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  1. Our family really needs God's blessings right now, there has been a fare bit of sickness in our family and alot of concerns about the future, jobs, money, family, friendships, I have not been the best for a while, miss socialising must go aml
  2. Jarryd

    Hurting People

    Dear Mary, My heart goes out to you, there are so many people suffering Breast Cancer, its no longer a silent disease its out there. I suffered in silence 4 years ago with Breast Cancer, I survived soley by living and believing in the Lord to get me through it and he did and I got on with life and did not let it take over or effect me expect years later its effecting me now because I chose to not seek support from a previous surviver that would be available for me to talk to I did not read any books about cancer or coping I chose not to go to the Younger Women's Support group I know it would have made a huge difference and I would feel different I wish you all the best, aml
  3. Jarryd


    abc, Do you mean Parkinson's Disease?
  4. I personally don't agree with spanking, I could never do it, I agree with most comments listed above, always seek God's guidance first if ever in doubt or parenting advice parentline advice line.
  5. I agree also that the people of America have made a great choice in electing OBAMA as president may he always seek God first ! all the way from Australia! what a great leader you have! Australia also has a wonderful leader, I see great change coming!
  6. In Australia petrol as we call it used to be 70c (Aus) over 3 years ago, now its $1.30(Aus) a litre. A few petrol stations in Australia is actually protesting by offerss 99c (Aus) a litre, causing huge! traffic jams! These are desperate times, everything is going up and I am afraid to say will continue to go up! What scares me is the future generation what they will be in for, continue to pray and ask for constant guidance and direction and work towards building a nest egg for your children, if you don't consider building your wealth around your children for their future will be difficult. Be more careful and aware and value your money not more than God! think about the choices you make when you have money its value is so much higher now. Don't be afraid continue to pray but be wise about the choices you make now which could affect the future of your children! Good luck ladies! AML
  7. Jarryd

    Breast Cancer

    I am with you there abc she will get through this as long as she stays really close to the Lord, its a very difficult journey but she will get through this and is she needs to talk to anyone about it I would be happy to help as I went through Breast Cancer 4 years ago. God bless!
  8. Ok lots of thanks, we have always to be thankful, but we should really be thanking the Lord who has brought us here, Carla is only are vessel, yes I am thankful that you have created this site and to all the other women as well for supporting each other as well. That is what we all need to support and uplife each other, now abc what's been happening with you something must have triggered this thankfullness, are you ok?
  9. Remember our children are always watching and listening to us like Jesus is.
  10. Nice poem, your very good at putting things together.
  11. focus upwards not downwards, look up, not down. Having faith and belief that Jesus will get you through anything!
  12. All I can say to your first post secondchance is we ourselves our very good at looking at faults in others. God's taught us never to judge to love and respect, show grace, being mindful of others, usless you know that person on a personal level noone has the right to give an opion its just that best to keep to yourself show grace and mercy we are to accept people for who they are not to notice whether they are wearing a bra or not what would you do if this person or someone like that walked into your church with everything hanging out believe you me its happens! we are to accept them with loving arms as Jesus has! otherwise they walk away, its ok to have these feelings seek the word of God for answers!good luck second chance
  13. I need to have more faith and strength in Jesus, I need to hear the voice of God more in my life so I can be more sure of what I am doing!
  14. Really strong bleach zixo the one that really whitens clothes, vingear, try homewares stores that might sell a product that gets really tough stains off walls etc hope that helps, or if all else fails, I have seen this done to makeover a fridge is to spray paint it silver its brillant!
  15. Define what you mean about what keeps you Christian? The reason why I ask is that there are so many people out there that call themselves Christians but are certainly not I know I'm not perfect but I am always working on improving myself to becoming more like Jesus but yes life gets in the way and you get back to what you are supposed to be becoming so do we know what a Christian is supposed to be like or look like personally I think that word is overrated!

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