it's harder for him. Ihave three beautiful girls 2,4,&8. They love our church i pray that god continues to show them his wonderful grace.
  4. jend

    Bible time

    Itry to get in 15 min. or more a day. Unfortunately, my husband does,t agree he thinks god is for sunday morning. please pray for me.
  5. sorry rhonda i thought i had the main page.
  6. i want to sell my home. we live only 100 ft away from the river and i have three children. i am so scared that one will drownd. my husband is refusing and is really mad at me.
  7. new believer has a hard question i want to sell my home and my husband doesn't

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