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  1. Hya to all! This is Ingrid writing from bavaria, south germany, wishing you a happy easter - it´s a little late, I know... I don´t know whether it´s inappropriate to occupy some space on your website by a foreigner, if so, please delete this. And sorry for my bad english ;-) Please don´t think too bad of me. I am no mom who hurts her child in any way by using rods or belts, I never took down pants befor a spanky etc., but I have to confess that sometimes, if all words and discussions fail, a flat hand spanking seems to be the only and best way to calm my son down. He´s 12 now, a difficult age. One little example: A few days ago, we had the first really warm day of the year. I drove shopping with my bycicle, and, after promising him a big ice-cream, he decided to accompany me. On the way there, we passed a parking lot where a huge Mercedes-Benz was squeezed in between two other cars. The couple owning the Mercedes stood around, I stopped and we discussed what we could do. They had already called the towing truck but it wasn´t in sight anywhere. The woman laughed and said: "How about the young man in the leather shorts going around and ringing at the doors? Perhaps one of the two owners of the cars can be found." Ok with him up to then, I sent him around the houses and additionaly told him to ask the adults whether they would come and lend a hand at the Mecedes to try and lift it out by hands. A while later, he returned, but not with one of the owners but with some men and women wanting to help. They said he looked so cute that they couldn´t refuse coming here. We decided that there was no other way to get the Mercedes free but to carry it with muscular strength. We all took a good grip at the bumpers, the four wheel-cases and at the open windows and started to bounce the car sidewards onto the road. My son wanted to help, but I refused it because of the danger of getting hurt etc. He didn´t listen and tried several times to get a grip, too, then he started calling me names, and, seeing him in danger of getting hurt by the rocking and bouncing vehicle, we stopped, I took him at the sleeve, pulled him to the side and passed him a few swats right and left on his leathers. Suddenly he was calm again and we could finish the bouncing of the car. Recently I discussed the scene and the problem in general with some of my best girlfriends. My opinion was: Not hurting is the main aspect but clearly showing him the line. For example, as we live in bavaria, he often puts on those bavarian leather shorts, and spanking those leathers with the flat hand causes not too much pain but a quite loud sound so, by using this trick, he realizes that it´s serious now. Most of my girlfriends deeply agreed, but two of them noted that he´d probably start to bee too old for a few swats now. I´d very much like to know your opinion on that issue. Thanks very much for your attention! Many hugs, Ingrid

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