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  1. Your husband may, in fact, be a Christian. However, getting "carried away" in your beliefs isn't possible if you are believing the Bible as your truth. God's Word tells us to "seek first the kingdom of God". In other words, put His Word first in everything. If that's what he calls "getting carried away", then by golly, get carried away! Have you explained this to him?
  2. Is your husband a Christian? It sounds like he is from what you said about him using the "submit to him" thing. I agree that it is good to submit to your husband, but the rest of the verse is, "as unto Lord". If your husband is not operating under Gods principles in all areas of his life, then I do not believe that a wife should submit until he is in line with the Word of God. Immediately after that verse the Bible tells the husband to "love his wife as Christ loves the church and gave Himself for it." That is an undescribable love that does not continuously look for petty things to complain about. If your husband is, in fact, a Christian, and if you haven't already, perhaps you could point this out to him. God wants you to be happy in all things. In addition, even though you are unhappy and looking for answers, the Bible also says that Gods will is to give thanks in everything. I'll be praying for you. God bless.
  3. Thank you, ladies, for your word of encouragement. It is really nice to be reminded that I am not the first mother to experience a wakeful baby all thru the night. Its tough when both my mom and my mother-in-law tell me how easy all of their children were and how they all slept through the night right away. (Then again, that was all over thirty years ago so they probably don't remember how it actually might have been!) Anyway, I do thank you all.
  4. She is 8 months old and still wakes up to eat (breastfed) at least two times a night. I pray that God gives me an answer soon cause I'm exhausted! Any advice ladies? Thank you!
  5. LovingTucker


    The Bible says that God knows the intent of the heart. If we are able to enjoy a glass of wine, for instance, with dinner or after the children are tucked away, God knows if we are trying to escape from our reality through drunkeness, or if we are simply having a glass of wine. Its not for us to decide who is sinning when they have a "drink". It is Gods choice. He is the judge. (Thank God for that!) Obviously, a Christian should not be out drinking when it will be a stumbling block for someone else. But that goes for other things besides drinking as well. The best thing we can do is use Godly wisdom in the choices we make for ourselves.
  6. LovingTucker


    It is good to be anti-abortion. It is also good to be pro-life. Our life comes from God. Being "pro-life" should not be confused with being against criminal law. Gods Word is Life and if death is Gods command for those who commit crimes worty of death, then Christians are still pro-life! When we believe what the Bible says, no matter what the issue, we are pro-life. Jesus lives!
  7. I was born and raised in a Christian home but like several of you, my husband was not. He came to the Lord a few years ago and is on fire for Christ! We are now believing for his family. There is an excellent website that gives really excellent tips for witnessing to your loved ones, friends, etc. It is called, http://www.wayofthemaster.com. Truely worth checking out.
  8. Hello everyone. I'm a new member and just wanted to say hello. I'm excited to have found a website for other believers out there who are moms like me!

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