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    I am a stay at home with a great home business. I am with a dynamic team that has allowed me to be able to have my christian values and work an honest business enhancing others lives. You can get more info: www.finallyfamilytime.com
  1. Hi Retha, Welcome to our boards~ I am just now checking the new member forum and look forward to hearing from you on the boards. God loves you!!! blessings, Dawn
  2. HI Brenda, I see you have been here for over a week now, but I am just now checking the new member forum... I have already read some of your posts and I hope to read more from you. God is good and it is great when women of God can come and give him praise. blessings, Dawn
  3. Hi Jan, I just saw your post~ I can relate to your story ... and say that my Hubby has come to know the lord. God is good and I thank you for sharing your story!!! Hope to see you on the boards~ blessings, dawn
  4. ABC, thanks for posting this. This has confirmed what my sister and I were talking about at church today. God is good and it is amazing how he sends his messangers to confirm His word. I am excited to learn more from your studies. blessings, Dawn~
  5. Oh, Lord this story just humbles me and I am praying for a miracle in this families life. We are praying that this story gives you Lord glory and the doctors and family know that your hand is on the babies life and that this baby is going to bring many people to you. in Jesus Name, Dawn~
  6. Father God I am standing in agreement with Abc and everyone that is praying for this horriable crime. Father God we love you and we know you love everyone involved. God we ask that you wrap these families in your love. blessings, Dawn~
  7. HI Mary, It sounds like you are a happy woman in Christ!!! I look forward to getting to know you on the boards. blessings, Dawn ~
  8. I am standing in agreement with you~ God is good and He will take care of His/your family!!! blessings, Dawn
  9. A friend from one of my groups shared this website with me this morning and I was excited to see some detailed history of Christianity in America. I wanted to share the website here with my fellow sisters in Christ. It has some great articles to read. http://www.wallbuilders.com A great site to share with others to learn how Christianity formed the early years of America and still impacts America today! blessings, Dawn
  10. Thank you Father for your love as we learn to be obedient to hear your voice and walk in the path that you have set before us. To be humble and filled with grace knowing your love sustains us and sharing your love with others along the path of light that you have set before us. Praying for all of my sisters in Christ, Dawn
  11. Thanks for sharing~ I love it!!! blessings, Dawn
  12. I have recently came back to the boards myself and have read your story. Your story is going to touch a lot of families and give them strength, as it has mine. Thank you for sharing your story and I pray that your life is always walking with the Lord as He holds your hand. Your path is not done and sharing your life is going to help soo many families. many blessings, Dawn Townsend
  13. HI Paloma, Welcome to the board~ Congratulations on your first bundle from Heaven! This is a great forum for Christian moms to come together and to praise God~ blessings, Dawn
  14. ABC, I am humbled to read these posts. You have been a faithful prayer warrior for this man for over a year and half on this board. I will be praying for this father to have the job that God has planned for him and for this job to bring him closer to our heavenly father. blessings, Dawn
  15. I am in agreement. We need to be lifting up marriages and my heart goes out to this couple. blessings, Dawn~

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