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    Single Work At Home mom of 3. I love my job as an Independent Avon Sales Representative and Beauty Advisor. When I am not raising my kids or working I love to created woodburning art and take meditative bubble baths.


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    Woodburning Art, Reading, Spiritual Studies


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    Independent Avon Sales Representative and Beauty Advisor
  1. lintts


    Thanks! Nice to meet you too!
  2. lintts


    Thank you! Don't mind if I do...hehe.
  3. lintts


    I am an Independent AVON Sales Representative. I am also in the AVON Leadership Program as well as on my way to being a Certified Beauty Advisor. And sometimes I will sell my Woodburning Art. It allows me to spend more time with my kids and is quite helpful because I can't work outside the home due to either conflict in hours or my health issues. As far as my struggles, well, I could write a book. *hmmm...put on To Do List* lol. My schedule starts at 6am and doesn't generally end until 12am - 1am. AND I still can't seem to accomplish everything. My other concern/struggle is my kids' pain of not having a father. We have tried a support group for that, but they felt more depressed and upset than before they went.
  4. I too am a single mom. What's worse for me is that I cannot work regular/traditional hours outside the home. Luckily, I am an Independent AVON sales representative so that helps. But the stress alone of the single mom part can be an amazing burden. So many topics to touch on but right now my kids' concerns and frustrations are being without a father. (deceased) I would love to have a support group. I am still looking for a supportive church, but am hopeful. Sometimes the pressures of single parenting can be overwhelming and just talking to others without judgement really would help. I think it is a great idea! Let me know if anything gets organized.
  5. Perhaps it is the wording that bothers me the most. I do understand what you are saying though. Just in my native culture, the man goes to council about various decisions. However, a loving husband consults his wife for her thoughts and then comes to a mutual decision and even compromise. Then he is off to the council to convey THEIR point. Basically, the point I was making was that even though the husband is off as the head of household, look at the bigger picture. BOTH are indeed head of household. Sure, the husband may speak for the wife in certain occassions, but if he is respectful and loving, he still discusses it with his wife. This discussion is a matter of perspective. When one looks at all perspectives, one can see the bigger picture at work. But on a side note.... I am widowed. When he was alive, he made the final decisions. If I am ever to marry again, I am content in placing my husband as head of household, deemed by society. I am perfectly happy being a housewife, mother, and a loving wife when he returns from work. I am one of the few women that wasn't too happy about women's lib. Why? I can see the bigger picture and what damage it has ultimately done. Also, if you had a loving husband, it all worked on anyway.....and our children (the future) were happier. (oops...all together another topic...sorry)
  6. lintts


    Simply drinking alcohol is not a sin. Overindulging is considered a "sin"...gluttony I believe.
  7. To me a husband and wife should both be "head of the household". Marriage is about compromise and partnership. Why should one be boss over the other? Sure the bible makes mention of men over women but native americans view it this way.... Men are in charge of hunting, fishing, protection, etc. Women are in charge of making the house a home, to be the foundation to a happy family, to be the main care giver to the children and raise them in a good way. Men have their roles. Women have theirs. This isn't a sexist thing. Sure either sex could do any of the roles, but to have harmony men and women must work together, thus being joint head of households. Neither one is MORE important than the other. They are BOTH important. BOTH have influence on decisions made in the household. But I also feel as though the Lord is the head of our house.
  8. lintts


    I am pro life mostly. However, I don't feel that a mother should jeopardize her life or if it is a product of rape, incest, etc. I just feel that each situation should be weighed accordingly and much meditation before making a rash decision. I personally could never have an abortion and I have heard about the nightmares my sister and my sister in law have had.
  9. I have homeschooled my kids up until this year. I have so much that is happening that I don't feel as though I would do right by their education if I attempted to continue homeschooling. I was, however, very particular on the school they went to. Transfers are in and I love the staff. This next school year should be quite rewarding.
  10. lintts

    Bible time

    I put down an hour a day. Generally it is more, but it isn't just Bible Study. I generally wait until the kids are in bed and do something my kids have dubbed as strange. I don't use devotional books or what not. I just hold the Bible and pray that the Lord guide the book to open where he feels that I need to meditate and listen on. I open it at random and read the two pages. Then I go within and truly think about it. I meditate and listen for further guidance. I am amazed at what I learn each night. I also use other spriritual based books and still I am amazed on how the Lord works within me and in every day things.
  11. During the summer I have my 5 and 9 year old go to bed around 9pm to 9:30pm. I allow my 12 year old to stay up until 12am if he wants as long as he is quiet and in his room. Once school starts again, all kids will have an 8:30pm bedtime. Granted, on Wednesdays and Sunday nights they will generally go to bed around 9:30pm due to church and taking baths and such. According to National Sleep Foundation, below is a basic guideline for sleep. 0 - 2 months should get 10.5 - 18 hours of sleep. 2 - 12 months should get 14 - 15 hours of sleep. 1 - 3 years should get 12 - 14 hours of sleep. 3 - 5 years should get 11 - 13 hours of sleep. 5 - 12 years should get 10 - 11 hours of sleep. For more info and tips go to http://www.sleepforkids.org/html/sheet.html
  12. I don't spank for every little thing, but spanking is a punishment in this house for my kids. As far as spanking bare bottom goes, I see nothing wrong with it. Pull the back of the pants down and a good swat is a good wake up call. I don't think I would ever have my child pull all of his/her pants down, exposing any "parts" but sometimes a swat on a bare bottom is needed. I have a 5 year old child that thinks it is funny when I spank him, he doesn't however think it is funny when his bare bottom his spanked.
  13. I have vision to speak/teach spiritual truths. The person below me loves to marvel in awe over a sunset and realize that they are truly blessed no matter what life throws at them.
  14. I am new to this forum and just thought I would introduce myself. My name is Linda and I am a single work at home mom of 3. I have just recently started back to attending a baptist church after being away for a few years. Why was I away? I went on a Spriritual Studies journey to learn about other religions and spiritual beliefs. Why you ask? Well, one for my spiritual growth. Two, how else can you spread the truth without understand where they are coming from spiritually? Well, enough of my rambling. I look forward to getting to know everyone here on this board. Thanks and God Bless!

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