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  1. Hi Crys: Well, I have six children and not because I was or am Super Christian. Yes, I love the Lord. Yes, I am giving my all to raise my children to the Lord. Yes, I know other moms with less children that I aspire to be more like! It is actually funny, because all the time people ask me if I am catholic or mormon for having so many kids. Neither. However, I do find in the Christian homeschooling community, a lot of the families have a quiver or more. I am not alone. I find myself actually judged by many as being "a fool" for having so many. I have been scolded about my children not having all they deserve because of our choice. I have been told how financially unsound it was, as how will I pay for college for this many? On and on it goes. It has never been something I can be proud of, because most people seem to think I must be OUT OF MY MIND to have so many. However, I have never been a materialistic person and never wanted my children to be. They have plenty, but they are not spoiled either. I would rather they learn to give of themselves now and find out while they are young that the world is not all about them and their gratification. Life is all about Jesus and laying down our lives for our brethren. I really feel the choice has to be each persons. I wanted a tubal after the birth of number five and God did not permit it. He knew He still had another child planned for me. After number six something came up and I was not sure I would get my tubal again, but I just prayed about it and aksed God to keep me from it if He had another child planned. I wanted His will, not mine. I got my tubal and hopefully I am all done (I shirk everytime I hear a story about somebody having a baby after they had a tubal). I don't mean to sound ugly about it, but the last 4 were high risk pregnancies and enough is enough of being put on bed rest and hospital stays, etc. It is nice not to stress about it and focus on these blessings that I have. This is just my insight. I really don't have an opinion. I think when you see a person who truly lays down their "selfish" lives for Christ and the brethren...then you know a person really loves God. That is the spiritual fruit, not how fruitful the womb has been. LOL!
  2. I had 4 med free, and 2 with epidurals JoyJoy mentioned something that I would like other moms to know...I too have had issues with my legs and nerves since having an epidural. I did take birthing classes and studied my options. I wanted to go med free. Here is how my 6 labors have went (mine are not typical, but everybody is truly different). (1) 14 hours of induced labor, broken water and pictocin...no pain meds. (2) 42 hours of labor, no pain meds, no IV at hospital. I did not rest and was becoming delirious by the time he was born...I could not remember how to count to 10 when I was pushing. LOL! (3) 3 days of intense labor, finally gave in and let them put me on pictocin and break my water. No pain meds. (4) Almost a week of labor, finally gave in let them put me on pictocin...my water broke on its own. No pain meds. However, I did push him out on first push which is too hard and fast. He did not expel the liquid from his lungs and could not breathe well, ended up in NICU. I blew out my bladder from pushing so hard and could not hold my bladder for a couple of days after. I also ended up with a rectocele (a hernia between the wall of my birth canal and rectum). This all might have been avoided if the pain and pressure had not been so intense and I could have controlled my pushing a little bit. Pictocin in my experience makes me push out babies ultra fast. (5) 8 hour labor. My first planned epidural, because I was to have my tubes tied following birth. My doctor was on vacation and they refused to do it (God still had another baby to come). The epidural was heavenly. It all went smoothly. However, this is my son with autism today (and it was not from vaccinations...he did not have any until AFTER I knew he had autism). (6) Induced labor, about 6 hours. My second epidural...this time I had my tubes tied. When they gave me the epidural, it was very painful, not like the first time I had one. It also hit my nerves and sent a shock through me. They left it in overnight to do the tubal the next morning after labor. It worked fine for surgery, but the surgery had issues too. My tubes had already returned to a low position and they had to tilt the table so my head was low trying to make my tubes fall back up towards my belly button level. My recovery from the tubal was intense and took about 2 weeks. The 1st week I had severe pain and a lot of air trapped in my chest area. The 2nd week my tubal scar where they also repaired a small hernia, ripped out some. Also, I always had an abundance of breast milk with all of my other children, but with this last child I barely made any milk, no matter what I tried. I have read other moms swear that epidurals and meds can decrease milk output. I don't know, but I do know that I had two rounds in a row of the epidural the last time and I ended up taking some pain meds a few days after the surgery when tylenol would not give me any relief and I had not rested. After the birth I have had times when I have shooting pains go down my legs and I cry out in pain it takes me by surprise and hurts really bad. I almost fall everytime it happens. It goes away for weeks to months and then returns for a few days at a time. I really believe this is connected to the epidural the last time, as I never had anything like this until after the last baby. This is just what I have experienced, and some input for those who want to research and consider the pros and cons. I still have to go in to have a surgery to repair the rectocele as it has only gotten much worse with the other two afterward. But it will keep me in the hospital for a few days and where will I find that kind of free time? Personally, I think my birthing classes were most important. I had this EXCELLENT instructor that told us EVERYTHING we could expect, all possibilities. Everything that came up, I knew about and was prepared for. I was not scared, because I knew what the process was and why. Blessings to each of you and your precious children, Julianne
  3. I certainly do not know what to tell you. I have six children (ages 2-17) and every one has been so very different on what worked and what did not. When we lived in Southern California, my children RARELY had an infection of any type. Since living in the Houston area of Texas, my kids have had one issue after another with allergies, asthma, ear infections, etc when they are not on breast milk. I usually nurse my children until age 2. However, my one son got so sick here once I took him off breast milk and the docs wanted him to be on so many meds that I put him back on breast milk until he was 3. Then we lived in Oklahoma and my kids were pretty healthy again. We moved back to the Houston area and now they are non-stop sick. My son that I put back on breast milk until age 3 is now almost 6 and has to go see an ENT because he continues to have ear infections or non-stop fluid in his ears. The doctor said in this area almost all children have to remain on allergy meds. I hate it. I don't want my kids on meds. I am going to try the local raw honey and see if it works, but my son who is almost 4 with autism will not eat honey anyhow, nor will he take meds. It is a war to get him well when he gets ill. If it is in the Lord's will, I sure hope to move out of this area someday so we can be healthy again, but not my will...I truly want the Lord's. I do agree with the main consensus, to make sure you see an ENT before you decide to do anything. There are a lot of ear issues that clear up on their own with age. However, like my 6 year old having fluid issues is a concern. It should have rectified itself by this age. As for hearing loss...my friend's daughter who had tubes in her ears lost some hearing from the tubes. Other people say your child will lose hearing without them. Again, research, pray, and don't let anybody RUSH you into a decision when it is not a life or death decision. Years ago I worked for a chiro ortho who was always right on when he gave advice. All kinds of med docs came to him for diagnosis because he was so good. If you lived near Riverside, CA I would recommend him...LOL! Otherwise, some "health" remedies work, some don't, in my experience. I always think if there is a healthy alternative, I would rather use it than meds though. I will be praying for God's wisdom for you. I don't think these decisions come easy for any mom who is truly wanting to do the best for her precious gifts from our Lord. Blessings to you in Christ Jesus our Lord, Julianne
  4. Hooray!!! You did good mom! I have six kids...and every one of them is DIFFERENT in how they respond to discipline. What works on one does not necessarily work on the other. It is the result we are seeking, so if it requires different discipline for each child...so be it! And I have one who is on the autistic spectrum and so his discipline is even more challenging. Kudos for you for not giving up! You inspire even me!!! Blessings to you, Julianne
  5. Be Careful...sounds like a scam! I truly don't mean to brag, but I make really great money for working at home and I tell you that it does not come close to that. LOL! It is a scam or else it will have you scamming others to benefit. Down in the work from home section I did post how to keep from being scammed and also their are links to my site that will give you companies that hire work at home moms and job leads. Be very careful. I did this for a long time and did not think I would ever be scammed and even I ended up scammed by a supposed Christian mom, in fact she even has a username on this board. She ended up with my driver's license and social security number and never paid any of the moms she hired. We had to go through great lengths to hopefully keep her from stealing our identities. We thought we knew her well. Now I have worked for a legit company for a couple of years and they are WONDERFUL!!! There is real work out there, but it is hard to come by and there are probably 100 scams for every legit job lead. Blessings to you, Julianne
  6. Family Blueprint or http://www.familyblueprint.org This is one of my ministry websites meant to help build families in Christ (everything is FREE). Family Blueprint is a weekly published column on a major Bible Study website, StudyLight. Family Blueprint is simply a biblically chronological, family devotion with an object lesson to make a lasting impression. Also on the website we have free marriage builders, date ideas, object lessons, crafts for children, homeschooling lesson plans, articles, Christian printables, work from home articles and job leads (none that should ever require money from you or they will be removed), etc. I am a full-time, work at home (thanks to my precious brothers and sisters in Christ for providing a job that earns enough that I can support all my children on my own and sorry to say the corporation is not hiring anybody else right now), single mom of six children ages 2-17. My soon to be 4 year old has autism. I am also a home educator and serve in full time ministry. I am currently completing my bachelor's degree in ministry as I am hoping to develop a curriculum for Christian abused women and children and open a long term shelter that provides lasting solutions for them. Helping the abused is the passion of my heart. I pray the website, Family Blueprint, will just be another blessing to brothers and sisters in Christ as we seek the face of God. It has always been free to anybody needing resources. Blessings to you, Julianne PS. I would love to hear if you have a favorite topic we cover on Family Blueprint that you would like me to expand on or if you have any input for new ideas (which you will not be paid for, as everything is free on Family Blueprint).

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