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    I am a single christian mother. My daughter is now 22 years old. I came here when she was in elementary school. I sing on the praise team, and is now an Evangelist. I have completed the Master's Program in Biblical Foundation, graduated in June, 2019.


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    Being a servant of God (helping single mom, etc), Prayer, Singing, arts and craft


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    I teach foster parents, parenting skills, at a public community college.

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  1. abc

    New to Forum

    Hi Juesilly, Glad to have you see you around
  2. where are you guys.

    this guy is bad and there is another one.


    Joined May 25

    1. FOTSmom


      Yeah there are several bad ones coming from who knows where. I could be wrong -  so don't quote me here - but doesn't the lady who runs this site also running a homeschooling site/community also? If not her photo and description and stuff are just eerily too similar! 

      This site is going to go to a dark place if no one steps in to mod.

  3. abc

    happy birthday

  4. A Life of Holiness and worship
  5. Working from home has so many benefits.
  6. There are so many that have lost there job hang in there a blessing is around the corner
  7. Sometimes motherhood is just....HARD! But with God's help all things are possible. Be encouraged that you are not alone, God is always with you
  8. JanellG I would say that God is not Responsible for the Pandemic. However, I do believe that He allowed it.
  9. AthenaH. Welcome, to the site, come and join in with us and help support and give of your talents. See you around.
  10. candersonlota, I can understand how one must feel. This is a situation that is out of anyone's control. This very first thing that I would do is, ask God, what should I do? or say? in this this situation. Seek Him first, and you will find His answers in this situation. By His spirit says the Lord. Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. 2 Corinthians 3:17King James Bible
  11. Hi 1234belle, I would be happy to support you. I am a single parent. I have been a single parent for 23 year. Looking forward to communicating with you and welcome to the site. abc
  12. Sunshyne, sorry I miss your post. I look forward to coming back to the site. I pray that all went well with your friend's love one. God will began the healing with family and friends.
  13. Hello everyone, I really miss being here. With the passing of my sister, I was so hurting and not feeling well. But God, I has truly brought me out of a bad place. I pray that He will continue to fill me up and heal me everywhere i hurt. I am doing well now. I hope to be jumping in and out of the site from time to time. My plate is so full right now. But wanted to jump in and say hello. abc
  14. abc


    Hello Emwa829 Welcome to the site. Enjoy I'll be around, ask any question or support others. abc
  15. abc


    Hello StephanieMiller20, Welcome to the site. Enjoy I' ll be around, ask any question or support others. abc

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