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  1. Going back to work in the Miami area. South Miam Hospital . If you know of good child care, please let me know, really soon.
  2. I passed the TEST I am a first time mom of a 9 month old. Been home almost a year now and I must go back to work really soon. I have been volunteering at Hope Pregnancy Center where I have been able to use the skills God has given to me. I have the opportunity to encourage woman to carry to term and not to abort. NO woman has left out of the place without changing their minds to carry. Praise God. Now the devil is trying to distract me with job opportunities paying 55K/yr. Just last week the devil flash before me 55K/year or volunteer. I chose to follow the call God has on my life. I turned down the position. The next day the job called back and gave me the job and is willing to work around my volunteer schedule. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you. Be Encouraged Woman of God. God has it ALREADY worked out. Pass the Test.

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