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  1. I had my babies all natural no Pain Meds. I was happy to have them all natural too because that made it easier for me to get up and tend to them right away. My oldest never went to a nursery and I took care of her. My second was in a NICU and I walked to the nursery and took care of her right after her birth. I felt better being able to get up and walk around and take care of my baby. I also breastfed my babies so this helped them latch on. My Second Daughter was premature and she latched on when they thought she wouldn't be able too. I feel it helped to not have drugs in hers system. I only had one epidural and that was with my First Child he died at birth. I hated the fact I could not get up and walk it freaked me out. When I came home I dropped to my knees and had trouble walking. I did this for a few months after every once in a while. I think its because it also messed my back up. I still have pain in that same spot now days when the weather is cold. I swore I would never have another one done. Next two kids I had where all natural and they did real good and so did I.
  2. I didn't read all the replies but wanted to let you know I agree that you don't have to use spankings to be a effective Christian Parent. I have studied this and use Grace Based Parenting. I won't go into details as I don't want to be critized. However this is what I believe and everyperson is intitled to believe what they want. Your not alone though. Their are a lot of moms like you so you know. Maybe just not on this board though.
  3. A yahoo Group for Christian Moms. Come Join us and get emails with inspiring Christian Stories, Poems and Songs. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TheFaithfulMom/
  4. I joined a long time ago I can't remember if I posted much. I like the new look. I will have to come be a part of the community again. I got a email saying I hadn't posted in a while and that it had changed. Your not kidding it looks good. I am Joy mom of three girls.
  5. No I never considered spanking my kids bare butts, I hardly ever spank my 4 and 5 year old and they are very well behaved kids. Often people comment on how good they are when we go places. I make them stand in the corner for a minute per age. I also explain what they done wrong and why they had to stand their. I also have taken things like if they don't clean up toys for example then they don't play with toys for a whole day This is tuff for them but it works then if they don't clean and it is still a problem then toy is put up until they do something good I bring it down for a reward. Now if it is a major thing that could danger their life or something like running in the street or trying to take candy at a store then they get one or two swats on the butt. Not that they steal on a daily basis but when they first learned about two or so. If it is a problam that presisits and none of the above work well then they know I will get a paddle and swat them once not hard. This is done rarely maybe once a year. This works for us and I would never bare their bottoms because I don't feel right pulling thier pants down. Just another opinion but what ever works stick to it I suppose. I never had a boy so I am sure they could be challanging.

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