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  1. Goldilocks.... I think you said it in a nutshell... we shouldn't judge for not doing santa or doing santa.... its bewteen you and God and the main thing is keeping Jesus the focal point of Christmas.
  2. I allow santa /easter bunny etc. I still keep Jesus the center and the true meaning of Christmas however I feel that especially in todays world kids are not allowed to be kids. Now days we take their imagination and there innocence way too early and to me thats sad. So I allow santa & the Easter bunny. MY question to everyone who opposes santa... do you still exchange gifts??? Do you give presents to your children and other family members? Is this not taking away from Jesus being the center too? That too is debatable ( sp?). On my husbands side we do presents and my husband and I do too however on my side of the family we do not do exchange gifts. We go to church and then we all gather for desert etc and the Christmas dinner. I guess what I feel is that Jesus shouldn't "just be a Christmas" thing... I teach my children about God EVERY DAY...it is being instilled in them so when it comes to Santa he's not taking the place of Jesus it's just giving my kids an additional fun time and when they ask me if he's real .. I will be honest. Thats the one thing I have always said I would do is never lie to them. SO WHHHEEEWW!! Those are my thoughts on the entire thing.
  3. I allow my kids to have Santa and the Easter bunny.... however I don't push it... they believe because they are young and innocent but when they start asking me if he is real I will be honest and tell them how Santa came about. OF course I emphasize Christmas as not a time for presents but a time for Jesus. On my side we don't exchange presents. When they are older they will see presents/santa aren't everything. I just feel right now kids grow up so fast and they aren't allowed to use their imagination.... give them santa /easter bunny after all they will quit probably much sooner than I am ready for them to. ps.. and if Jesus is the focal point of your life ALL YEAR AROUND... they'll get the difference.
  4. abc.. I will pray for your entire family and your grandfather. AC
  5. oh PS... I also really like Elizabeths idea too...kind of a treasure hunt a day.... gives her something exciting to look forward to Wouldn't it be sweet if you came home a day early and you were the treasure??? Thats what I always hope for that he really is coming home earlier than planned
  6. Hello, My husband travels ( it's gone down quite a bit though ) and just recently got home from three weeks in New Orleans. Of course I receive the gifts from his travels and the letters and all the phone calls WHICH ARE VERY SWEET AND MAKE ME FEEL APPRECIATED but I feel the hardest time I have is when he is actually gone and the letters quite frankly don't make it easier.... I lack in adult conversation, I eat , breathe and sleep children which at times ( we all know) can be very frusterating. I found I got a break at the gym.... they have a daycare there and I am killing two birds w/ one stone... I am talking to other women and exercising .... I come back in a much better mental state and I"m on round two of caring for my children. I would do something for her that she can do all by herself... get a sitter while she joins a book club or a craft club or a gym or something that will let her unwind and re- charge her and gear her up for evenings ( which is the time I'm used to teaming up w/ my husband to get things done). Thats just my thoughts! AC
  7. HI Kim, I have two boys: connor 5yrs. and Danny 3 yrs. and just started trying for #3 I"m married to Chris.. I'm 30 and Chris is 35.. I too have an inhome business and am at a complete standstill wondering what on Earth does God want me to do w/ it AND be able to be there for every activitiy the boys are doing ( karate and soccer ). Welcome to the site. AC
  8. I have 3 and 5 yr. old boys... I put them to bed @ 7:30... With a SHORT story each.. I have them sharing a room cause I Did ( my sister and I are b/f ) so by the time the stories are done and they have fallen asleep it's 8... my 5 yr. old is in all day kindergarten and it's a bit long for him. ANYONE HAVE ANY ADVICE OR THOUGHTS ON CHILDREN SLEEPING W/YOU????? Both my kids slept in their beds until we moved cross country to a new hosue ( TWO YEARS AGO!!!!) and now they BOTH end up w/ us in the middle of the night.. we have tried everytime they come in putting them back in their own room but before we know it they are back w/ us. We've tried incentives.. if they are truly worried /scared OF COURSE they are welcome in our bed but just out of habit.. HOW DO WE BREAK THIS HABIT... thank goodness for a king size bed A.
  9. I was raised by a Christian dad and a mother ( who claimed to be a Christains but actions say otherwise). my parents were seperated when I was 12..... I accepted Jesus as my Savior when I was 4.... very young, simple, trusting age. Went my own way in life for awhile.. however I have always had a deep faith.. ... thought MY actions never showed it I never denied... My issues right now is I have to grow my faith and my beliefs to my age... I need more than being the 4 yr. old who just believes....I've never been taught to have a true relationship ... I"ve been talking w/ my dad a lot lately about Christ ( I talk w/ him alot anyways) and I can just hear his happiness that I am wanting more. SO yes I was raised Christian but not always behaved like one!
  10. goldilocksmom3.. PLEASE PLEASE don't think I was telling you to take respsonsibility or saying that you don't accept yourself.. If I sounded that way I apologize....( my only excuse is it was late and I was tired). What I was trying to say is that thats ALL YOU CAN DO.....YOU can't make him accept his part and /or himself.... For me my biggest problem when I have a situation is trying to "make him" understand, or accept responsibility or convince him he's wrong... and I can't.. I can only do that for myself... After reading everything my heart went out to you and I didn't want you "beating yourself up" over things that HE needs to change/accept. I'm sorry if it was taken the wrong way and if it seemed harsh thats not what I intended. God has a plan for you! A.
  11. As I read these I have gotten goosebumps all over. God is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A.
  12. Hello, I'm new but hey.. friendships can be made right? A lot of what you have said reminds me of my husband and I ( although right now I"m going through a difficult spiritual walk). We've never seperated but we've had our rough times. BUT first and foremost , you keep saying your hubby has never accepted you... You weren't good enough... BUT you know GOD does....and that makes you very special from the start.. . but my questions is " Do YOU accept YOU"? I know when I don't accept myself I #1 take it out on my husband ( not fair to do but done nevertheless) and #2 I can't seem to be any good at ANY relationship.... The other thing I want to tell you is YOU know deep down it takes TWO to make a marriage work and TWO to make it fail....so take responsibility for what you have to but then step back and realize that he may or may not every take responsibility for his part... but you don't have control over that. AND WHAT THE HECK ARE HIS FRIENDS TELLING YOU IT"S YOUR FAULT FOR?? WHERE IS IT THEIR BUSINESS??? On 10/10 he spent the weekend .. things are looking up.... and now on 10/12 .. it's back downhill?? JUST KEEP PRAYING.... he may need some time.. he seems (remember I dont' know him or you so I'm just going off of what I read) very confused... thats two ends of the spectrum in two day. On 10/10 when I read about him spending the weekend home I thought praise God... and do I have a book for her To make a long story short.. I moved to the East Coast from the midwest two years ago... I moved from MY family ( which of course is always better) to his family ( that I barely knew) two years ago. I HATED IT HERE. I missed everyone.. never have left my family before. SO one night I was complaining to my brother ( my youngest and wisest never been married 22 yr. old brother) and really what was coming out of my mouth.. was I , I, I... I moved here, I gave up everything, I clean the house, I cook dinner, I deal w/the boys all the time, ME ME ME. So he said he's sending me a book and I promised I would read it. ( never knew the name) I got it inthe mail Dr.Laura's PROPER CARE AND FEEDING OF HUSBANDS ( yeah...great ) so I open it up and the first excerpt was " if we aren't horny make us a sandwich"... ( OH BOY HE"S IN FOR IT NOW.. my brother that is! ) But I read it and it changed our marriage. IT WAS REALLY REALLY GOOD. It's the basic... what you give you will get back 3x as much... SO TRUE! Well I told you about the book cause my hope and prayer for you is that your husband will move back in and you will work it out.... You and your family are in my prayers. A.
  13. Hello, I'm new too and enjoy reading this as well! My hope is to get closer w/ God and have some inner peace ! I'ma constant worrier and realized the only way through my worrying is by gaining an inner peace and I need to be Closer to God to do that.... I'll pray for you for wisdom if you pray for peace and a closer walk with God.. deal? A.
  14. THANK YOU.. I am new and reading up on everything. Lately I've concentrated on how unhappy I have been and I'm going to do this because it will show that I am truly blessed. I'll let you know what I come up with. A.

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