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  1. I use a combination of punishments and positive reinforcements. I do spank but only when Shawn is being very bad. I have found that taking priviliges away works more often then a spanking does though. I think that for each child it is different. I do not see spanking as sexual abuse at all.
  2. You may also want to teach your children to stay away from the river. We live on a farm and have 3 ponds but my son knows he is not allowed near the ponds unless he has on a life jacket and/or is with an adult.
  3. I hate to clean also and my 6 year old son has no attention span so hates cleaning because he thinks it takes to long. One thing I have found that helps us both ALOT is to clean in 15 min intervals. We set a timer and clean for 15 mins, then do what we want for 15, then back to cleaning for 15 until everything we need to do is done.
  4. Hi I just joined the board. I am a WAHM mom to 2 boys. Shawn is 6 and Wesley is 10 months. I did a search for christian mom boards and found this one. It looks like it isn't very active but I hope that wil change. I visit quite a few boards but would like to participate in a more faith based one.

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