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    i am a mom of 2, I am 23 years old, and i work in nursing


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    Softball wooohooo... i love the yankees and the patriots. I love the outdoors. Playing with my kids .


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  1. I just wanted to add a good luck to you tina . it seems like you are on the right track in helping and i am praying for you and all of gods help that you can get to open the hearts of the american people to help out in this need of so much
  2. i wanted to say that i have donated to the american red cross here in ny ... not for any glory or anything i just wanted everyone to know that you can help out in a red cross near you. so thank you for showing me where to go . my father is going to louisiana to help out with our church so he is going through a 3 day class through the american red cross to know exactly what to exspect and how to deal with all of it . from the smell to the sights so everyone also pray for him. I think that every american should definelty help with THE KATRINA VICTIMS ..... but i just wanted to tell you that i found my answers for donation here ..... thanks all
  3. I am also very interested in donating ... i have many new baby things crib swings ect. and also a donation of money to go to it . thank you for caring it is a great thing that you are doing .... we all know that it is much needed . please tell us your website and give me some details in what we can do . Thank you Jessica
  4. I wanted to tell you all thankyou for sharing your stories it is great to hear about some of you. if anyone needs anything email me at jessbess625@yahoo.com ... or just message me here . talk to you all soon , hugs and prayers Jessica
  5. The NICU is a very scary place i also lived there with my 3 lb baby for quite some time.... she is now 17 months old and couldnt even tell the little princess was a preemie
  6. ok first i wanted to say that it is my husband of 4 years that i am in, father to both of my children, Lorelli it seems to me that you have been through so much and at the end of the mistakes and the tears , there is a women strong, true , and ready and prepared to take on the world... the book idea is great and we could all be so lucky to have a bit in there .... i have to say the abusive without the hitting hit home like a rock to the face. I really thought that i was alone in this on this web site everyone had such good to talk about that i thought that i could only be the one to have such a horrible story to tell... but thank you so much for sharing with me you really did give me a ounce of hope that somewhere someday i can be happy .... .... thanks you all .... keep sharing
  7. Hey ya'll ok where to start i was hoping that this thread could get us to know alittle bit about eachother. well i am a mom of two Vincent who i call Vinny is 3 and Isabella who i call Bella is 17 months. I have been through alot in the last 4 years really and it is a obsticle just to get out of bed every morning but with gods love and the love from and for two beautiful children i get out of that bed and make the best of the day. I have been in a relationship that honestly just brings me down in every aspect of life from even being a mom to a christian ..... but i wont quit.... it is however getting to the point of unhealthy. any advice.... Besides that i work in nursing. I work in a nursing home and in the alzheimers unit.... very hard but rewarding... i love it.... it takes me away from home alot .... but on the other hand i have no choice in that. i did stay home with my kids up in till 5 months ago i miss them terribly ... i lost my independence and i lost me .. through out these couple of years and honestly i lost god.... i have however resently found them both .... and now i remember how much i like and love both of us..... wooohooooo...... I have so many hard decisions to make . and i cant seem to find the answers my heart tells me one thing and my brain tells me another i am very confused and it is easy to just block off the pain and the hurt, at least when you are busy when the night comes and there is time to think .... wow you just close your eyes and pray to god that it is better ..... and then you pray to god to fall asleep so you can stop thinking ..... ok i am very so rambling on ... but i truly would like to meet some of you and like to get to know some of you too .... dont be a stranger.... your sister in christ ..... god bless, Jessica
  8. besser

    Another Newbie

    hi shelly, welcome.... we all love to chat... it keeps us sane from day to day activities.... look forward to talking , God Bless . Jessica
  9. nice to meet you brandy ..... hope to talk to you soon
  10. hi , welcome if there is anything that you need ask anyone of us.... we are eager to hear from you i am a mom of two vincent 3 isabella 17 months ..... Jessica
  11. ok i know i just went but i am on a bowling team every year the person below me has never been to flordia
  12. yes it has and yes i do actually.. the person below me lives in texas
  13. Hi, i wanted to say that i stayed home since my oldest was born he just turned three and march of this year I returned to work for not so good reasons but i had to, my husband and i split up and wasnt receiveing any money for the kids from him. so as it turns out when i was home i sometimes actually all the time longed to work and get a break from the house the kids and the mess of it all. but now that i am working and away from them what i would give to be home with them again. I miss them everyday and they beg me to stay which is very hard, i was sharing this only to tell you the grass isnt always greener on the other side of the fence and no matter what side you are on you always seem glimmer on the side . you will love staying home. and the rewards are the best that can begotten out of life. congratulations .... Jess
  14. i am the most noticed person we will say , i skip jump , when i am in a resturant with my son to get him to eat we chew our food together and dance to a made up song i hummm to him , it really is funny and people do laugh or at least smile at us. who says people cant stay young forever . even though i am not old at all but still i will always be a big kid with my kids like that . the person below me is planning a flordia vacation
  15. it really is alittle bit of heaven on your tongue lol

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