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  1. This is a very deep post and one that caught me quite unawares. It made me think and ponder and consider. Then I thought, "What if it were my daughter?" I guess I would look at the big picture: Did she make a mistake, sin, and is now "moving on," or is she living with the father of the child, has no plans to marry, and is blowing it off like it's OK because "everybody does it." Truly, we do not know all the facts. God looks at the heart. However, naejeirual has a good point. The leadership (the shepherds) should look into the situation and see how the church can help minister to her, or if she's defiantly "doing her thing" to gently help bring her to repentance, which may include having her step down. Restoration is always the highest goal!
  2. Hey, I'm from WA, also. Are you still in Olympia? I'm in Enumclaw. Know where that is? Glad you found CM. I'm a "returnee" to CM, having been out of the loop for over a year.
  3. Oh, one more thing. I LOVE the new look of this forum! Now I can see we can post pictures and all kinds of fun things. I think I will finally get a change to be a regular again. I was on a Children's Writers Forum, but it's secular and I just found I don't have much in common with these folks who are writing books for YA and kids and some of them are really...well...strange. abc---nudge me with a rebuking e-mail if you don't see me here at least once a week, OK? I actually have a new blog. Come on over if you want to see the crazy stuff going on in my life right now: Suzy's Scribbles And if any kids are interested in learning how to write stories, I also have Suzy's Writing Corner, with free downloads of worksheets intended to help kids learn the basic elements of story writing. They're colorful and they're FREE! Suzy's Writing Corner
  4. I'm back! It's been so long, and abc e-mailed me and said, "We miss you!" I'm sorry but my life is one huge roller coaster, between family, writing, marketing, and just trying to juggle everything! Thanks, abc, for tracking me down!
  5. I've never started a thread before. In fact, I've had a hard time being consistent to the forum. Hopefully, I"ll be a regular on Saturdays until school is out, then more often in the summer. Anyway, I also joined a writer's forum--hints and things about writing (from authors and publishers). A gal by the name of Brenda Nixon, a parenting speaker and the author of a book called "Parenting Power in the Early Years" asked me to let you know she offers FREE discipline tips to any of her subscribers, which is free, too. I'll just copy and paste what she wrote me. Since my kids are past that stage, it would be interesting to hear from you gals if her tips work. Try them and see. "Anyone interested in receiving a tip or encouragement to help in their daily encounters with kids, can go to my site http://www.brendanixon.com and click on Daily Discipine Tip. The service is free and moms can unsubscribe anytime." Brenda Nixon Author, Speaker
  6. All these many and wise counselors have given you Scriptural and sound advice. Praise God we can go to godly sisters and receive a word to help us in our resolve. I'll just add Scripture that perhaps your in-laws should keep in mind regarding the attitude of not working: Paul speaking here: I Thess. 3:10: "For even when we were with you, we used to give you this order: if anyone will not work, neither let him eat." Maybe it sounds harsh, but it works. I started this saying early in my kids' lives: chores first, then breakfast. May God give you and your husband the strength and grace to set boundaries, not for you own good, but for the lasting good of your dear family and in-laws. Nobody's doing them any favors with hand-outs.
  7. Great Idea!!! I feel I've been in suspended animation for the past few months. I haven't read or posted anything! It's almost like rejoining as a newbie. Life has been so busy, with getting my daughter settled iin NC, teaching a bunch of writers workshops for kids, and now administering the state tests. But I stumbled on this thread and it is a GREAT idea. I read a very compelling book called The Slumber of Christianity, by Ted Dekker, a few months ago. It really got me thinking about life's purpose here on earth and the heaven that awaits us. It got me all pumped up about our eternal home! Why do so many Christians seem to have the same problems as the world? Ted Dekker says it's because we are slumbering and have forgotten our real purpose for exsistence: eternity. Give the book a try, although there are parts in it with which I didn't agree--some of the "touchy-feely" stuff (don't ask me to explain that! I can't put it into words). Another book that I liked even better was the one by Joni Erickson Tada: Heaven, You're Real Home. THAT was a winner!
  8. Yeah, I have 2 friends who have had v-bacs. I tried, but ended up with another c-section. One friends said she wished she'd had the c-section again (baby had major lung problems because of the difficult birth), the other friend had her v-bac as a home birth and did fine. So, you just never know.
  9. Been there, done that! Hi Laurie, What a great thread! Boy oh boy, the "to be or NOT to be" (fixed), That is the question. I made the foolish mistake of having my tubes tied after my second baby. It was not a foolish choice in itself, but only the timing, I believe. My son was 10 months old; my daughter barely 2. Fast forward just two years: regret, regret, regret. I was only 26! What was I thinking? My husband and I were too organized, too conditioned by the world system to have just the perfect "2." Also, I had both by C-section. Sounds good, right? WRONG. Fast forward 8 more years, a few thousand dollars forked out, major abdominal surgery (yes, I had a tubal reversal), and then 2 more precious little boys (one by attempted v-bac, failure, c-section, and the last by c-section). Big gap between the kids, but God restored to me the years the locust had eaten. When I had an unexpected miscarriage at 42 yr old, it was then that we knew it was time to finally go the permanent route (again!) My husband did it this time, and I've had God's peace ever since. The point of this counsel is: Don't do anything permanent until your youngest baby is at least 2 years old! I wish some doctor would have told me that! I would have gone with his advice and waited 2 years, and my 4 kids would probably be closer together in age. I'm not advocating the "as many as God sends" philosopy. That's between you, God, and your husband. But...use something else for birth control and then re-examine your situation. Pray, pray, pray, but don't jump on the "scared of the c-sections" wagon. If you like kids and enjoy being around them, you probably would regret doing something permanent so early on in your life. I sure did, but God is good.
  10. First of all, go on-line to http://www.hslda.org/ and find out the homeschooling law for you state. Some are easy; some a little more complicated. Then, go on-line to find a homeschool support group for your area. There you can ask questions via e-mail (some do phones) to find out specifics about curriculum, activites, support (emotional and mental!) and other answers. I am a volunteer for WHO (the Washington State Homeschool Organization) and I occasionally get sent e-mails with questions such as the ones you are asking. Hope this helps, and good luck! May God bless you in your search to find out His will and way for your children--whether it be homeschooling, private, or public. Follow Him!
  11. abc, you are such an encourager. You've always got a "good word" for all the newbies here. Keep it up!
  12. Hey, ljm! I'm a grandmother, too, and have spent my years raising toddlers, etc., chickens, cows, goats, sheep, a horse, ..... But my daughter and her family moved to N.C. over the holidays (job transfer), and took 4 of my grandchildren with them (traitors!) My son and wife are across the state (WA) so I don't see them much either. It's good to meet an older gal on here, like me. write back!
  13. Hey, this is fun! Good idea, poshmama 1) whats your name? Susan 2) what state are you from? Washington 3) how long have you been on christianmoms.com? a couple months 4) which forum do you post in most often? I've spent most of my time exchanging private messages so far. Life's been too busy right now to browse the forums, but i hopt to change that now. 5) how many kids do you have? their ages? Kids: four. ages 29, 28, 17, 14. Grandkids: six 6, 4, 3, 2, 1, and baby samuel (in heaven) 6) how long have you been married (if applicable)? 32 years 7) what's your favorite passage of Scripture? Philippians 1:6: And I am confident of this very thing; that He who began a good work in you will perfect until the day of Christ Jesus! 8) whats your favorite color? 9) what sports do you like most? baseball (participating, not watching), jogging, biking (I guess that's not answering the traditional question, right? 10) what would you say is the #1 thing mothering has taught you? That no matter what we go through with our kids, either how well we think we've raised them or how discouraged we may become when they make wrong choices, GOD IS NOT FINISHED WITH THEM or WITH US until the day He takes us home. So there is always hope!
  14. SuzyQ

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    Glad to Meet You! Hi Heather, I'm new to the site, alsom, since November, and I've discovered some new friends and interesting conversation. Come and chat anytime you like. I'm still learning how some of the things work here (like the private messaging--that's fun!) and other things. Like Cheri, I'd love to hear about where you live, your kids, and how you came to Christ. Share, sister! In Christ, Susan

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