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  1. Oh no! Don't think that! I just saw this post actually and have said a prayer. My worst fear is that anything would ever happen to my kids! They are the Lord's, and I know He knows best but it is still so hard to see them even with sniffles (My 5 month old has a mild case of RSV right now:( ) Praying for you too, you sound like you could use it~ Blessings! Becky PS Have you heard anything else about the kids?
  2. I mean 4 little words....LOL! The WEIGH DOWN DIET! All I can say is .....google it for info, and ebay has it for pennies! It has changed my life, my way of eating, looking at food, etc. You will be amazed! I thank the Lord I found this book, it's the only thing that has worked for me (and believe me, I have tried everything!) There is hope (I lost 2 lbs in 1 1/2 days) God is good! Blessings to all, Becky:D
  3. AMEN to what second chance said on her previous post!
  4. that is AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!!!!!!! I love that, and the innocence of little children..........brings my heart such joy! God sure is good!
  5. That is great! Honestly, I'm not surprised by the amount of filth they have on TV nowadays, but sheesh, this was going a little far. This show was a ridiculous thought.
  6. Thanks for the welcome, honestly, I already feel like I know so many people, just by reading some of the threads. I was praying about finding a site like this one, I really needed it and God knew it too, cause He lead me here! I pray that I can be as much a blessing to others as they have been to me already!
  7. Hi TwinCrier... As the wife of a soldier who just served 15 months in Iraq, and who fully supports the President and his decisions, I appreciate your comments. My husband takes his other "job" very seriously and I support everything he does and believes, (especially since Pres. Bush is his boss! hehe).........including the war on Iraq. God Bless!
  8. Hi everyone! Just found this site and thinks it's great! It's refreshing to find a Christian Moms website! Very happy with everything in life right now, only thing is we are currently looking for a church in our area. Can't wait to find a place and get involved and plugged in! Hope everyone is doing well! ~Becky

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